Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chikuma~ Chikuma* Chikuma!

I was impressed by Chikuma when it was first opened back in 2007 . During its opening promotional month, every item in the menu was so cheap that it created a stir of 'hoohah' in our circle of friends.

Now it has moved from Gembira Parade, Island Glades to Sunway Tunas. You wouldn't know how glad I was when I first spotted it (which in actual has been operating for 1 mth long, OMG!). It brought me surprise during my first visit there!

The interior decoration is just plain simple.

Set Meal Menu. Price ranges from RM13.80+ to RM22.00+. (Scroll to the bottom for details)

Sashimi and Sushi.


Ala Carte Menu is also available but not captured here.

Maguro Sashimi (RM22.00+) . 6 slices of fresh tuna. We were taken by surprise to see the thickness. Its one slice is almost equivalent to 2 slices of other restaurants.

My surprise came from this Tempura Set (RM17.80+)

Impressive with thin crunchy tempura coating ! I couldn't have enough of them.

Other than 3 pcs of prawns and 1pc of red carrot, I was impressed by its Onion! Vegetable leaf! and the last unexpected one is FISH! Mind you, the fish....I would say that it is L size. (more.....)

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

AustinChase Seafood Marinara with Iced Tea


Seafood Marinara with Iced Tea (RM16.90 nett)

Iced Tea. (I guess you better order coffee lah as this is not a good choice)

Pretty 'small' serving of seafood marinara. Not too sourish, it's pretty OK though.

Other than prawns, I didn't see any other seafood.(more.....)

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

松花江肉骨茶海鲜煮炒 (Song River Bak Kut Teh and Seafood)

早市松花江肉骨茶海鲜煮炒 (Song River Bak Kut Teh and Seafood) @ Gurney Drive

It's been ages since I last paid visit to Song River for its breakfast bak kut teh. I wonder is the taste still the same like years before?

I ordered one claypot with additional mushroom and button mushroom (which were written as " 多香,多毛") (ha!) and 'fu chuk'.

One claypot serving two persons is RM16. Fu chuk was charged additional RM2.

I found that the soup base is no longer the same. The first pot with a lot of vege ingredients of course would be affected, but then the subsequent bowls of soup being added also not the same like last time anymore. :(


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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bangkok Tomyam Farewell Lunch

Bangkok Tomyam @ Bayan Lepas

Last Wednesday I went to Yus's farewell lunch at Bangkok Tomyam. *Wah, so fast got any candidate already!*

(We no longer favour the Kepala Ikan @ Restoran Pen M* Batu Maung as a lot of them have said that it's been getting more and more expensive).

There is 13 pax of us. We were served three sets, each set is to cater for about 4 persons.
Two styles of fish were served. Either the sour spicy fried type or ......

the steamed sour spicy style.

Goreng sotong (Fried squid).

Fried Chicken (more.....)

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Fresh Fruit Tea Menu (Komtar Walk) - Low Price!

Fesh Fruit Tea @ Komtar Walk

Seriously, I didn't expect the price of the drinks to be that low until I footed the bill.

鲜吉绿茶 (RM2.50nett)

杨桃汁 (RM2.00nett)


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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hardwicke House Buffet Lunch

Hardwicke House Buffet Lunch @ Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

We went on last Saturday. Price per head is RM22++ (RM25.30 nett).
The spread of food is pretty similar to what being offered in Buffet Dinner except tandoori dishes and BBQ.

Reminder : Sitting inside the dining hall is cooler than sitting at the private /VIP corner.

The food quality is average only. The only thing I enjoyed most is the long hours of sitting there reading my novel with some food to munch along.

Salad bar (more.....)

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Japin's Fried Garlic Rice is GOOD!

Japin @ Queensbay

Shichimi Teriyaki Don (Spicy Teriyaki Chicken with Rice) RM12.80 + RM1.80 (for adding soup + tea)

I know several guys who will choose no other dishes but THIS whenever they visit Japin! (Circled in red is 'Beh Khi" item - miso soup)

Cyasyu Cyahan (Fried Garlic Rice) RM6.80+RM1.80 (for adding soup + tea).

I started to appreciate more on this dish after having the garlic rice cooking experience at the Sakae Izakaya .

The fried garlic rice here is fragant, big in serving and I especially like it for being non-oily, at least during the moment I eat! :) (more.....)

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Chicken Rice Shop - Oh no! Why like that one?!

The Chicken Rice Shop @ Tesco E-Gate

None of us has visited The Chicken Rice Shop for dinner session before, only for lunch. Therefore I did not know whether this 'scenario' is a norm for dinner time or .......?

I left this restaurant with disappointment after paying RM31.90.

Single Chicken Set - RM13.99

Steamed Chicken

Roast Chicken

Ipoh Bean Sprouts. Ipoh?! Nah, this is way too far from IPOH's one.

Pepsi + dessert. Add RM1 to change to non-carbonated drinks. The dessert is nothing much but nata de coco jelly.

The chicken is what we called as "Hai Sup Sup "(cantonese) !
Proof 1# - all breast meat (more.....)

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