Monday, June 29, 2009

Ah Joo Durian @ Sungai Batu

It’s durian season again from May till August. Thanks to Steven for the ride to this wonderful durian trip!

Over here at Ah Joo’s durian stall, the durians and some other local fruits are supplied from Gertak Sanggul whereas the rambutans are from Balik Pulau.

He has been operating for ~17 yrs on durian business. You can easily detect his stall which has no fancy NUMBER nor funny NICK, just right after the mosque at Sungai Batu.

If you are coming from airport -> Teluk Kumbar direction, right after this mosque on your left, take note on the Forever Star electrical and plumber trading house. Ah Joo's stall is right beside it.

The taukeh aka Ah Joo.

Ang Hae / Udang Merah / Otak Udang 红虾 (RM10-30) (明星風範! 一站出來, 的確艷光四色! 兼具實力+偶像的魅力,讓人讚嘆不已!) (She is a born artist, standing amidst the other candidates she outshines the rest, equipped with both strength & idol features, very impressive!)

I could understand how it can be related to "Ang Hae" as it's orange in colour. Smooth and fine, sweetness could be said ~ 90% and exhibit only a slight bitter taste. The flesh is thick as it consists of small seed.

This one that we ate is RM16.


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Winter Warmer Set Meal

Finally I claimed the complimentary set meal before it's due! Now whenever refrehsing that memory still I found myself was really ngong kui. This is by far the most boh tatt member card that I have applied, ha! :p

Unlike my last visit with 'warm' experience , this time round we were served by this young waitress who is really 'standing' at customer side. *tou mai for her boss?! :p*

Y showed her the card we have before ordering, then she quickly flipped the menu o the set meal portion and pointed to the last one, "This one is the most expensive one loh, the most worthy one."

Y said, " but I wanna order chicken spaghetti woh...". I said"OK, up to you!"

I pointed to that last one," The last one seems nice woh. I order one also lah".

Even before Y realized what has actually happened by saying,"Hey, then me how??"

She quickly followed up," You order this one (pointing to the last set, most expensive one) using card loh, then you order the chicken spaghetti using ala carte menu lah".

I beh tahan smiling at her, "Haha! OK OK!" *Whispering inside my heard,"Good lah you! Babe!"*

If every restaurant that I go can be served by this kind of waitresses then surely I gonna live longer. :)

This is the salad which came with the set.

Chicken spaghetti. *Argh! SOoooooo beh khi*

The most expensive one loh - Cheese baked spaghetti. The cheese was kinda thick thus made me feeling like chewing 'plastic' at times. Anyhow, it tasted much better than the chicken spaghetti loh.


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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pin Seong Seafood @ Pekaka

Pin Seong Seafood @ Pekaka

I have been wondering where Pin Seong disappeared to for months until I read from FoOd PaRaDiSe and confirmed that this Pin Seong is actually belongs to the ex-Pin Seong which was located at the kopitiam next door.

It's directly opposite the Wang Chao @ Pekaka Square.

We used to order their signature curry seafood dish which has never failed to please us but then this time we decided NOT TO, take risk uh?!
Pat Poh Keh (八寶雞) RM12. Recommended as their special dish of that day. Hmm...not too bad. Since it's 'pat poh', one got the chance to eat lots of ingredients and also a lot of gravy to go with the rice.

Char Eng Chai (Kangkung) RM6- this one fried with tao joo version, hmm......too sweet though.


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Friday, June 26, 2009

Miraku G-Hotel Set Dinner

Miraku @ G-Hotel : Set Dinner Part

Waraku Gozen RM68+ . I personally felt that this one definitely 'fight toh' Kampachi one. Scroll down for proofs.

For those who would like to have Eel only (w/o Sashimi & Tempura), there is Unagi Kabayaki Zen @ RM60+.

Salmon Teriyaki Zen RM38+

Waraku Gozen : Main dishes are Eel + Sashimi +Tempura.

Grilled Eel. Medium size. (So you can imagine the Unagi Kabayaki Zen -ONLY EEL- set will be XL size loh)

6 slices of sashimi. Tempura. Salad. Vege. Chawan Mushi. Miso Soup. Rice. Jelly (we had this on that day instead of fruit).

Salmon Teriyaki Zen RM38+ (Main dish : Salmon). Take note of that jelly on top left corner, it's a NONO.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Miraku G-Hotel Sashimi

Miraku @ G-Hotel : SASHIMI PART

Alas, no chance to catch the train for Miraku set lunch @ 30% off for June. We somehow did it on Sashimi @ 30% off for dinner on last Sunday!

