Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter Warmers 50% Disc Afternoon Tea Set

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House @ Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya.

So coincidentally the day when I walked in was 30th Dec.
The waiter jio me by saying," Today we got promotion loh, 50% discount oh for Afternoon Tea. Are you a member?!"
"Aiyah, I bukan member leh."
"Or you wanna join now?! Just pay RM38 then you are entitled for these...." *halfway flipping through the cards to let me read the T&C*
"......Well, today you can get 50% disc on Afternoon tea loh, then hor you are also entitled for a free one set of lunch/dinner *pointing to the 4 set dishes at the menu* or afternoon tea, but only on weekdays. ....."
"Oh....icic.....aa neh kuan ah..."
".....During normal days leh, you 'll get 20% off on F&B on weekdays, 10% off on F&B on weekends and public holidays...see?!*
Press press press calculator.....swey zhor. Telinga lembut. :)
"OK lah!"

Afternoon Tea Set for Two (Original price RM29.90++)


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inconsistency in Vegetarian Noodles (Soup)

Kocha Taiwanese Delight 台灣古早味

Vegetarian Noodles (Soup) (素麵湯) (Set) RM14.80 nett - Alamak! How come it tasted so 180 degree different that my last visit. Was it because that the wok hasn't been heated up yet since we were the 1st few customers? The sausage was sour like chao swui , tasted very weird. The soup base also no yup mei. It's RM2 extra than the dry version, Hey!


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Monday, December 29, 2008

Wong Kok, can u see d smoke on top of my head?

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

亞罗士打鸡丝面 (Alor Setar Kai See Min)

亞罗士打鸡丝面 (Alor Setar Kai See Min) - Ta pao version.

After eating once by chance, now I am addicted. There is no single day that I didn't dream of eating this Kai See Min.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Makan Festival

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Coffee Bean Xmas party

Xmas party @ office on 23rd Dec.
Our lady boss ordered the cupcakes from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ! Hou yeah mou?!

It's the first time for me to see & taste the Coffee Bean's cupcakes. 


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Monday, December 22, 2008

Cuisine Bou 料理坊

uisine Bou 料理坊
This round I had a very enjoyable dinner at Cuisine Bou. Unlike last visit , this time I believe it's the correct dish choices that erased our ambiguity on its food quality. Morover we were well-entertained by a specky junior waiter who is very cute. Ha!
No more ramen this time!
We opted for Sashimi and Unagi!
Sashimi (Ume) 刺身(梅)
Mixed Raw Sashimi (RM35) - Five different types of sashimi freshly served aka sake (salmon), akami (tuna), siro maguro (white tuna), tako (octopus) and sime saba (mackerel).

Butter Fish (also known as white Tuna) - This was the most impressive out of all. It's creamy and dissolved in your mouth. Wow! Heavenly good! 简直是人间极品! 


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Friday, December 19, 2008

Macaron Bites! 咬在口里,甜在心里!

I got limited amount to share. Oh no....Where am I going to buy in Penang if we yearn for more?!

Therefore I decided to take the memorable shots of their first bites on macarons! *crazy boh me?! *


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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dragon-i (龙的传人) Part II

香酥脆皮鸭 (半只) Deep Fried Crispy Duck (Half) (RM32) - Crispy duck was rather salty to be eaten alone. Therefore it's best to serve like what the waitress showed us.

These were the side dishes served together with the crispy duck meat.

That's how you gonna place the ingredients onto the 'apom' layer. Addition of a special sauce, sweet in taste, is a must!


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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dragon-i (龙的传人) Part I

Last Saturday we were invited to Dragon-i @ Queensbay Mall for a food review by Bigs Boy Oven (BBO). Oooh.....This was by far the most memorable meal out of the total three meals I ever had at Dragon-i !

We were ushered to the VIP section oh! The string-like curtain sets as a partition.

There was a Doraemon show running at the same time. Therefore we were actually right at the perfect timing and angle to watch the performance.


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mama's Nyonya Food

Due to not able to find space for parking at the desired restaurant, we came across this Mama's signboard and decided to give it a try. I remembered the name of this restaurant as Christy has recently blogged about it.

Complimentary appetizer : ikan bilis with onion and chillis. Crunchy with strong onion kerabu taste.

Curry Kwey Kao - A fresh slice of kwey kao hu cooked in thick curry with scent of laksa leaves. To me, it tasted like the Hainanese curry but thicker.


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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant (鹤屋日本料理)

Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant (鹤屋日本料理)@ I-Avenue
It's been one year plus since our last visit here. This time we left with satisfaction mainly due to its fast serving on food (despite the Friday lunch crowd) and also entertained by one of its humorous and friendly waitress (妙人珠语) with spectacles. :)

The set lunch comes with prickle, fruit, coleslaw and rice.

