Saturday, October 28, 2006

Belated celebration

We celebrated Wdy's belated birthday at FengWeiQing @Midlands.

Feng Wei Qing Birthday Celebration 01
The birthday cheesecake bought from the Jenny's.
Birthday Cake
Sao Seng Lui treated us at the Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House @GP. :)
Winter Warmers01
Wahlau, this tea house really meant for 'chiak kar' (hokkien) one leh :) Kinda expensive.
Winter Warmers02

Winter Warmers03

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Continue enjoying...

This week supposed to be a long holiday but then the Singaporean clients also took the opportunity flocked to Penang, especially those hobbyists who wanted to earn side income. Other than that, also got relatives came visiting us from Seberang.

With them along of course I got no chance to snap photos already loh during lunch / dinner. :) *pai seh lah*

Batu Maung Seafood Village @ Jalan Baru Batu Maung – this one is a reasonably priced seafood zhu char compared to 财海鲜 (Cai Hai Xian), which is also located at the same row. Cai Hai Xian will KATOK you if they see you bringing outstation kaki. Comparatively, Cai Hai Xian’s price is at least 50% higher with the same dishes ordered.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant (新琼安饭店). 2, Chulia Lane, 10200 Penang. (04-2614786). It has been a very (10x) long time since we last visited Shing Kheang Aun, since we moved away from town, at least 15 years already. Waaaaaa such a long pause huh!

Mind you, don't judge the restaurant by its look OK?! *wink* You can never expect the price to be 'cheap' loh if you were to order their famous curry fish. Its famous curry fish – got ‘tao teh’fish only har, haha! So please don't kiu kiu jiang (yell loudly) when you pay. :p This also applicable to those simple Hainanese dishes har. The service is still as good as last time when his father was still around, I mean the current taukeh’s father. Shing Kheang Aun’s cooking style is like our Lok Tai Ku @ Burmah Road last time. At Shing Kheang Aun, you may wonder how come there are always so many people WILLING to stand outside waiting to be seated. Well, that’s the CHARM of this restaurant loh. That’s the hainanese genuine taste that we old customers miss to have. :)

好好冷气餐厅 (Double Good Restaurant) @ 26, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang (Malvest) (04-6434188). This is the restaurant which its style is similar to Fang Yuan Restaurant @ Jalan Tengah. Ha! because the tau chiu are from Fang Yuan previously. know...*wink* The food quality is good and yet the price is reasonable. The banner written there "酒楼似菜色,大排挡收费!" Hmm....I agree.

Double Good
Clockwise : 海味沙煲, 清炒蕹菜,红烧排骨 (Hoi Mei Sha Pou, Fried kangkung, Hung Xiu Pai Kuat)

Chai Koay - Sin Soon Lee Restaurant @ Jawi (closed on every Wed)

韭菜果 (Ku Chai Koay)

Jawi Chai Koay

Jawi Chai Koay 02

Jawi Chai Koay 03

Swui Tee Tau Kua

Char Tang Hoon

Monday, October 23, 2006

Kham Khee Beef Steamboat

Since our Ipoh trip was not possible due to the hotel was fully booked, so OK lah, save the money up for food hunting in Penang instead loh. :)

鉴记火锅 (Kham Khee Restaurant), Gottlieb Road.

Beef Soup Steamboat - 超赞! All the ingredients inside were from cows ah.

Jian Ji steamboat - Beef Soup
Beef slices.

Jian Ji steamboat - Beef slices
And others that come with the package.

Jian Ji steamboat - Others
It's not usual to find steamboat restaurant that offers beef soup. This restaurant does!

Jian Ji steamboat -Menu (soup base)

All from cows......

Jian Ji steamboat -Menu (I)

Of course got many others more....

Jian Ji steamboat -Menu  (II)

It has been at least 4 yrs since I last visited this Nanyang Chinese Cuisine (南洋美食馆) @ Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, near the Armenian Street. Opposite the Yap Temple.

