Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Young Heart (养心殿) 10% Discount Voucher

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YOUNG HEART RESTAURANT (养心殿) Invited Review (Part II)

Continued from YOUNG HEART RESTAURANT (养心殿) Invited Review (Part I)

3+1杯雞麵 3+1 Cup Chicken Noodle (RM7.80+RM1.00) My rating : 7/10

The '3' represents sesame oil (麻油), soya sauce (醬油)and hua diao wine (花雕酒). The additonal '+1' represents chillies (辣椒). This version has fairer colour of sauce and tasted differently from ordinary three-cup-chicken as with the addition of chillies it became more appetizing. The handmade noodle texture is thick but smooth to 'slurp'.

The chicken was cut in big chunks, however I would prefer the chicken to be smaller in size and noodle portion to be more instead. Why?! because I often finished off the noodles fast and still got chickens left behind. :)

莲藕腊肠炒饭 Lotus & Wax Sausage Fried Rice (RM8.80) . My rating : 6/10

This fried rice comes with lotus root, wax sausages, carrot and fried egg. The flavour for this fried rice is richer if compared to the pumpkin fried rice due to the addition of wax sausage. I somehow prefer the latter though. *I was biased uh as I felt that the 'pumpkin' sounded more 'healthy' lah! :) *.

豉油王煎三文魚頭 Pan Fried Salmon Head (RM15.00) . My rating : 7/10

Unlike Japanese grilled salmon, this one is oriental-style grilled with soya sauce. For those who prefer to have gravy or sauce overpowering the fishy taste, you perhaps got to let go this dish then. :) My friends enjoyed this dish as they found that the fish head flesh is much more delicate than normal salmon steak.

梅菜雞 (須預定) Pickled Cabbage Stuff Chicken (Whole Bird-RM28.00) -Need pre-booking. My rating : 6/10

This is to be served for 4-6 persons. If you do not plan to order any other chicken dishes,then this is a good choice. The mooi choy is pretty appetizing but more towards sweetness with slight sourish. The chicken texture is however seemed to be drier at inner part.

Monday, July 27, 2009

YOUNG HEART RESTAURANT (养心殿) Invited Review (Part I)

This food review was arranged by Young Heart Restaurant for the launching of its newly refurbished menu, which gonna effective from 31st July.

The exterior and interior deco can be read from this post at YOUNG HEART RESTAURANT (养心殿), where you could find some dishes that we managed to explore last time during January.

This time I continue to snapshot some different angles which I could have missed out during last review.

One thing which I appreciated most when dining here is its ample parking space (inclusive of those MPPP parking lots at the roadside there too). I do not have to worry about illegal parking / getting summons or car getting scratches etc.

Upstair now has a room for your private gathering. It's equipped with air-cond and a TV for you to watch your DVD / movie or listen to music. This shot is taken top-down from the staircase when climbing halfway up.

Teng teng teng teng! This is the one! It looks cozy right?!

*Hey pals, I already 'open ceremony' liao. My gang and I have conquered here last week, a pre-celebration for my birthday! See all the handbags there heh?! :) * Mind you, we actually shared our yoga practice inside there too, could you believe it?!

人參烏龍茶Ginseng Oolong (RM15.00) – new item. My rating : 9/10

The ginseng oolong tea leave was originally in 'bulb' shape but once it's immersed in the boiling water for a while, it started to blossom and looked like this. It's a pretty fresh choice for someone like me who get tired of drinking those 'normal' tea.

雙花蘋果茶 Natural Flower Tea (RM9.50) . My rating : 7/10


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Friday, July 24, 2009

Aji Noren Japanese Restaurant (味暖簾日本料理) Set Dinner

Aji Noren Japanese Restaurant (味暖簾日本料理) @ Prima Tanjung

Sitting near the kitchen -the last table as it's full house oh even on a Wednesday night.

Unagi & Sashimi Set @ RM32+ . This set consists of pickles, salad, miso soup, 3 pcs of salmon, grilled unagi, rice and fruits.

Tempura & Sashimi Set @ RM26+ . This set comes with pickles, salad, miso soup, mixed sashimi (3 types : salmon, tuna, octopus), tempura, rice and fruits.