Sake Teriyaki Salmon set (RM19+)

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Georgetown Cafe Set Lunch

Georgetown Cafe @ E-Gate

The most eye-catching item at the menu is this!! Once look at it already SYIOK inside out!

We actually intended to hunt for its set lunch (forwarded by email). Email marketing works. :)


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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Apex Coffee

Apex Coffee @ Queensbay Jambatan
Before we decided to go and have a try, we guessed it should be more or less like the Old Town Kopitiam or the Red Island Cafe style.

One fast scan at the menu, "Yah, bingo!" For example, the different kinds of toast, the nissin noodle, the nasi lemak, the curry kinda chicken rice, tea and coffee & etc. Perhaps the most distinctive ones are its so-called 'nutritional' healthy meal with brown rice, garden salads and also cheese toast.


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Sunday, December 07, 2008

中國民間瓦缸煨湯 (II) -人參花旗參雞湯

I brought YY to drink soup @ 中國民間瓦缸煨湯. She beh tahan after reading the PenangTuaPui's post that people forwarded to her loh. :)

I saw a new soup in their menu! It's 茶树菇巴西蘑菇排骨鸡汤 (tea tree mushroom, brazil mushroom, pai kwat, chicken soup) (RM20). Hmm... what a great news for a mushroom lover like me! but...keep for next time lah!

We opted for 人參花旗參雞湯 Yan Sum Fa Khei Sum Kai Tong (RM20 as of Sep 09) to reboost energy since both of us were still recuperating.

A claypot like this for two of us were in fact too much. Should we come in three persons then the portion will be just nice.


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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dinner @ The Sire Museum

After suffering through day-missing-night-missing since my first visit @ The Sire Museum 震撼我心! , I was finally here sitting at thedining table during the 3rd visit. *Ooooh.....feeling super great!*Baked cheese bread - complimentary dish. It was sooooooooo soft! I think I could easily eat 10 pcs of them if they were placed in front of me! I really wonder if they have steamed it (like what I used to do on hainanese bread) and that's why the skin was not even a bit hard uh?!Mushroom Soup (~RM8++) Every spoonful was indeed rich in 'mushroom' aroma. I regretted for tasting it as I knew from now onwards I would definitely set this one at The Sire Museum as my standard! *not good for me....right?! :)*


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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Crab Seafood Village @ Tanjung Bungah

Slight raining. Friday. I drove for 1 hr 20mins in order to reach there but it's worth it for it's a food meeting with flogger from US - Rasa Malaysia , arranged by Lingzie.

We ordered 2kgs of crabs, 2kgs of prawns, fried squids, kappa and hokkien char.
Hokkien Char - I sweared I didn't know that the flashing was coming from my camera until the 2nd dish arrived, which has actually meant MANY MANY shots later. *sorry to all* :)

We have them all baked - to savour the original taste!

I was very messy when trying to 'dissect' the crab. *malu aje*


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Monday, December 01, 2008


I assume that duplicate 'tags' never mind one lah hor?! :)

I was tagged by What2seeOnline (on 11.Nov.08) and Lingzie (30.11.08) on Seven Facts About Myself or Seven Random Things About Myself.

1. I started blogging since Aug 05, inspired by Lettie's blog. I re-grouped all my food postings under Cariso Delicacies Corner only after some time, that's when I realized food has monopolized my blog(!). :)

2. I have great passion in cycling until today. I used to go mountainbiking. No longer mtb though. Now I am riding 'a pek' bicycle. One day if you come across a siao cha bor riding an a pek bicycle with a mtb helmet and handgloves, that's possibly me(!) :)

3. I hardly gain weight, in hokkien "chi liao bee". That's also one of the reasons for me to keep on eating - to 'gain weight' mah.

4. I enjoy dining with people who also enjoy and willing to spend for eating.

5. I seldom eat oily or fatty food and my cholesterol level is within spec. *kia si*

6. I started to gain more interest in food photoshooting after attending the 1st flogger's gathering.

7. I wish that the "flying-to-eat" kind of flogger gathering can be realized. *poe pi poe pi*

I would like to tag the following friends for the same topic.

Gill Gill
Little Inbox
Ah Shui

Poe pi poe pi....Hopefully no more tagging to me ah! :p

Saturday, November 29, 2008

梁文韬: 我不是食神 (English translation)

文摘自光明日报 D5“好味”14.11.2008 (星期五)

梁文韬: 我不是食神(乐于分享广播饮食文化)


记者: 什么原因让您不承认自己是食神?

