Saturday, November 25, 2006

I-Avenue restaurants

This post is written simply for winning search purpose. :)

I-Avenue Restaurants (Ideal Avenue Restaurants) Penang

The latest:

(aa) Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant (鹤屋日本料理)

(a) Eastern Wishes Cafe (Nanyang & Thai Cuisine) @ I-Avenue

Set Lunch RM8.90++

Eastern Wishes Cafe
With such price ah, I still prefer Nyonya Cafe lah.

(b) Eastern Station Restaurant (东方站) (烧味一哥) @ I-Avenue

(c) Nyonya Cafe @ I-Avenue

Nyonya Cafe @ I-Avenue (2nd visit)

Nyonya Cafe @ I-Avenue (set lunch RM8.99 nett)

(d) Automobile Cafe @ I- Avenue

(e) Ichyo Ramen @ I-Avenue

Ichyo Ramen @ I-Avenue (partial)

(f) Aji Nippon Jap Restaurant @ I-Avenue

Another jap restaurant is opening soon oh, same row as Nyonya.

Aiming for more restaurants too @ Queensbay soon. kakakakaka...:)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mang min

The Makcik Malay Rice @ Permatang Damar Laut

Makcik Nasi

Makcik Nasi

Makcik Nasi

Makcik Nasi

Makcik Nasi

4 persons eating together with drinks like this only cost RM18.

阿水茶餐室 (Terubong Seafood Restaurant) @ Paya Terubong (after the cemetery)

Nah, tell you first ah, this restaurant food is not cheap at all one har. That day was our vege day. Their famous self-made fishball soup is a must-order item. The soup got a special wine taste one loh (RM15). Their main hardselling items are seafood hehe so get ready to pay through your nose lah! :)

Ah Zhui
Tho Yuen @ Campbell street

Or ni pao 赞!

Tho Yuen 01

Mang min 赞!
Tho Yuen 02
Char Hor Fun
Tho Yuen 03

Tho Yuen 04

Friday, November 17, 2006

Iao Lur Kaki II

Eastern Station Restaurant (东方站) (烧味一哥) @ I-Avenue

Eastern Station 01

Eastern Station 02

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Iao Lur kaki comes

My iao-lur lunch kaki comes liao this week so there we go again for cari makan loh! It's difficult to get makan kaki who are not kiam siap, willing to spend for good food and also adventurous + 'sporting' enough in trying out new places. After all we are not going to eat at very expensive places mah, hai mai sin?!

Haha! If it was me alone I would not have been so crazy lah for weekdays. See below then you know.

Tang Chao (Dynasty) @ Nagore Road.
tangchao set lunch menu

tangchao tong shui menu
The tong shui of the day was 'pek bok' ni or 'or zhu bi'.
set lunch tong shui
Set F and Set G.
tangchao set dishes

Sin Sei Kai Kopitiam @ Swatow Lane
swatow lane sin sei kai kopitiam

For those who like to eat the Wang Zhao Jun @ Rangoon Road, perhaps you can also try this out @ Sg Ara Jalan Tengah (opposite pondok polis) . They served morning session exactly similar to Wang Zhao Jun's dishes e.g. the sour spicy fish bee hoon.
sg ara hu bak mee hoon

Monday, November 13, 2006

Audees Nite

Audees Cuisine . Wine . Jazz @ Burmah Road.

We tried out this Audees on Saturday night. Phew ~! We 7x managed to reserve a joined table finally without advance booking. *sweating* Sitting behind us was the Pensonic blah blah blah whom we no need to mention here lah har....hmm...including one of their chinese spokesmen aka the Mr.Postman.

So you can see lah from the pic below that sitting inside got aircond + live guitar music song loh *All of us enjoyed the songs lah. That singer got sa-sa voice, I like it!* whereas sitting 'outside' har (left bottom), a bit hot lah + no music loh. So you better do reservation if you are thinking of going k. (04-2298022)

That day set dinner was at RM68++. I 'sum see see' too but ended up none of us ordered. We opted for ala carte menu coz like that then only we can choose our own special desserts mah. :)

Clockwise : garlic bread, pumpkin soup, spaghetti marinara, honey roast duck spaghetti, lamb combo, grilled salmon. Aiks, I forgot to snap soft crab spaghetti leh(!).Audees
Ya lah, I was the one choosing marinara loh coz I missed the seafood marinara spaghetti with big juicy scallops back in Cafe 8 at SF one so much. Mana tau loh. Somemore I got to eat those shredded shells in my spaghetti tim! Next time no more ala carte liao, must go for set liao.
Oh ya, the lamb was heard to be good lah. The rest should be good too except the soft crab spaghetti kua.