When the tempura was served, I have finished up most of my dishes except left with one slice of sashimi and half bowl of soup only. Wahahahahaha!!!! *Hungry ghost*

The tempura got mushroom oh!


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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jom pi Penang Floggers 4th Gathering!

Mari lah mari *ooh*
Kita berseri *ooh ah*
Kita bersama-sama pi
Bulgaria party! *wowo*

(* denote the 'expression' to be sung with UMPH! immediately after the last word)

This is the set dinner menu for this event.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Double Good Hong Kong Style Roasters (好好飯店港式燒臘飯店) Opening Promotion

Double Good Hong Kong Style Roasters (好好飯店港式燒臘飯店) @ Lintang Batu Maung.

Double Good has set its footprint at Batu Maung on 21st Jul at the ex- Fu Hao's premise. It is now having a opening promotion till 27th Jul - every chicken dish will be sold at RM1.80 only!

Roast Chicken w/Rice (香港燒雞飯) normal price @ RM2.80 (now @ RM1.80).

Basically the price range for rice set is RM2.80 - RM7.50. Got chicken, duck and BBQ pork. Of course there are combo varieties such as twin mixed, triple mixed and etc. If you wanna order roasted meat alone in one big plate to be shared among friends or colleauges, you can opt for their combo mixes which range from RM12- RM24.

Noodle set price range is RM4.00 - RM8.00.

Roasted Chicken Drumstick Noodle 燒雞腿面 (RM5) -The drumstick has been chop-ready for you therefore I couldn't find the SHAPE of my drumstick liao leh! *Waaaaaaaa~~~!!!!*

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chulia Street Beef Koay Teow with 'muscle bak' nia nia

打石街牛肉粿條飯湯 (Beef Koay Teow) @ Chulia Street

The one we had on last Saturday looked like this. A bowl of koay teow soup with muscle meats only. RM7.50. Wahlau ei..............

The soup taste for this beef koay teow stall is basically mild (or should I say milder than other similar stalls?). However I heard some saying that their soup base for Saturday is actually a lot milder than the weekadays one (perhaps due to the 'hoi tong' hour is later than usual?!). Anyone has compared before the weekdays vs weekends one? Confirm uh?!

Grrrrr.........Although RM7.50 is a bit CKA, but it's worth spending as none of the beef slices below is KBT (kah beh tui) leh!


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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seafood Hokkien Char @ Jing Wu

海鮮福建炒 @ 精武体育馆, 車水路。
Seafood Hokkien Char @ Jing Wu, Burmah Road (night only).

Jing Wu is located directly opposite the Chok Dee Thai.

This sambal is killing. Aromatic spicy.

The hokkien char comes with small-sized mantis shrimps (hae kor) .


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Friday, July 17, 2009

Secret Recipe got Sarawak Laksa eh?! Ei khi or beh khi leh?

Wowo! Secret Recipe also serves Sarawak Laksa now uh?! Who tasted it before? Please tell me what the similarity percentage of this dish is if compared to the genuine Sarawak Laksa. I am eager to know!

Apple Cheese Cake. A bit sourish yet cheesy, kinda appetizing as it's not merely sweet.


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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two beh khi meals!

Firstly it's City Bayview Set Lunch's chicken chop.

It's priced at RM9.90 ++ (RM11.40 nett).

It seemed like only Fish & Chip is the one that worth ordering. You could be assured by seeing the fish & chip dishes on most of the tables.

Don't order CHICKEN CHOP pls. Beh khi one leh! The chicken is very hard, 'siap siap' and no flesh one! Yong Chow Chao Fun also so-so only but at least 5x times better than chicken chop.

Proof! Very skinny chicken. Dry. Just oily skin I managed to eat.

Secondly, the Express Cafe @ Penang Times Square.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Annabelle's Place again?!

Last Saturday I had a sweet gathering with my gfs. I believe Annabelle's Place is a good place for ladies to get together and have tea talk.

Choccocino. RM7.90. (I got to double check got 4 letter 'C' there. :) ). This one is pretty thick and rich with chocolate all over.

Classic English Cream Tea for Two
A pot of tea of your choice per person, served with four freshly baked English scones, clotted cream and strawberry preserve. RM18.90 for two to share.

