Saturday, September 29, 2007

I shall be back!

I am going to 'recharge' myself at Taiwan for 1 wk. I shall post more pics when I'm back ya! :p

TGIF, again!

TGIF - we went again(!) today for lunch!

There were 8x of us. It's for Yvv's (ipoh mari) farewell. She is our resident engr at Ipoh.

Here's some of them who ordered the sets (RM39.90++)....Hmm....very worthy leh with starter, main and dessert oh!

Here's some others who ordered ala carte.
Yea, pasta one is mine.....know odi lah hor?! :)

The best part is it's FOC. Phew~~~~~~~~!!! Thank you very much boss!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

El Mondo Pizza

El Mondo Pizza (The original woodfire pizza) @ Krystal Point (next to "Eighteen").

3x iao lur went to this new restaurant.

None of us was keen to have any pizzas. Therefore....clockwise: Set lunch (pepper chicken) comes with drink, soup, garlic bread. RM13.90 nett. Then marinara spaghetti RM17.90 nett.

Marinara. Hmm.....not as good as Beguadro / No Eye Deer leh.

Monday, September 24, 2007

精武 (jing wu)

精武体育馆 @ Burmah Road (night only).

The 菜胆 (cai da) is very good. It's unlike the ordinary fried vege. It was 'treated' before frying. It's soft + crispy. A must-order! :)

The hokkien char comes with hae kor one.

It does not serve zhu char +white rice har.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Little Cottage

Last wednesday I had dinner with a friend whom I acquainted at US. He came from Singapore to Pg for a very backpacked short holiday.

Due to the bad traffic at coastal highway, we changed the venue to Little Cottage so that it's nearer to Komtar. I was left with only ~45 mins to settle down, order, finish eating and sending him off. Phew~!

Grilled Almond Fish (RM19.90nett)

Aglio Olio Linguinne (RM18.90 nett) - you ppl should have known this is MY dish lah, right?! :)

Creamy Fettucine (RM19.90 nett)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chikuma Japanese Restaurant

竹马日本料理 (Chikuma Japanese Restaurant) @ Gembira Parade (Island Glades)

4x of us went to Chikuma for a try since it was highly recommended by my colleagues. I was told like this, "cheap + good!" wor.

YC, you must go! The price was surprisingly low and the food quality was not just so-so yoh! Do call to book especially for weekends as it got really limited seats. 04-6565521.

I have banned myself from eating salmon sashimi for kinda long ....until tonight! When I looked at the price, beh tong liao! Buka puasa!

Clockwise: Salmon Sashimi (RM18), Tempura Soba (RM8), Salmon Batayaki set (RM12), Salmon Teriyaki set (RM12), Salmon Maki (RM8), Salmon Temaki (RM10). The price shown excluding 10% service charge.

My salmon sashimi was very fresh. My tempura soba was also nice. Considering at the price, the rest of the dishes were equally good except the miso soup (which came with the set) was a bit chao cho (due to the clams). They prefered to scoop the soup from my bowl instead.:)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Yuck! Prawn olio spaghetti

I very seldom put a title like this - so straightforward. This one I have to coz it really YUCKS!

Present to you the Pizza Hut's Prawn olio spaghetti RM8.50++

Wahlau ei, this one ah - You look at the pic in the menu leh got prawn with khak, got cong 1 hua1, got mushroom a few pcs, got sliced chillis OK?! Mana tau...The dish served got dried chillis 2pcs, mushroom 3pcs and prawn 2pcs, no cong1 hua1 - that's OK you know....but it came with fried shredded garlic damn lot (see the pic below) (the whole plate full of them leh,made the taste very very very weird loh! Yuck! ) and the whole dish was super duper dry!!

If I were to compare this dish witht the spaghetti that I cooked with very limited ingredients (only olive oil + garlic + cheese) the other day, hoho! that one became super delicious odi loh.

Like that gonna cost you a total of RM15.99. Tsk tsk tsk!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Another 平靓正! spot.

All of us know that "The big tree" zhu char opposite the ferry jetty is one of them. This one at the same jetty area too, which is just next to the Shell station. Mind you, it got no 'jiap pai' one oh.

Clockwise: curry fish head, kiam chai chap thng, ku lou yuk, char dou miao.

Dishes above + 4x rice 盛惠RM38/=. We shall be back again!

Update :
Second visit RM46 nett with 7xrice.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tsuruya @ I Avenue

Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant @ I Avenue

Lil, LK,YC (plus hubby&kid) and I met here. Lil distributed her wedding dinner cards to us.

Their ramen dishes were really so-so.

My last visit was back in Dec 06.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Swenz Kopitiam

Swenz Kopitiam @ Bandar Sunway (opposite Sunway Carnival)

This row alone got 3 styles of 'kopitiams' aka Swenz Kopitiam, Kapitan Kopitiam and Old Town Kopitiam. Wowowowo......competitive loh.