Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen Ramen @ Gurney Plaza

My first time on Ajisen Ramen was at HK airport. This time thanks to the 'f+gathering' (4x of us) then only I got the chance to taste it finally.

I prefer this ramen to the one at 'lengchai' restaurant' as the ramen (mee structure) itself here is the same as what I had before at Japan. Lengchai restaurant there one was 'kiew kiew' like wan than mee (hor?!).

Ramen menu

Crayfish Ramen (RM16.00++)

Zoom in for the crayfish

Tomyam Ramen (RM13.50++)

Curry pork cutlet don (RM13.50++)

Ice lemon tea RM2.00++, green tea RM1.50++

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bed @ Bellisa Row

Bed @ Bellisa Row

Gals night talk session.....:)

Clockwise : Hot milk honey RM6.90++, Mixed fruit freeze RM12.90++, Bailey milkshake RM12.90++, Tropical Teaser RM9.90++.

Furusato Japanese Restaurant

Furusato Japanese Restaurant @ Jalan Burmah, Pulau Tikus (next to Baskin Robin)

We celebrated YY birthday here.

We nicked this restaurant as "leng chai" (don't know since when liao). Our SMS can be as brief as "Go eat lengchai" and everybody understand well where to go already . :)

Ramen Teishuku RM20++ (The boss was kind enough to let us exchange the fried rice with chawan mushi)

Ramen Geikekara Set RM20++ (spicy kimchi style)

Furusato Bento (Their signature bento) RM28++

Our chawan mushi

The cake for our birthday gal.

Monday, May 19, 2008

海鳥(?!) 江瑤柱

This was the 'catching' hai jiao + kappa trip which I missed out loh :(

Now only I know where the 江瑤柱 comes from.

This round the kappa size was bigger than last round . This time they caught them at Permatang Dama Laut. This time I only took 1-plate volume of kepah as I did not want to 'work OT' anymore loh.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dome Cafe

Dome Cafe @ Queensbay

We got a RM50 voucher from redemption.

Fresh muffin RM6.00++ (good! but looking at the price leh......chiak kim ah?!)

Spicy chicken mushroom pasta RM20.50++ (我覺得這個義大利面煮得不三不四. 辣? 又不辣. 加lemak? 又沒有lemak的香味. 總之,沒味道可言.)

Nasi lemak chicken rendang RM19.00 ++ (寧願花RM10.00 去外頭買加料nasi lemak肯定好吃過這個)

Seriously, I don't favour this restaurant. If the food is good then I am OK with the price. But it's not leh.....

阿虎 Koay Teow Thng

阿虎 Koay Teow Thng @ 新街頭 (near the market's cross junction)

Koay Teow Leng no longer selling loh so we pong chan his bro's stall. Now it's the 2nd generation who is taking over.

We still missed the Koay Teow Leng's koay teow thng lah. :) 它的湯頭比較清甜 loh.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dave's Deli @ Queensbay

We 8x went to Dave's Deli to have our Friday's lunch.

Lemon tea RM2.70+

We ordered 8x and they could only afford to give us 4x with drumstick.

Quarter chicken RM12.80 + . (The 3x lucky one got drumstick like this loh)

Quarter chicken Rm12.80 + (4x got this w/o drumstick, see lah so 'tak lalu' hor?! Ei, can we ask for discount or not?!)

Half chicken RM17.00 + (wah..... stomach so big heh?!)

We ordered 1x quarter chicken to tao pao back for our colleague at the same time when we placed our dine-in orders. When we were 1/3 having our meal, we asked whether the ta pao was ready?! The waiter said we got to go to the cashier counter to take. Then we went there, they said not yet ready. Later on when we were about to finish eating, we asked again. This time he told us that they have given the chicken to a dine-in customer and asked whether we could wait for another half an hour?!

Phew!! If we give you half an hour, can you give us some cash back or not leh?! Pls tell me, this kind of service deserves %$#%&^! or not?!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seasons Restaurant Mother's day set menu

Happy mother's day set menu @ Seasons Restaurant (Jelutong express way)

RM498 ++ (complimentary 1x bottle of red wine) for 10x pax

Mother's day dumpling

Seasons lobster combination

Shark's fin soup with crab eat & dry scallop

Braised chicken in homemade style

Stir fried broccoli with sea-snall & black mushroom

Steamed cod fish with chef special soya sauce

Pan fried prawns with black pepper sauce

Mother's day braised noodles

Double-bolled dry longan with lotus seeds

There were 12x pax of us and we were charged RM50 per extra head. The bill ended up RM680. Pity my cousin who footed the bill. :) Wahlau ei...... that day we ate at Foong Wei Heong there got extra 2x also they didn't charge lah. This one is kwee siao leh. Somemore the dishes were not as delicate as Foong Wei Heong also!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Original 'kappa' taste

This is a follow-up blog from this kappa trip on 3rd of May.

I decided to follow the cooking method recommended by that 'father and 3 sons' group, using the simplest method to taste the original taste of kappa.

Directly 'bake' it! on a broken tile.

See how juicy it is?!

Without any additional sauces, they tasted fresh & sweet!!

I brought home the small blue pail (refer to the 3rd pic) and it was really TOO MUCH lah for our consumption. Other than the method above, we cooked them with mee and prepared one whole pot of kappa soup too.

We also cooked them in a wok and plucked out the 'meat' for cold storage.

We kept this pot for cold storage, can use them later for cooking vege dishes.