The pickles (for the dinner set). I like the jelly fish and that XL-size bean.

I really regret when looking at this photo! What a waste! Guess what? I was in a hurry to shoot ASAP from the backside of this dish as I could feel the 'pressure' from that hungry ghost who was craving for sashimi! :p

OMG! The sashimi were ALLLLLLLLLL so damn fresh! There is NO SINGLE PIECE or TYPE which I won't relate it to freshness! It's cut in thick size exactly like my RYOMA standard . *Ahem, of coz right now you can throw me this question, "Hey, this gotto depend on how much you pay mah!"* OK OK....... I zip my mouth OK?! :P

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seafood Buffet @ Islander, Trader's Hotel

Last Friday we had a farewell dinner for Mr. R @ Islander Cafe, Trader's Hotel.

In June, there is a 50% off promotion for the Seafood Buffet on Friday Night (original price@ RM89 nett).

Grilled Lobster.

See the eggs?! :)

Oysters, sushis.

Sashimi (salmon and white tuna) - I guess for sashimi kaki, each one at least has taken three plates loh.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Claim back but.......

It's June and last thursday we decided to claim back our ice creams.

It is not served like this. It's me who put the two scoops of ice creams together. Why I got to do it like that leh? Here's the history and down here is the story of this episode.

When we placed the booking, we reminded the supervisor about the 10-ice-creams. She was 'Oh ya, I remember! sure!"

When we were near to to ending our meals, we requested for the ice creams to be served. She got it and said "Ya!".


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sin Kim Han Seafood Restaurant

Sin Kim Han Seafood Restaurant @ Lintang Batu Maung 4, Batu Maung (Behind OCBC bank, the 5-storey flat).

I believe one would not come all the way to Batu Maung for zhu char, somemore it's a remote location like this. I was impressed with the food quality and also the clean cooking style /presentation of the dishes at this place.

Stingray Gulai - Almost every table is ordering one gulai/curry dish. It's good and flavourful! The stingray is sooooooo fresh, 'kutt kutt '(licin) one! Hey, this is Batu Maung mah of course the seafood is fresh lah!

Can you see how 'clean' & 'swui' (beautiful) the dish is cooked?

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Canton-i 香港粥麵家

Canton-i 香港粥麵家 @ Queensbay

Canton-i really attract streams of customers non-stop one hor eventhough it's weekdays. I was curious to know how come so many customers keen to go back again and again eventhough the price is 'HK standard' leh? :)

Soya Bean 豆漿 (RM3.50) & HK-style Ice Lemon Tea 凍檸檬紅茶(RM5.50). The lemon tea is a real typical HK style, tasted like our Nestea, pao puk puk one (diluted type). The soyabean tasted exactly like typical Vitasoy too. :p

At this moment I suspected there was a durian smell kinda dish being served on the tables behind. I pusing pusing 180% left and right but couldn't find where that smell came from? Canton-i got durian dishes kah?! Anyone has tried it before?
We wanted to order the conch soup but then that weekday they only got 1 type of soup, lotus root. Har??? why leh?????
Honey-glazed Roast Pork 招牌叉燒皇 (RM16.00). This one was good but not as GOOD as I thought loh. The caramelized part was mou tak teng but not enough for tam chiak kaki like us :) *. Since their cutting was slightly thicker therefore one got to put more effort in chewing when comes to those non-fatty or 'siap siap' part.

Pork Intestine Congee 狀元及第粥 (RM9.80). Very well-brewed congee, soooo fine and smooth. All the ingredients were cleaned properly (no *shit* leftover) and also 'chewable'. That's why I heard people keep recommending their congee dishes huh?!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Momiji-tei Japanese Garden Restaurant

Momiji-tei @ Tanjung Bungah

Since I first read it @ Alan's post about Momiji-Tei, I've already marked it down on my 'food-hunting' list. Jap food kaki mah! :) At last I made it last week, a weekday.

This is the main entrance. Too bad that we couldn't park at entrance here since it's facing the main road.

We got to park behind the restaurant, near the food court. This is the back entrance.

Every dining table has this lovely tulip.

Shiro Maguro / White Tuna (also called Butter Fish) (RM23.00+). I personally think that this Butter Fish is not that good if compared to Cuisine Bou . It's less succulent and less creamy. That white line (look at the pic) is the part that made you chewing more. The one I had in Cuisine Bou can 'melt' in my mouth.