We never fail to order the scones from Annabelle's Place everytime. They were soft and warm. We particularly like its clotted cream. It so nice that Y even licked finish every bit of it! An extra scone is charged at RM2 each oh, fyi!

Buck Rarebit RM7.80. A welsh rarebit (涂着干酪泥的烤面包片) topped with a poached egg. I don't quite like this as it's nothing special. Hmm...perhaps I should try the Yorkshire Rarebit next time.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Melting Pot Set Meal (with addition)

Melting Pot Restaurant @ Sungai Ara

Melting Pot serves steamboat mainly. It also serves ala carte but pretty limited choices. It has opened for quite long (years?) but I've never stepped into it until one fine day I was sicked of eating economic rice again.

I was pretty impressed with its Chicken Chop. Surprisingly it is tender and actually nice to go along with its special gravy. Unlike those normal chicken chops which is either deep fried till super OILY or just a piece of chicken with fried skin and dry texture in within. I also liked their garlic buns, they were soft in whole and just slightly crispy at outer skin. FYI, I really hate ROCK buns one leh .... that reminded me of SMOKY JACK. Hmmm!

Chicken Chop Set RM8.90 nett.

The complimentary dessert comes with the set- Ai Yun Bing (愛玉冰)

Mee soup RM4.50. Pretty normal.


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Yee Heong Choy Kon Tong (菜乾湯)

Yee Heong 宜香茶樓飯店 @ Campbell Street

Yee Heong which is located at Campbell Street (opposite the wet market) is one of my favourite restaurants for chu char as it's very reasonably priced with above average quality.

No fancy dish presentation. No fancy interior decoration. The food quality proves it all.

Choy Kon Tong 菜乾湯 (RM6.00). My most favourite lou for tong (老火湯) from this restaurant. RM6 for such a big bowl woh, tai tou lan lah, hai mai xin?!

Herbal Chicken 藥材雞 (RM15.00).

Lor Hon Chye 羅漢齋 (RM8.00)(more.....)

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

CANTON-i Satisfying Meal

Canton-i 香港粥麵家 @ Queensbay

This time our meal turned out to be rather OK due to 'experience' learnt from the past visit. I believe one will need to pay more visits to narrow down their safe-to-order dishes uh?! :)

Roasted Pork (叉燒皇) RM16. This time we were served half fatty half lean. PERFECT ah! This is of course far better than the last visit when it's served as mainly lean.

Stir fried Pepper Udon (黑椒雞炒烏冬) RM16. I like this dish as it's not sheer pepper taste like normal fried pepper udon served elsewhere. Somemore the udon texture was just nice, the inner part was not too hard and the outer part was not too soft either! BUT then....RM16....CKA!

Mango Glutinous Dessert (香芒糯米茲) RM6. I was impressed that it uses mango slices as stuffing, NOT mango cream. BUT one bite is RM2. Wahlau..... CKA !   (more.....)

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

No Eye Deer Restaurant (Invited Review)

No Eye Deer Restaurant @ Prima Tanjung

I was impressed since my first visit to NO EYE DEER a few years ago. I still remember how my Spaghetti Marinara tasted like at here.

Top left where you can see watermelon cubes : Wacky Wizard (RM8.80) Delicious & wacky smoothie of mango yoghurt & pineapple. I dislike the taste of this smoothie as it's sourish + sweet at the same time. I believe it's very much dependent upon the fruit source of that day.

Top right where you can see the one with green apple cubes : Drama Queen (RM8.80) Glamarous smoothie of pink guava & pineapple with sour plum. Sourish taste all along.

Bottom : Chunky Monkey (RM8.80) : A rich and delicious banana smoothie with ice cream & chunky peanuts. Out of the three smoothies, I favoured this Chunky Monkey the most! I could taste a good combination of banana + peanuts blended with frangance.

Wacky Wizard & Pink guava juice (RM4.20) . There are also Lassi available which are priced at RM4.80 each.