Desserts : Warm apple cake, tiramisu, forgot-dunno-what . The desserts were all pretty good. Its tiramisu came with very strong wine taste inside oh. :) My apple cake was good but lacking 'special' surprise for me loh coz " come the taste was like the 'roti' dessert that I used to eat in canteen one ah?"! :p
Audees bamboo bench oh inside the toilet. So nice leh for ladies toilet. :)

After dinner, we went to upstair for jazz live band performance.

We were lucky that we got the 'exclusive' private corner reserved. Super soft cozy sofas that made you melting on it! Audees
We were lucky also lah for some of us were treated free for a few glasses of drinks by its taukeh including 'Hot Lovers' and the rest of I-dunno-what-it-called drinks. I guess those free drinks added up the amount should be more or less equivalent to what we ordered kua.
They were pretty fresh. Just came back from US. That's what I heard lah.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hock Chuan Heong (福泉香)

Hock Chuan Heong (福泉香) @ 344-G-5, Pengkalan Weld (sea-side) , 10300 Penang. (04-2611004)

The genuine hokkien cuisine

Chineses tea
Hock Chuan Heong

Hock Chuan Heong

Char tao kua

Hock Chuan Heong
Char oe mee
Hock Chuan Heong
Char tang hoon

Hock Chuan Heong
Char oe chian
Hock Chuan Heong
Bak kee
Hock Chuan Heong

Goh Chew kopitiam @ New Lane

Goh Chew stall
Hu Bak char mee hoon mee (Fried fish with fried mee hoon mee). They use very fresh fish meat. On the spot they chop and fry one. Be patient to wait for your order ah.

Goh Chew
Snowhill Cafe set lunch @Jalan Tengah

Kam Heong Chicken Rice (RM5.90)
Snow hill cafe
Hakka mee @ Pantai Jerjak
Homecook char mee
Char Mee (homecook)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

冬菇发法 (huat hiao kor)

All-year-long mushrooms ready made-to-eat!

A modified method from the HK NextMagazine双如谈食 written by 黄双如. Whatever Shuang Ru taught you one were all very high standard type, using all the super high class ingredients, all the super ho liao tools and super tedious methods. She is so par pai until she purposely opened a grocery shop at HK Zhong Wan which imports and sells only SUPER high class ingredients. So far of all the issues I read, I only found this one 'useful' to me. Back from 2001 one.:)

What she taught : Use the super high class mushrooms, Japan breed but grown in China.
What I did : China one. See pic below.

What she taught : Soak the mushrooms for 48 hours. Change water every day and night.
What I did : Soak for 24 hrs. Change water once / twice (up to you).

 huat hiao kor
After-24-hours look. Cut away the stems.
 huat hiao kor

What she taught : Use tai bai fen (太白粉) to rub clean the mushroom bodies.

What I did : No need.

 huat hiao kor
What she taught : Put into stainless steel pot, add in France made Rougie Goose Oil (鹅油) 1 tablespoon, add water 4-6 bowls (cover up the mushrooms as standard) and cook with low heat for 7-8 hours.

What I did : Put into slow cooker, add in mua eu (麻油) 1 tablespoon, add water 4-5 bowls (cover up the mushrooms as standrd), cook with high heat till boiled then change to low heat for 7-8 hours. I also put in the stems :)

 huat hiao kor
What she taught : Let the whole thing turn cool. Segregate and pack the mushrooms (together with the soup) into different small bags and store in the freezer compartment.

What I did : same.

 huat hiao kor
So this is how they look like after frozen.

 huat hiao kor
Therfore you can take out anytime, reheat or add any other flavours to fry and etc as and when you wish/need.