Unagi Kabayaki & Sashimi Set (RM50.00+) . The most expensive one out of all the set dinners which range from RM20-RM39. Got Unagi leh! Got Sashimi woh! Worth lah come on! Where got expensive?! Remember the OMG at Kampachi ?! :)

When everything comes in affordable and reasonble price, I won't pick much.
Grilled unagi in dark soya sauce. I just love it! NO, I have no complain at all.

The sashimi : salmon, tuna, white tuna, octopus. 

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Gasoline Menu



Spaghetti   (more.....)

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Gasoline Cafe

Gasoline Cafe @ Penang Times Square

This is a place for quick meal or chit-chat gathering , definitely not for fine-dining. The price is reasonable with average food quality, targets more on young generation. I believe if this cafe is opened at FIZ, sure full house everyday during lunch loh!

Hey folks, if possible don't sit inside that 'cave' area , a lot of mosquitoes one leh + very hot too. There were a bunch of ppl also 'tam tak yee' chose to sit inside there but then they moved to the long table outside after sitting in the cave less than 10 min. :)

Iced Lychee Milk (RM6.50) - Wahlau ei, it's served in SUPER JUMBO size one! Enough for two. This one tasted sweet-lychee with very slight milk taste. Ngam me!

French Toast 法蘭西多士(RM4.50) - Wah..super KAO and oily one loh, I personally favour this one MORE than the Roti Bakar Kopitiam (炭烤麵包) @ behind.

Marmite Wings 媽蜜雞翼(RM5.90) - mai hiam beh pai lah.

Kam Heong Seafood Rice 金香海鮮飯 (RM7.90) . 


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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ko-Fu-Loft (口福樓): Invited Review (Part II)

Ko-Fu-Loft (口福樓): Invited Review (Part II)

Crystal Spring Roll Skin Stuff with Vege and Chicken Meat (RM 6.90) My rating : 5/10
Inside wrapping with glass noodle, chicken breast meat, carrot, cucumber, lettuce. I appreciate eating this with the sauce otherwise it would be rather bland. If the cutting could be finer for each vege type and if the skin could be made to hold the vege more firmly, then it would have added marks on this dish.

Ko Fu Sesame Seed Ball (RM 10.90) My rating 5/10
I believe this is the dish where one could get good shot no matter where you place your camera angle at. :) I would vote this one as the best-presentation dish of the day!

The sesame- fried skin was VERY 'firm' and the meat was OK a bit spicy in taste. BUT I personally couldn’t accept the combination of these two materials. Er…….it’s an appetizer? Not sour nor sweet in particular, but it served rather like a main course type of meat balls to me?

Deep Fried Homemade Bean Curd (RM 12.90) My rating : 6/10
Not as oily as I thought. This is another dish that needs a dip of sauce and also the addition of side ingredients to enhance flavour.


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Ko-Fu-Loft (口福樓): Invited Review (Part I)

Ko-Fu-Loft (口福樓) : Invited Review (Part I)

Thanks Jian & & Criz for the food review invitation on Last Sunday. This is by far the biggest group we had since we started to have food review in group. Thanks Ko-Fu-Loft management too for being so generous in accomodating 21 pax of us in one go!

By alphabetical order: - Allie - Bee - Cariso - Criz Lai - Jian - LK Low - Cheryl Wee - Mary - Eunice, Siew Ying & Iris - Gill & Jason - CW Chan - Huat Koay & Albert - Steven Goh - CK Lam - Allen - Christy
site pending - Chef Khoon

A wall of Dim Sum steaming baskets arrayed behind the cashier.

Some private dining corners.

Basically Ko-Fu-Loft inherited everything from the ex-Food Loft with minor renovation. What else could be done on the layout since it's been like that right? The only thing they could do is the interior decoration.

Lovely bird cages. This walkway is located between the two kitchens. This is the area where we were seated for our food review. Great uh?!

In overall, I favour the dim sum of Ko-Fu-Loft more compared to its other ala carte dishes. Let's scroll down to see why.

Har Kau (Fresh Prawn Dumpling) RM 5.50 My rating : 8/10.
The prawns were very springy, even though the dish has been left there for some time, the springiness still remained. This further proved the freshness of the ingredients used in this dim sum dish.

Siew Mai (Pork Dumpling) RM5.50 My rating : 7/10


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