韬哥 : 大家都听过<<米其林指南>>吧,它可说是当今被公认的一项美食评分制度,在欧洲尤其被认为是最高美食指标.有一回, 米其林派人来香港鉴定会12 家餐厅.我想说的是,中华佳肴是以味道为主,但鬼佬对吃却以餐厅的装饰,环境以及气氛为首要条件,两个区域对吃存有不同的见解.

单单味道方面,中国人注重的是较原汁原味的美食,西方人基本嗜吃含乳脂味的食物.比如说吃鱼,中国人吃鱼要带骨,西方人吃鱼却要去骨;至于烹方式, 中国人喜欢蒸,西方人钟意烤.还有许许多多饮食上的差异.

就我所知,12 家被遴选出来的餐厅,结果只有2 家是中餐厅,其余10家都是西餐厅.



My translation :

Regional difference causes difference in eating culture.


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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kocha Taiwanese Delight 台灣古早味

We diverted to Kochabi again since the FengWeiQing (風味情) is no longer 'cheap'. Kochabi's business is so damn good that there's always people queuing at the corridor awaiting to be seated.

Ahem! I like 'yellowish' one... :)


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Friday, November 21, 2008

Free Voucher for Cariso's readers

Here's a special discount voucher present to all of you @ Cariso Delicacies Corner by Cartridge World!

Click to print out the voucher on this page and present it for 100% moneyback guaranteed refill products @ Cartridge World today!

For your information, Cartridge World Bayan Baru is strategically located @ Krystal Point, same row as Mumbai House, Soba Yoshi, Eighteen and El Mondo Pizza. :)

Kindly call 04-6468182 and 012-4812182 for any enquiries.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The 'notorious' Char Koay Teow?!

Another story session.

Now...I have finally visited this famous or should I say the so-called 'notorious' (?) Char Koay Teow stall at Lorong Selamat.

If I am not mistaken, I did not eat CKT for at least 10 yrs. This time I broke the rule all because of Sarah & hubby(CY) loh, who came all the way from Australia. :)


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 for full view of this post.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Miss Saigon Vietnamese Street Food

Vietnamese Street Food @ Miss Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine, E-Gate.

A bunch of us were invited for a food review today at Miss Saigon on its newly launched menu - Vietnamese Street Food.

Interior deco with yellowish lighting. Not ideal for foodshooting but good for my mood. :)

Whenever I think of Vietnamese food, I think of beef. I believe any dishes that come with beef must be at least 'secured'. :) Anyway, don't worry if you don't consume beef since chicken is also available as an alternative.

Summer Rolls (RM5.80 - RM10.80)
Top row (left to right) : Traditional Northern Rolls, Traditional Southern Rolls, Farmer's Egg Rolls.
Bottom row (left to right): - Fresh Vege Rolls, Classic Hor Fun Rolls (beef) & (chicken).
Out of all the rolls, Classic Hor Fun Rolls with beef is the one I liked the most.

Clockwise from top left : Mini Prawn Paste on Sugarcane (RM10.80), Crispy Hanoi Rolls (RM8.80), Crispy Gourmet Seafood Rolls (RM9.80), somebody was having "wrapping rolls" hands-on practice. Guess who?! This guy's fingers seemed to be as delicate as ladies one, oh mine.... :p

Exotic Side :
Left to right
1st row : Cinnamon Beef Chunks La-lot (RM11.80), Grilled Chicken T-shaped Wings (RM9.80)
2nd row : Wok fried flower chicken (RM14.80), Wok-fried flower beef (RM14.80)
3rd row : Spiced Grilled Eel Cake (RM12.80), Villagers Grilled Snail Cake (RM12.80)
4th row : Street-style Salty Soft Shell Crab (RM13.80), Royal Seafood Skewer (RM10.80)

Salads (RM6.80-RM9.80)
They offered Sour Green Mango Salad, Miss Saigon Salad (with pineapples inside) -which is also their signature salad dish, Cold Glass Noodle Salad, Crunchy Papaya Salad, Jellyfish Salad.
Frankly speaking, they tasted almost the same as we were having so many dishes at one go lah! BUT.... I liked the one with mango and pineapple more as they were more appetizing.

Rice Noodles (RM12.80 -RM14.80)
They offered Traditional Southern Beef Bun (RM14.80), Traditional Southern Chicken Bun (RM12.80), Crunchy Eel Glass Noodle Soup (RM13.80), Traditional Vietnamese Chicken Pho (RM12.80), Traditional Vietnamese Beef Pho (RM14.80) . All come with clear broth.

