Sunday, June 24, 2007

Food show @ PISA

Dragon fruit enzyme (naturally extracted & fermented) @ Juru estate. RM40 per bottle.
I asked,"Where to get outside if not at the fair like this one?!"
"At our farm."
"Only at your farm?"
"Yes, at Juru, BM."
Kochabi ice cream (古早味冰淇淋) RM8 per box.
That's the item that attracted me here. I was told by JB on Sat night that the kochabi ice cream I mentioned to them last time was available here.
Kawai kanyu drop (Kawai 无腥味日本肝油丸) 180粒 for RM60. Japanese product. Available at Guardian. Easy for kid's consumption as it tasted like soft-gel candy. 价钱实在是令人咋舌!
Total 盛惠RM108/=
钱会够用吗 ? hmm?!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ang Hoay Lor

Ang Hoay Lor Restaurant @Bricklin Road

A few years back there was once we stopped pong chan due to it charged unreasonably high. Now it is reasonably- priced thus we are back. Good! It is my favourite hokkien cuisine restaurant.

Clockwise: bak kee, char mee, char tang hoon, oe chian (fried oyster).

Dishes serving size - 3 adults. Only RM32.

Friday, June 22, 2007

KLCC Dome Cafe & Madam Kwan's

What did I manage to eat during my two nights at KL Impiana?

Nah, these one only lah.

With only half an hour to go (before KLCC closed), I simply chose one restaurant lah which was nearest to the entrace.

Dome Cafe @ Suria KLCC

creamy seafood pasta RM24.50++

The 2nd day Lena and I ate at Madam Kwan's since the visit to her house was cancelled.

Nasi Bojari RM19.90++

Nasi Lemak RM13.80++

Sogo Gula Melaka RM5.30++

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

See Kong Ooi

See Kong Ooi @ Transfer Road (Near Foong Wei Restaurant).

This is a very 'lao jee hoe' (hokkien) restaurant with not less than 60 yrs of establishment. It is not as lao jee hoe as LOK TAI KU @ Burmah Road (which has been closed ages ago), but you can find the 'similiar' taste that you missed at Lok Tai Ku over here at See Kong Ooi. The best selling point for See Kong Ooi is if you are hungry anytime say 3p.m. or 4p.m or wanna bring your friends or customers anytime in the afternoon when most of the restaurants have closed AND you wanna eat rice with choo char, here is the best choice! Coz it opens all day long till night.

Chap chai thng

Curry fish head (Balak)
That's the curry fish that got the old Lok Tai Ku taste. I love the curry very much! Sour+ sweet+lil spicy = extremely appetizing!

Char kor kua

Steamed meat with salted fish

It serves sort of like our 'home-cook' dishes.

We 4 adults + 1 kid, 7x rice + 4x drinks+ 5x dishes above = RM51 only.

I'll be back, FOR SURE!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Veloo Vilas

Veloo Vilas @ Lebuh Penang (near to OSK).

Today since got iao lur kaki ajak, so I followed 4x of them going down here to eat. I will definitely not know such place if it's not led by our indian collegues. Somemore I am not into spicy food mah.

The 'restaurant' looked 'chan chan tei' but then the food, according to our indian colleagues, is good! Sort of like what we said 'home-cook' style w/o adding MSG. Plain with kam cheng type.

Pic below : 5x of us were waiting for them to serve the chicken curry/fried fish right at this moment. They placed a banana leave in front of you, then they served you the rice, the 3x vege and the 'keropok' one by one. 3x of us requested for fork and spoon.

Pic below (left) : A full dish with 3x vege - green gravy (with vege), kubis, curry 'terung' (they said it's not terung, but one kind of 'kua'),then followed by curry chicken & fried fish.

(right) : wow! got 4x liquids for me! Left to right: sweet corn vermicilli type (like dessert), indian 'tomato'soup (ha!), 'yoghurt' drink (body cooling, I like this one very much! ) and plain water.

FYI the rice + vege are refillable.

It costs us ~RM8 each person. Wow! Very tai hor?!:)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A reminder! (again!)

Everyday I see so many ppl stepping in stepping out like hantu oh. No bayang one. :)

Hoi, leave some comments leh. 'Comments' did not mean you got to really comment something OK? Any sampah chi sin talk also can mah. Here or at MAIN there.

For those ppl whom I don't know you at all one, also can leave comments lah. hai mai sin?

Don't just senyap-senyap read nia lah. *ai........tsk tsk tsk*

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Ching Huat Stor @ Bagan Lalang

Clockwise : Spring chic, tu boh swui, ang choe hu tao (today no ang sai hu tao leh!), kerabu.

Some ppl just couldn't understand why we could spend time to travel for makan. Is it just for the sake of food?! Come on lah! takkan so damn iao lur meh?!

Our 'family time' is makan time. At home/f, this one comes sending goods, that one comes collecting invoices, so on and so forth. There were just far too many stuffs distracting your concentration e.g. house chores, kids jumping around requesting this and that & etc. If you are at somewhere near home, ppl tend to wait for you loh coz NEAR home mah, expecting you to come back fast loh.

The time spent on the journey / in the car has always been the time for us to bincang the bznes strategies, share the life updates, talk about the bznes trips, talk about how swey / good some clients are and etc. Of coz this doesn't include the 'peak' season when everyone of us also has no sim cheng to go far.

Oh ya, the journey time mentioned above. It's the time for every family member to get updated and shared with the story at the same time. Unlike at home, one might have listened, the rest might not, due to different time frame when one was around. Hey, come on, the makan journey without customers tagging along one wor - just we family alone one leh, with complete members, can eat slow slow take our own sweet time one, not very often got chance you know. *shrugged* Can you understand how kolian is it ah? Yes, of coz during the journey there were some disturbing calls (mian bu liao one) lah but still .......better than being forced to cincai pick one nearest one, eat fast fast then go back entertaining them. Hai mai xin?!


Bayu, next to Naza Hotel

Yesterday it's a wrong choice lah to end up there as it's an ideal place for pat thor, not for satisfying your 中餐煮炒的味蕾 :)

Argh! How come so 失策leh? Neh, Initially planned to go for Mt.Eskine western food one lah. Gosh! Who knows after the 阿贤人情味 it's so damn packed now + holiday lagi leh! You got to find and 'jom' the table by yourself as they were too damn busy to take order and did not have the time to even hiew you. We the whole family purposely came down here one leh , aiyoyoh! For me har, bad food + long journey stuck in bad traffic with kids tagged along was terrible~~~~~!

The nyonya cafe which was located at the same place did not seem to be inviting at all loh as it seemed like catering more for tourists than locals. That's why we ended up at Bayu loh.

I did not feel like sharing the food at all loh coz 不堪入目. 完全不是中餐的版本. I shared with you the scenery pics instead OK?! :)

Hehe.....pat thor venue good hor?!