Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet-i 甜在心糖水屋 (Invited Review)

This is just a few units away from the fish shop (corner unit). You may not notice it since it is blocked by the trees alongside the pavement on the Jln Sg Dua, which is opposite the Tesco Extra.

The wall is full of tong shui menu. 眼花缭乱!

If you are persistent, you may try it out one by one everyday, ha! Luckily I have the privilege to share with others during this one-time-sapu-all session.

I am quite impressed with the tong shui served here. Why? if don't talk about the price lah ok ( you judge it yourself then, ok?!), the tong shui here boh siau tee & liao jiao kao (less sweet & got enough ingredients). Some items that are not easily spotted at other tong shui stalls, you can find them here.

Tapioca Jelly BoboChaCha (香草薯粉条麽麽喳喳) - RM2.70 (each packet), RM3.00 (each container)

The green one is jelly.


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Friday, April 15, 2011

Yeng Keng Hotel's Hainanese Cuisine (Invited Review)

Yup! Yeng Keng serves Hainanese cuisine too!

Note : The price below has included portion for 10 pax since we are in a group of 11  pax. The dishes shown in the photos below are catered for 10 pax.

Spring Rolls : RM12.00 (per portion of 2 pcs) / RM24.00 (for 4 pcs)
The photo shown below is for 4 pcs. The price of the spring rolls can be quite damaging mainly due to the seafood items.
Ingredients: crab meat, chicken meat, prawn, black mushroom, yambean, carrot, onion.
The sauce is a mixture of oyster sauce, Lea & Perrines,  A1 sauce, tomato sauce and HP sauce.


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yeng Keng Hotel - ZOom In! (Part II)

This swimming pool is located at the right hand side of the building. This is the angle taken from the backyard.

Heading for first floor - you will be welcomed by this sitting area before reaching the 1st floor.

A very modern sense of style! Super red vs black matching with bamboo feel. Shooting from outside to let you see how contrast the colour tone portraits.


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yeng Keng Hotel - Zoom In! (Part I)

I was as astonished as others when first seeing how great the restoration 'look' of Yeng Keng Hotel at Chulia Street is.  This visit makes me think of  The Sire Museum which deeply impressed me last time. Therefore I guess it worths spending two posts for the hotel interior photos and illustrations since I have the privilege exploring it through an invited food review lately.

You can get all the 'About' or history of this 20-room restored heritage boutique hotel from the Yeng Keng Hotel's website.

What I enjoyed 'zooming in' here is -- no matter how lousy a camera you are holding is, the image turns out to be nice! Yeah, you ought to thank the great conservation & upgrading work undertaken by the owner and also the fabulous contrast colour tone of the hotel design too!

This is the entrance with chinese traditional essence, which is now illuminated with yellow light lanterns, eye-catching enough uh!


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Friday, April 01, 2011

Tianyi Restaurant (天一大酒楼)

We 6x have finally stepped into this restaurant!
I was told that their 'leng pua' is NICE woh, therefore we ordered this alongside of other dishes.

Five Hot Combination 五福临门 (RM80.00)
Indeed! I found it above expectation, if you do not mind paying this much. :p


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