Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lou Sang with Wild Africa Cream?!

On Thursday night I went Lou Sang at somebody's house.

This is the Lou Sang ingredients all the way from KL.

Frankly I have never ever fancy lou sang all this while until I tasted this one at that night.

It tasted very good, unlike the usual lou sang that we had at nowadays chinese restaurants that full of ginger, simply sweet and artificial taste. The sauce itself plus our self-squeezed limes were perfect match!

The simple dishes of the night were.....

Later on we were served this!

The liquor bottle is dressed in sexy & wild fur coat!

WILD Africa Cream!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jade Blossom Peking Roasted Duck Set

Jade Blossom Peking Roasted Duck Set with add-on 'Yee Sang' (RM656+ per table of 10 pax)

Our organizer (Mdm F) booked Jade Blossom for CNY Reunion Lunch. 60 pax. The whole restaurant was full house (not only our team but other groups were also having reunion lunch / farewell sort of gathering). The serving was damn slow.

Yee Sang
Seriously I never like Yee Sang as it's sweet, ginger-like taste and artificial. The only item I like is the salmon. Ha!

Braised Shark's fin Soup with Eight Treasure.
I was too hungry to find out what the eight treasure are. The ingredients are abundant. Generally it tasted mild and fair. Of course it couldn't beat the sharkfin soup from Starview lah. Nope, I should not even mention shark fin at all as we are suppose to boycott eating it huh?!

Special 'Yam Ring' Five Hot & Cold Combinations.
I was a bit shocked when seeing this 'hot and cold combo' being served. Why? All the five items seem to belong to the same family or category. They tasted equally good though. I couldn't figure out which is hot as they all tasted 'cold' to me. :)

Traditional Peking Duck
That is what this lunch aiming for! Personally I think it is superb by eating it alone, the crispy roasted skin. Why? coz I found that the wrapper is actually kinda thick and lack of fragance, basically tasteless. I still prefer the Dragon-i one.

We actually waited anxiously for the roasted duck meat to be served a little while later in other dish but TOO BAD! It's served in the last second dish! :)(more.....)

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

D' Food Garden

D' Food Garden @ D'Piazza Mall

Assorted Vegetables La Men (Dry) . I tried this one as it's NEW menu. Unfortunately I was disappointed as the La Men is not the bouncy smooth type. Its texture was more like 'huat' de instant noodles (indomee hor?!).


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