Sunday, August 31, 2008

Island Red Cafe

Island Red Cafe @ Krystal Point (located just next to the Krystal Suite's lobby).

Tell you story ah.....

I reached there ~9p.m. and I was seated right after I asked for a table for six. A few minutes later I was told that it's their last order run therefore I must place my order soon. I asked him, "What time u close uh?" "10p.m." OK, I ordered a drink since the others were late. Later on about 9.15p.m the workers started to place all the chairs on top of the vacant tables. *signalling us to leave?!*

At ~9.30p.m., when one of my friends have finally reached, I went kai sou and raised my concern to the lady 'boss'(?!) there, "How come you ppl at 9.15pm. already started to put your chairs on top of the tables ah? not closing at 10p.m. meh?" "Oh, we actually closed at 9p.m. Outside paper there stated so also." "Wah...then how come just now that guy didn't tell me ah when I first came in? He told me it's 10p.m. woh when I placed order." "Sorry...we were actually temporarily operating until 9p.m. as of now....blah blah blah....."

Ai...very ooo long and disappointed loh. :(

Looking at the menu, it resembles twin of OLD TOWN. Got nasi lemak, koay teow soup, special prawn mee, nissin noodle with sausage /seafood & egg, kaya & butter toast, pandan toast, half boiled eggs, snacks and coffee/tea/honey lemon etc.

Hopefully the next time when I am there I won't be kena halau again. :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yam Rice @ Kafeteria TYY Sungai Ara

The stall named 'Simpang Ampat' Yam Rice @ Kafeteria TYY (晨陽咖啡屋), Sungai Ara (opposit SMK Sg Ara.,traffic light junction).

One set (like pic above) is RM4.50.

The soup is sour with pepper taste, very appetizing. 不嫌的話,還挺不錯的啦! (Mai hiam boey pai lah!)

I saw some tables were actually a whole gang of factory workers eating the same food. Each of them ordered one set of this yam rice.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seberang Prai City (SPC) Jusco restaurants

Seberang Prai City (SPC) Jusco restaurants.

Nah, I snapped the photos for you ppl liao :). A very quick one har as I was not there for shopping lah. I might have missed out some too!

Ground floor

New faces are : Big Apple, Restoran Black Canyon.

The rest are old faces - 三大天王 (KFC, Mc Donald, Pizza Hut), Nando's, Kenny Rogers, Secret Recipe, Starbucks (Ei, Coffee Bean tak ada bayang ah? or I missed out ?!), 600CC, Baskin Robin, Old Town.

First Floor

New faces : Che Go (korean), Food & tea 歡喜地 (hongkie),Ichiban Ramen, Splendid (cakes & cafe).

Old faces : Laksa Shack, Johnny's, Hongkie Recipe 又一城, , Sushi Queen, Chicken Rice Shop (opening soon),

The center hall stage. The overall layout & walkway ? For me, I would describe it as such - a NIKE shape (with a screw pricked on the buttock) lah. :) The ceiling is high. The shop lots and restaurants all look very big!

The washroom is very spacious loh! See? got chairs for you to pan leng leng oh ! Nak menyusu anak? No problem also lah, got two special partitions for this purpose too! Oh, how considerate of you, Jusco! *muah!*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shanghai 10

Shanghai 10 @ Central Park, Queensbay

We 4x went there for a quick lunch when redeeming our GSC free birthday movie tickets. *Yes, the celebration not yet finish oh, Aug is our party month! *

Don't tell me this restaurant gonna chap lap soon loh. The 'signs' seemed to be hinting us everywhere.

Always no customers during lunch time. The basin 'rosak' for sooooo long already also never wanna repair. The food quality not like last time anymore.

辣香炒腸粉 (RM4.80+) - This was the only one that MM seemed to be satisfied with.

蔥油拌面 (RM4.80+)

芝麻花生糊 (RM2.90+)

龍炒手湯面 (RM7.80+) - ok, you see wan than, u see ME. :)

鼓油龍炒手 (RM4.80+) - BB said," How come ah?! The taste changed already ah? Si fu go back already ah?!" They two kept on discussing ....:)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tien Tien Lai Dim Sum Corner (天天來港式點心茶坊)

天天來港式點心茶坊 (Tien Tien Lai Dim Sum Corner) @ Desaria, Sungai Ara.

Due to our 'engagement' with HappyShop's activities in the morning, it's been at least 3 wks we chopped our feet from travelling far.

鮮蝦云吞湯 (Shrimp Dumpling Soup) - Wan than or Shui Kao is one of those which I can't resist ordering IF i ever see one! Good!

魚鰾 (fish bladder) - Good!

皮蛋粥 (Pei Ban Zhuk) - Good!



三角 餃 (Triangle Dumpling)

燒賣 (Siew Mai)

The food tasted OK. In overall is beh than hiam lah.

Compared to the old dim sum house (which has been moved to opposite PISA), this one although is smaller in terms of operation size but the dishes got more 'pattern' loh. Dim sum pi mai pi mai tang tu what, if got no pattern how to attract ppl to visit often woh?! Hai mai sin? :)

Weekdays got ala carte ordering. Hung Toe Mee is one of their signature dishes here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go Vege @ Secret Recipe

We 6x had a get-together at Secret Recipe before WM's wedding.