Laotian Laksa (Beef or Chicken) RM12.80 [My rating : 9/10]
NoEyeDeer famous signature dish of rice noodle in a spicy & piquant soup with tender beef or chicken, bean sprouts and basil. This is my favourite dish of that night! I seriously fell in love with this dish. I particularly liked the beef version. The beef was tenderly-cooked. Slurping the soup, topped with rice noodle plus that aromatic basil all in one scoop was simply awesome! I couldn't stop but scooping more and more for that appetizing soup !

Chicken Parmigiana (RM18.80) [My rating : 6/10]
Italian styled chicken fillet with stewed tomato and Mozarella cheese. Served with mash potato and salad. This is best eaten when it's served hot. The chicken was a bit dried, not that up to my expectation; perhaps due to our long photoshooting time. I was impressed last time when we had it here .

Today Special : Meaty Beef Pie (RM16.80) [My rating : 5/10]
Served with golden french fries & fresh crisp cos lettuce. The beef stuffed inside was a lil bit too sweet to my liking though. I prefer to have some other side dishes to balance up my tastebuds after each sweet bite of that beef.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar - story time again !

Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar @ Monrods Kitchen, D' Piazza Mall

I believe this is another newly opened restaurant that aimed at attracting FTZ workers as customer base during lunch hour but then NOT READY to serve the crowd.

Initially I thought 'Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar' is something like chu char that we gonna order curry chicken in big pot (sort of) until.......................

The story began like this....

We went in a group of 10 persons and we were ushered to the 1st floor since downstair was fully occupied already.

1) We waited nearly 45mins to get our first dish of nasi ayam served. Each time the waiter can only take two plates of nasi ayam on his tray and use that spiral staircase climbing up to 1st floor. When the first 4 of us had finished up their nasi ayam, the rest 6 of us were still waiting for our nasi ayam. [Why not they invest on a lift-type kinda system to tranport their dishes up? even a manual pulling-rope type is GOOD enough to serve the purpose! ]

2) Iced milk tea is priced at RM1.80 but the glass size is like our old time hawker's soya milk that type of small glass. Our first glass of drink was served after waiting for ~20 mins, somemore it's a very thin milk tea. [Why not they use a larger size glass? if smaller glass pls bancuh thicker lah.]

3) Our takeaway order came before our dine-in orders. The take-away nasi ayam which was nicely packed was sitting on our table for ~ 15 mins before our 1st dish of nasi ayam came. [This is simply ridiculous! Don't know who to blame to?!]

4) In between the 4th dish and the 10th dish of nasi ayam served on our table, we detected the waiters were serving three dishes of nasi ayam to the next table who came after us and ordered after us. There is an online system for the waiters to key in orders but then the management couldn't control on the accurate serving sequence. They already kelam- kabut with so many customers rushed in during Friday lunch hour. [They must allocate a supervisor on upper floor too!]

5) We ordered 9x 'madu' and 1x 'panggang' one, it ended up all were served 'madu' one. We simply couldn't afford to return you the 'madu' to exchange for 'panggang' one anymore as we've spent nearly 1 hour of sitting-and-waiting in here already! [Again, the management needs to control and ensure accuracy and speed in serving.]

LUCKILY the waiters although inexperienced, polite still.

Let you see the Milk Tea @ RM1.80+ .

Nice packaging uh?! Take away packaging was charged @ RM1.00+ each. :)

Nasi Ayam Madu (RM5.50+)

Sauce on the chicken was really not bad though! The soup and the chilli sauce were good too.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

老房子 Old House Cafe Vegetarian Set

老房子 Old House Cafe @ Kimberley Street

My dining experience last Thursday at the Old House Cafe was a rather pleasant one. The service was pretty OK. I didn't face any problems e.g. confronting waiters who would never serve you the cili padi or drinks even after repeated reminders being made (that's what my colleagues encountered on last Sunday).

I was actually having lower expectation for cafe kinda food but the dishes that we ordered turned out to be rather OK despite the higher price range.

Take note on the table. Focus on the leg space area under the table. It gonna be not so convenient or comfortable for people sitting at sideway. Where you gonna stretch your legs uh?
Old House Braised Meat with Rice 滷肉飯 (RM7.50 nett).

Serving is big. This is good for those who are carnivorous! :)

Old House Vegetarian Set 素食套餐 (RM12.00 nett)


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