Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canton-i 香港粥麵家 : Since when it becomes a MONTHLY visit?

Come on! Saturday somemore got to work leh! That's why we treated ourselves at Canton-i for a 'high-ca' lunch last Saturday.

This time we got the chance to sit at the VIP area (nah, VIP simply because we came in a group of 10 pax lah! :) )

Hmm...this ceiling lighting is elegant but too dark for us to see properly what stays in our bowls. :)
I wonder if the similar one found at that SouthBay show unit's living room would be that dim too?!

The porridge remains the safest dish to order. The best still out of all.

順德鱗魚球粥 (RM11.80) Carp Fish Balls & Lettuce Congee .

皮蛋瘦肉粥 (RM10.80) Salted Lean Meat & Century Egg Congee . Do not add anymore soya sauce ha!

北菇滑雞粥 (RM11.80) Braised Soya Sauce Chicken with Congee. The 'wak kai' is true, really 'wak'!!

滷水蛋豆腐 (RM6.80) Teochew-style Marinated Beancurd and Egg. Not as fragant as the local hawkers one.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

中華小廚 (Zhonghua Restaurant)

中華小廚 (Zhong Hua Restaurant)@ Midlands Park Centre

" must be like May Garden sort of, 大酒樓 pricing standard, not like ordinary ppl can patronize frequently one or at least not that affordable to da gong zai like us one." This is what used to refrain me from entering this restaurant. *paisey*

I stepped into it on Wednesday. Oops. And guess what?! I was happily-willingly- 'chopped'.

Seasoned carrots (酸菜) RM2.00 . I thought this type of dish is F.O.C?! Oh now I see that it's not apparently!

Amaranth braised with double mushrooms (苋菜炒雙菇) RM20.00 [My rating 9.5/10]
FABULOUS! Normally people go for Shiong Tong (上湯)style but I opted for "braised with double mushrooms" instead (since the menu there listed a few cooking choices). Mind you, this is a very good choice oh! A hem! Price wise, also increase a lot more RM lah. :)

The amaranth leaves were fresh and I didn't actually believe that the combination of the double mushrooms with this vege could be this great until I had it. I was impressed to see the mushrooms cuttings too. Being cut across the stem part (which is usually hard) and yet all tasted slippery soft.

Fried Pork Ribs with Pepper Salt (椒鹽排骨) RM16.00 [My rating 3/10]

This is a wrong choice. The fried pork ribs were simply too DRY to swallow and tasted rather bland. Perhaps we should go for other cooking styles and definitely not this pepper salt style!

Herbal Chicken Soup (烏雞湯)[My rating : 8/10]
We ordered soup of the day. They serve you in individual bowl. This is for one person serving, each bowl like this is RM12.00。*eyebrow raised* At one time I thought I was transported back to Jade Blossom Imperial 宮廷 dishes. :)


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tea Break @ Summer Garden

This is a very cosy and cooling place to have business talk, discussion or chit-chatting. I love the seats hidden inside there as that is always the coolest place.
Sitting near the bistro entrance also not bad oh! The air-cond plus fan kept on blowing on you, SONG ah!

Ormanthus Tea (RM4.90)

Carrot Cake and Pineapple Juice. (Price - oops!)


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Penang Floggers 4th Gathering @ Vintage Bulgaria (Deco Part)

You may go here to see the food that was specially arranged for our gathering.

The first 'wow.....' comes when you LOOK INSIDE by standing at the entrance.

At the entrance, you can see this setting at the basement. Table setting for two to four pax mainly.

The staircase right after the entrance.

Climbing up the staircase will lead you to this middle floor .

The bar corner.

I wish to have wine bottles arrayed like this as part of the interior decoration at my future home too! :)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Penang Floggers 4th Gathering @ Vintage Bulgaria (Food Part)

Last Saturday night I had a wonderful time @ Vintage Bulgaria celebrating our Penang Floggers 4th Gathering.

I was really impressed with most of the dishes that they offered on that night. It totally washed away the negative impression which I had initially back in last year.