I selected these two out of all. I still do not know how to capture under dim light lah.

Fried Jap soba served with vege only. The taste is plain if you are eating without its 'special' sauce. Choose this only if you are OK to go green with non-oily plain dish.

Another fellow with salad dish as dinner. Ha!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taiwan Food 台灣風味情

Taiwan Food 台灣風味情 @ Gurney Plaza Basement (04-2265304)

My another belated birthday treat. :)

Its outlet at Midlands has always been our favourite taiwanese restaurant due to its value meal set.

As time passed by, the serving size became smaller and smaller. The day one 2x side dishes + soup + dessert have gradually being reduced to 1x side dish with very much less portion + dessert. OK lah, we understand that the rent here in Gurney is higher and nowadays everything is no longer 'cheap' like last time anymore.:)

Its menu. Posh leh.

Interior decoration. 走高貴黑路線. Chio hor?! Btw, how come the ceiling is so low uh?!

This is the most obvious change in SIZE. Last time it was 'tall L' size. Now you got to add RM0.50 for adding 'pearl' if your set's drink doesn't come with 'pearl'.

Grilled sesami chicken (芝麻雞) with noodle set + drink (RM14.90+) =RM15.65

Mee sua (大腸面線) set + drink (RM11.90+) = RM12.50

Nice lamp uh? Be careful when you approach cashier ah. One tall uncle about 5' 7" (?!) knocked on it. :)

Go here for previous related posts on 台灣風味情 Feng Wei Qing (Sep 06) & belated celebration (Oct 06) .

Other taiwanese restaurants. Kochabi 台灣古早味 at Kochabi (Jan 07) & Kochabi Taiwanese Delight (Feb 08) .

It's been very long time since last visit to Taipei Food Avenue (台北食舍小品) @ Prima Tanjung. Don't know how the pricing goes already.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

中國民間瓦缸煨湯 (Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup)

中國民間瓦缸煨湯 (Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup) @ Sungai Ara (opposite Sek. Men. Sg. Ara)

Parts of the Menu :

人參花旗參雞湯 (RM18)

提神補氣清肺湯 (RM18)

老黃瓜薏實排骨湯 (RM15)

百合清潤排骨湯 (RM15)

八寶清補涼排骨湯 (RM15)

蓮藕章魚花生排骨湯 (RM12)

冬虫草花旗參雞湯 (RM20)

霸王花潤肺排骨湯 (RM15)

百合清潤排骨湯 (RM15) with 玉竹, 淮山, 龍眼 - of coz good lah! So many ingredients to cook this bit of soup leh.

The soup serving is big. You can easily scoop up about 6-7x small soup bowls.

I personally think that it will be great if they can also serve zhu char (煮炒) along with their signature herbal soup. Right now they only served economic rice stall kind of dishes.

Dinner @ Ling's House

When the surrounding lighting is kinda dim, how to take ah? *scratching head liao!*

紅麴腐乳燒肉. Courtesy from my mum.

她家自己栽種的羊角豆. 還有 kangkung 沒拍到咧.

Sarawak 口味 : 發酵豆醬. It's one sort of favourite dishes by Sarawakian.

怡保宴瓊林鹽焗雞 (Ipoh Aun Kheng Lim's Salted Chicken).

Sarawak 口味: '臭藥材'墨魚豬腳湯. The soup base contributor is one kind of Sarawak 'kayu'- an ingredient that tastes bitter (scroll to bottom to see its image).

Sarawak mari punya. 蒸魚. Giant size oi.

Sarawak barley: 煲薏米水. The taste is unlike our usual barley, it's not whitish colour and it's 'thick'-er.

'臭藥材'(?!). I am not sure of its exact term lah.

The salted chicken. Again, yao sek, yao lor, yao leng. *paiseh leh*

Friday, August 08, 2008

蘭州手工拉麵 & 檸檬愛玉冰

大唐御膳面府 (Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restaurant) @ Jalan Zainal Abidin

Our Aug birdday half day trip started here.

蛋炒麵 (Fried noodles with eggs).

蒸餃 (Steamed Dumpling)

麻辣耳絲 (Spicy pig's ear)

麵類 : 二寬面

麵類 : 三細面. 她無辣不歡.

紅燒牛肉面 (Braised beef noodle)

Previous posts at 大唐御膳面府 Part I & 大唐御膳面府 Part II .

Notes : The noodles' serving was big(!). We chatted with the chefs and they recommended to us this - for next visit, 2x persons ordering 1x bowl and adding some additional dishes to share. We observed that most of the customers were ordering so too.

Fourth stop @ Jetty area for the 檸檬愛玉冰.

Their fifth stop was karaoke whereas mine was home followed by the sixth, Ling's dinner.

Monday, August 04, 2008

e Kia Restaurant (益佳餐廳)

e Kia Restaurant (益佳餐廳) @ HSBC Queensbay

The set menu price - ranged from RM6.50 to RM9.90 (this price doesn't include 5% serv charge yet)

咕嚕肉飯 (RM7.90+)

When ordering ala carte, pls make sure you 'mark' them properly to write down your order. They have the record (proven twice) of forgetting placing your order especially when the situation turned a lil bit chaotic.