Center : Villagers Snail Noodle Soup (RM13.80) - Stir fried sea snail & green banana served with thick broth of Laksa noodle soup. I liked this the most as it's kind of a special combination to me. With the almost same pricing range, I'll rather go for snail. :)

Vietnamese Sandwitches
Left to right : Vietnamese Street Baguette (chicken/beef) (RM9.80),
Frog Curry with Garlic Spiced Baguette (RM10.80)

Alright, this is the Royal Seafood Skewer (RM10.80) - it comes with freshly grilled salmon, green paper, mushroom in BBQ sauce.

Overall the street food was pretty OK and some of the dishes (wordings in pink above) really intrigued my taste buds. I came with doubt due to the bad impression that we had on its early opening days when the service was claimed to be slow and the kitchen was claimed also not performing to its best. Thanks to the boss for giving us the chance to try out the new menu and also clear my doubt on its food quality!
I strongly believe that this street food of Miss Saigon will attract more customers if the serving portion can be larger with current set price. Hiak hiak! *wink wink*

Other attendees are :
PenangTuaPuis from PenangTuaPui
CK from What2seeOnline
Gill & Jason from Gourmet Garden
Lingzie from Lingzie's Tummy Treats
Steven Goh from Steven Goh
Criz from Criz Bon Appetite & gang
Allen from Yummy Station
Allie from Havenly Allie
Nicholas Chan from Shiok Or Not

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

清潤響螺湯 (Conches Soup)

Out of a sudden TaiLou brought back these conches. The first question flushed into our mind was, "Holy shit, how to cook leh?"

This is the first time cooking conches, somemore it's such a giant size one!

Can you see how big the giant size one is (!) ?

1大3小 (1x big, 3x small) = Total RM8.00

Bring to boil for about 45 mins or longer until the meat can be separated from the shells.

This is the look of them after removal from shells and also cleansing of internal organs & etc.

We decided to use 1x big and 1x small to cook soup.

Long hours of cooking is needed. This one has taken easily 4 hours in slowcooker under HIGH power.

When we called up aunties/uncles for recipes, most of them suggested to fry in thin slices with ginger & etc and then dip with soya sauce or whatever. They all said it will be like eating abalone.

I have heard that lots of Hongkies like to use conches to cook soup and I have been ages wondering how it tastes like. Why do they like to eat conches soup? I quickly went and flipped through the soup recipe book I bought. Yahoo! Got leh the recipe!

Now I've finally got the chance to taste it! It indeed tasted like abalone! Oh mine.......the soup is very nourishing, sweet and rich.

材料 : 響螺, 淮山 (RM2) ,枸杞 (隨意), 豬尾龍骨 (RM4),雞骨 (RM2),鹽 (少許).

Ingredients : Conches, Huai Shan (RM2), Lycium chinense Miller (some), pig bones (RM4), chicken bones (RM2), salt (taste with seasoning).

1) 新鮮響螺用滾水泡浸汆燙,約半小時至45分鐘, 使內質堅實. 納涼后, 取肉去殼.
(Fresh conches bring to boil for ~30-45mins, let cool then remove the meat from shells)
2) 將尾龍骨,雞骨, 淮山,枸杞, 響螺肉, 用slow cooker續煲大火2-4小時.
(Add in pig bones, chicken bones, Huai Shan and Lycium chinense Miller. Cook in slow cooker under high power for 2-4 hours)
3) 可呈加料理酒. (You may add in cooking wine during serving)

This book is useful in such an emergency case! :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Moms Kitchen

Moms Kitchen @ Tanjung Bungah.

This was not THE targeted destination actually. We were supposed to get a treat by CE at Annabelle's Place (AP). We diverted to Moms Kitchen instead due to AP was not opened yet. It's already 12 something at that moment :( .

Orchid lah!
Herbal Tea (RM2.50)

Green Curry Chicken (RM11.90) - this is the best one compared to the rest of the dishes.

Phud Phed Squid (RM11.90) - When the other dishes came, we started to wonder "why did we order dishes of all same colours one leh?" This one was kinda spicy.

Tod Mud Fish (RM1.50x6) - We didn't like it at all this fish cakes. Aiks....we should have ordered the chicken wings instead of this when recommended by that guy. Anyway, we were kinda surprised why this one is in their recommended list then?!

Kailan Salted Fish (RM8.90) - this one is OK.

The dessert was very small serving only, but later only did we find out that it's FOC one woh. :p
3x of us. Total of the bill = RM60.40.

Moms Kitchen (Permai 32, 12A Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang ) 04-8900787