Our menu of that night (click to enlarge).

Mushroom Soup, served with 'Vintage' garlic bread. [My rating : 8/10] .
This soup is pretty same like the JL Gourmet Cafe one which have mushrooms blended as ingredients. I like the way they served the cheese-baked garlic bread which is soft and only slightly crispy on the outside.

Seafood Soup [My rating : 9/10]
This soup may look pretty plain externally but I personally prefer this seafood soup to the mushroom soup above. It has a stronger aromatic taste with crabststick, tuna and etc all blended in.

Our table of six ordered all the main course dishes given in the menu. Therefore each of us got the chance to taste all different dishes ! Blissful leh?! :)
Out of all the FIVE maincourse dishes that we had, I ranked it according to my preference as below.
TOP 1 : Bulgarian Pork Djolan (Traditional roasted pork knuckle) [My rating : 9.5/10]

I am not a person who likes oily food BUT I ranked this as NUMBER ONE. Could you believe it?! Hehe! It must have got the super sexy 'inner beauty' that attracted me uh?!

The pork is roasted in such a way that exhibits internally tenderly soft texture and yet remains its juiciness. The external one is the most irresistably killing one - crispy skin overlying the fat....MOU TAK TENG AH! I like eating it in original taste without any sauce-dippings.

Using your knife cutting a cross section directly from the crispy skin-> fatty layer -> juicy meat -> WORRY about CHOLESTEROL some other days lah! :p

Top 2 : Baked Cod Fish Fillet (finished with creamy mushroom sauce). [My rating : 8.5/10]


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Saturday, August 15, 2009

See Kong Ooi (西公園) .... Cheap and GOOD ah!

See Kong Ooi (西公園) @ Transfer Road

Once in a while I will still miss the food at See Kong Ooi.

I love the presentation of this dish, very colourful. This dish with fragance is minced meat with salted fish and tasted a bit spicy.

Curry Fish Head. The gravy is a bit watery and sourish in taste. Appetizing enough to be served alone with rice.


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taipei Food Avenue

Taipei Food Avenue @ Prima Tanjung

It's been ages since I last stepped into Taipei Food Avenue. From this visit, I am relieved to find out that it still remains the quality like last time!

I used to order set but this time we wanted to taste more by ordering single item.

Pearl Milk Tea (RM3.50 each) . I like the pearls here as they do not have the 'hard' core within.

All the food below are in the price range of RM7-RM10. Service charge of 5% applies.

鍋貼 Fried Dumpling. Not that oily as I thought, suit my taste!

八寶飯 (Pat Pou Fan) . When it's served, I was kinda suspicious " that one ah?! Taste ei khi beh khi ah?"

After eating then only I realized this dish was in fact better than normal fried rice. Every spoonful seems to be so healthy!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Harvest In Cafe

Harvest In Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road

I went to catch a light dinner at Harvest In before proceeding to The 9th Anniversary Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival Pre-tour Concert held on Friday August 7th 8.15pm @ Dewan Sri Penang.

Another table of foodees in action oh!

Simple deco with elegant feel.

Jumbo Sausage RM9.90 + add on @RM4.90 (for soup, drink + dessert).

Soup of the day with soft bun and butter.


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Sunday, August 09, 2009

si Tigun Cafe

si Tigun Cafe @ Nagore Road

Last Sunday I finally made it to si Tigun Coffee House, a so called "Bicycle Pit-Stop Cafe"after a few recommendations by colleagues and also Buzzingbee .

Skylight. Sunlight. You can have your drinks or meal at the table just beside here.

Danish Roll (RM 3.80). Jasmine Tea (RM4.20). I did not like its danish roll, it's kinda hard.

Espresso Double (RM4.80) . Thick and rich. Coffee lovers will like this.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Aozora Japanese Restaurant - Mad but entertained!

Aozora Japanese @ Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus.

Story telling time AGAIN!!!!! Why my luck is bad whenever a birthday session is on uh?!

The chinese name of the restaurant is 青空高級日本餐廳 (so called "Aozora High Class Japanese Restaurant"), therefore I expected TOP CLASS service and food quality from them.