Yap Temple

Yap Temple 01
Yap Temple 02

Nanyang Chinese Cuisine

Nanyang 01 clockwise : 炒茨粉,方猪脚, 肉羹, 豆干炒蒜, 炒冬粉 (char zhu hoon, hong tu kar, bak kee, tao kua char suan na, char tang hoon)
Nanyang 02

Sunday, October 22, 2006


This meal reminded us of that si-peh-chiu-chuak meal that served economic-stall-standard dishes with high-class-restaurant price. See lah, people ate such 'restaurant-standard' dishes (see below) also RM55 nia for 4 persons, reasonably priced leh. The key point is the food is GOOD! Service is GOOD! 吃得口服心服给得足! No wonder so laku lah.

风味小食馆 (Foong Wei Heong Restaurant), Jalan Sri Bahari, 10050 Pg.


鸭芋 Duck Yam ('Ark Or' ) RM10 - 赞!
排骨王 (Pai Kut Ong) RM12 - 赞!
鱼片炒杂菜 RM15
清炒桂豆 (RM8)
Mc Donald Greenlane can let me 'dump' the kids there to play while let me finishing up my newspaper. :) This kind of 'supper' once or twice enough loh, if not sure die one. :)

Mc Donald

Maxim Dim Sum @ Pekaka can let you order ala carte (Mon-Fri) .
洪图面 (Hung Toe Mee), 鱼片河粉.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

More down-to-earth nyoya

Finally they got the name cards already! I collected name cards of restaurants, mind you. :)

Third visit to Nyoya Cafe @ I-Avenue. They decided at the very last minute ~11.55a.m. to have a 'makan festival' together on our last day before heading off for our 10-day holiday. So 9x of us ended up here. This is the restaurant I see 'improvement' in their way of doing business. Now they offer more economical package to attract customers. RM8.99 nett sounds OK (already) right?! :)

Previously they only got this 'promo' set. Drinks were excluded.

Nyonya 001
Now they offer this more down-to-earth set lunch (A,B,C) at RM8.99 nett.
Nyonya 002
Clockwise : (Top Left) Set A, Set B, Set C, nasi ulam.
Nyonya 003
The Thursday set lunch's dessert (one piece / person nia har) & drinks. Bee koe moi - we ordered separately one.
Nyonya 004

First visit.

Second visit.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bad attitude

"How am I supposed to know what you want to eat?"
"Special ah? how about xx abalone, yy abalone, xx shark fin, yy shark fin uh?"
and a lot more of sarcastic & unfriendly tones how she answered / treated customers when ordering food.

This was the attitude of one lou mian zhao dai(楼面招待) (see pic above) we encountered at this restaurant called Xin Hai Xiang (新海香) in Taman Tambun Indah - when we just asked her to introduce some dishes for us since it's our first time there. I think this is a very basic and normal way of ppl asking for introduction. Did we ask anything wrong? She acted as if "you must know what to order if you want to come and eat at this restaurant, if not what for you come to my restaurant huh?!"

When the kid accidentally dropped the tissue box on the floor, she walked past the table, picked it up and THREW it(!) onto the next table. SHE THREW IT, man! *Wahlau ei....... *

The food was good BUT not the attitude of this lady. OK, let's forget about this lady!

Clockwise : 鸭芋, 中国菜心, 炒皇帝面, 石甲淋酸 (yam duck, china choy sum, char huang di mian, siakap lum swee).

Xin Hai Xiang 01
See the way they captured the insects boh? :)
Xin Hai Xiang 02
How come we ended up at this shop leh? We went to visit our relatives at Taman Sukun, Bkt Mertajam lah. We planned to have lunch later at the following shop (near to Tambun go-back- to-penang exit) one. If it's not because of the shop below not opened, we could have escaped from that lady above, ha! :) This shop was not located at the road side but hiding somewhere inside, therefore you won't know of its location if not somebody directing you there. time ba! 野味 !

Ye wei
Northam Beach Cafe @ Kelawei road. (Poh Piah, sui kao wan than, chic chop). Yummy yummy yummy ......
Northam beach cafe

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Like this punya curry fish head?!

Come on! Look carefully the dishes below.

Chee Wah Curry Fish Head 01

Chee Wah Curry Fish Head 02

The fish head itself costs RM30. Total cost is RM49 including all the other 4x economic-rice-stall-standard kinda dishes (pic above).