It's raining heavily and the restaurant was 3/4 full house.

Hokkigai Sashimi RM38.
They were fresh but six thin small pieces cost this much ?! *sigh* Adui, I couldn't help benchmarking this with Aji Noren one (OK lah, you wanna say "different class mah", right?!).

Frankly, they were really fresh!

The menu shows BENTO dishes like this. No side dishes listed at any areas within the page. Therefore I did not know whether if the bento served here is full set or three quarter set?

Alright, never mind.....I can ask mah," This bento got come with rice one ah?"
He said,"Yes, come with one rice one."

There was a table of four beside us.
The papa ordered soba set. He waved at the waiter," How come when I cracked open the egg and stirred into the soup, there are these little dark things inside one? like stones one leh! See? Can you please replace the egg and soup ?"
The waiter said,"OK."

While waiting for replacement, the mama wanted to order sake.
Papa waived at the waiter for sake menu.
The mama asked, "What's the difference between Qian Shui (千歲) and Wan Shui(萬歲)?"
The waiter brought a bottle of sake and explained, " Blah...blah..blah........."
It seemed like the explanation was not convincing enough that the papa started to 'signal' her wife by raising the eyebrows.
The wife quickly said, "OK lah, ok lah...we take this one!" before her hubby trying to complain again.

Tempura Bento (RM42) .

When our bento sets were served, coming along were one miso soup and one plate of fruit. NO OTHER THINGS ELSE. My rice leh?!

Unagi Bento RM42
The unagi served in this bento set was S-size one. It got M-size deep fried soft shell crab though!

The sashimi was fresh and served in THICK slices. About 1.2cm to 1.5cm thick leh! I was lucky to get one super long and thick one too! See below?


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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Da Ban Restaurant (大班中國風味館) II

Da Ban Restaurant (大班中國風味館)@ Jalan Zainal Abidin (off Macalister Rd, the road beside UMNO building)

Last Saturday I re-visited this Da Ban after reading the article from local newspaper of late. Its name has been changed from 大班火鍋 Da Ban Steamboat Restaurant to 大班中國風味館.

One unpleasant thing is the serving portion here is standard (BIG), no matter you come in two or six persons loh :( . See the name is called DA BAN (大班) mah, so got to have such hei pai (氣派)lah!
It's advisable to come in 4 pax and above, or else you got to cari lubang to swallow all in! Another thing is they often use gingers in their dishes, therefore if you are one who doesn't like ginger then perhaps it's OH-NO for you!
Homemade Dumpling (北方水餃) . Pure minced pork dumpling.
I like its thin skin. Other than that, eating the minced pork stuffed alone was rather plain loh.

Chinese Herbal Pig Liver Soup (枸杞豬肝湯). The soup is OK with kei chee, ginger shreds and pig liver. The pig liver is fresh, cooked just right, not like those too hard due to over-cooked one nor too soft or lembik until can see the blood one.

Fried Pork Rib with Pineapples (鳳梨排骨). This is pretty different from normal good ones (for example like 晋美茶行(馆) (Chin Bee) one). This Da Ban version tasted really FRIED with skinny flesh externally. You may not like it oh! (more.....)

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Monday, August 03, 2009

中國民間瓦缸煨湯餐館 Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup (Part III)

中國民間瓦缸煨湯餐館 - Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup @ Fairwood Cafe, Sungai Ara

I guess when I have finished trying out all the soup here one fine day, I'll be qualified to come out with one SPECIAL edition (專輯) huh? No?! :p

This time I tried out the more common ones that we used to cook at home too.

Pork Rib Soup with Old Cucumber & Barley (老黃瓜薏實排骨湯) RM16. This one alone is good enough to serve with your rice as it got lao timun and meat, need not order additional side dishes loh.

黑豆花生豬腳湯 (Pig Leg Soup with Black Beans & Ground Nuts) RM16.
This one is great for those who like to eat pig legs! No stingy on the ingredients for sure.


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