This one memang katok orang mia! The price doesn't tally with the food quality / taste at all. One time is more than enough, don't you ever expect us to pong chan 2nd time. Katok lah, katok lah, katok only one time nia loh. Somemore service very no good, very hao lian that kind.

The curry fish head was advertised to be so and so ho liao lah, 25 yrs of history lah, blah blah blah blah blah etc. "Thunder bigger than rain drops"! Hah! It can't even beat a single hair of our MAKCIK's curry fish head @ Permatang Damar Laut. With the fish head size shown in pic above, the most Makcik will charge us is RM15-RM20. Somemore very yummylicious, the curry and the fish was two-become-one so perfectly matched! This chee wah one you totally not able to taste the 'sweet' taste of the fish coz they never c-o-o-k the fish inside the curry.

大排档菜色,酒楼似收费 (economic stall dishes, high class restaurant price)! This si peh chiu chuak shop is located at XX Curry Fish Head (台牛后XX Curry 鱼头)@ Malay Street.

Friday, October 13, 2006


This week we gonna eat 'keat keat' wor coz this Mr.iao lur working shift one has come to day shift. We gonna bring this fellow to those restaurants he missed for the past few weeks lah.

Nyonya Cafe @ Ideal Avenue. Unlike last time, we sat in the front portion of the restaurant this round. 5x of us ordered nasi ulam, nasi lemak, nyoya vege.

 Nyonya 02

 Nyonya 01

We visited this one before. Little Castle loh. Tuesday set is Teppanyaki Chic / Fish comes with green tea (hot/cold), tomato soup and pudding. Ala carte also available. (Note : Friday no set menu) *so pandai pilih heh, Tuesday set is the most expensive one leh. RM12.90 nett*

 Nyonya 01

See or not? It's definitely a sizzling 'hot' day......:)
 Nyonya 01

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gathering 01

Tonight 6x of us had gathering at the Automobile Cafe, Ideal Avenue. Ep,Lea,YC,Wm, Lil and I attended. YC heard ppl saying got 'some' food very 'tai tou lan' (cantonese) one therefore prompted her to drag us going into this restaurant. Ha! Indeed the fish n chip was served very BIG and cost RM7.90?! Somebody pls verify as I was not sure. This meal was treated by Wm lah. :) Too bad that most of us ordered the ebi soba. Zhao pou loh. The food was so so nia nia. Anyhow, it's a good venue for us to chat one whole night :).

Automobile Cafe

Yc said we gonna have gathering more often from now on wor. Hmm.....ok, let's see how 'often' lah har, haha!

p/s: For those of you who cannot tahan seeing all the food postings, I am truly sorry for that. Please bear with me. :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

The best mushroom soup

Yy told me that the JL Gourmet Cafe in Prangin serves the best mushroom soup that she ever tasted in town. She said the western set menu is reasonably priced worths RM14.90 nett including that mushroom soup wor. Since we were there for shopping during the weekend therefore we took the chance to pong chan loh.

JL Gourmet Cafe. Prangin Mall. Level 4. Opposite Oasis Cafe.

JL Gourmet
Mushroom soup (Yes, it is really special coz every scoop is full of blended herbs and mushrooms (4 types). It's their Zhao Pai dish.

Poached Fish Florentine. Herbs Butter Fish. Dessert pandan pudding.
JL Gourmet Set Menu Dishes

Tai Tong Restaurant, Lebuh Cintra. The food serving is big and cheap.:)

Tai Tong Restaurant
Sin Kim Sua, Macalister Rd.

Sin Kim Sua

Sunday, October 01, 2006

红茶馆 Dim Sum

Red Tea Garden (红茶馆香港点心茶楼), Macalister Rd.
As usual, sin jam ban ho pang sai, less than 5 min every dim sum unloaded from the steamers was sapu habis.

 Red Tea Garden

虾中虾海鲜煮炒, 金马仑餐室 (Xia Zhong Xia Seafood, Cameron Kopitiam, Batu Lanchang). Very reasonably priced. Last time each vege dish used to cost only RM4. Now is RM5.
 Xia Zhong Xia