Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quan zhou

Quan Zhou Cafe & Restaurant @ 161, Jalan Sg Pinang. to 8.p.m. (close Mon)

For those who would like to have 'hokkien cuisine' in the early morning instead of waiting till lunch hr, you can go to this kopitiam to 'chee gian'.

Top to bottom: Oyster noodle, char tang hoon, fried oyster, bak kee.

Frankly speaking, its fried noodle/tang hoon all came with rather big serving size and tasted good too. But its fried oyster looked very weird, unlike our normal fried oyster, it's more like fried egg.*shrugged* So not recommended lah. Its bak kee also unlike the usual ang hui lor or hock chuan heang one, not recommended as well.

In the same kopitiam also got a stall selling fish head bee hoon.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Gotcent Cafe

Gotcent Cafe @ Lintang Batu Maung (near OCBC bank) is now serving Thai cuisine for lunch & dinner. Dim sum for breakfast.

3x of us had its set lunch today at RM8.80 nett. It came with rice+fish slices/prawn tom yam soup+fried brinjals, dessert and drink.

The tom yam soup.

The ala carte order - tom yam beehoon. RM5.00

The dessert -sago jagung.

The drinks.

We will be back during iao lur week.:)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Red Garden

Red Garden Food Court @ Leith Street.

Yaya....ronda one round and saw RAMEN. Aiyah...mana boleh tahan right?! of coz this ramen 痴 would choose ramen lah.....and you should have known the result how a ramen in a food court like this could be.

Tai lou, totally hmm tim leh! Miso ramen - The soup not kiam like normal ramen soup langsung! It got very little taste of miso. It came with lotsa vege. I thought I was ordering 蔬菜清汤面, 哇考!

The ramen was served together with this. one fried suikao + sausage?! *weird hor?!* :) 盛惠RM5.80.

The yong tao hoo. Got ppl complaint whole night thirsty after eating this.

I believe.......they were mostly 半路出家.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

点心之家 Dian Xin Zhi Jia

点心之家 @ Anson Road

This is one of the best dian xin restaurants that 越做越旺! Always 高朋满座. You can see the sign of aging on their faces (the taukeh, the kuli and all) eventhough we customers admire them for the ability of 吸金!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Foong Wei Heong

Foong Wei Heong Restaurant @ Sri Bahari Rd. (04-2611918)

Got ppl siau liam the dishes here so we went again on last Sun.

hai som hu pio (sea cucumber)


Ark Orr (duck yam soup)

Char chap

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hokkien Mee @Sungai Ara

FYI I am not a person who is keen on curry/hokkien mee at all as I couldn't take spicy food BUT this is the hokkien mee stall that I used to visit often. :) I always ordered with," cham lor ah, mai hiam chio!"

Hokkien Mee @ Desa Taimima, Sg Ara (under the tree)

Unlike other hokkien mee who simply got limited types of ingredients, this one got tu kua, shio bak, tu puei, eng chai, tao geh, egg, small prawns.

Hokkien mee + 'cham lor'

The curly one is tu puei.

My homecook noodles with pepper ikan bilis soup base + kimchi mushroom.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

BJ yong tao foo

BJ yong tao foo has moved to RELAU Jin Hu kopitiam!

OK, there is this bunch of gals who are fans / supporters of BJ food court's yong tao foo lah. So once they know that it has been moved to Relau, they quickly went and pong chan liao. This is my first time.

From what I heard from them - it seemed like its variety became less now compared to BJ last time; they no longer serve 'dry' one liao but only 'soup' one; AND it seemed like now it has become 'cheaper' wor. Now they can serve 'non-halal' ingredients e.g. pig stomach.

Above price range : RM4.oo - RM5.00. Cheap and good!

Wei Zhi Jia - si peh KIAM!

We chose this instead of LKF (lan gui fang) at the same row, opposite Queensbay TGIF. Due to we do not want to eat too heavy meal, seeing that LKF one is 5-course lunch set mah.

Up to down:

geng geng zhui - very black hor...

the RM5 set - sha pou miin with soup (very salty soup).

The pig leg noodle - super salty.

The seafood sang miin - super salty.

This time everything is super salty! They couldn't tahan until they got to ask the waitress to add water for them.

It must be their 'new' chef (may be?!) chiu tao very heavy loh!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

HK Wong Kok Queensbay

HK Wong Kok @ Queensbay

Today driver said," I wanna eat something special."

I said,"Lei wa sii, ngor fung pui."

"OK, queensbay!"

This one is more spacious than the town Prangin and also Pulau Tikus one.


Sancha apple & Chestnut Herbal (山渣苹果水, 沙参玉竹马蹄露水)RM3.90 each, HK roasted pork claypot noodles (港式烧肉砂煲面)RM8.50, HK roasted pork chicken claypot noodles (香脆烧鸡砂煲面) RM8.50++, 蚝江风情 (Macau sytle stir fried spaghetti with portuguese sauce) RM9.90++

Very oily loh...........the macau style spaghetti.
The rest they said GOOD!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ikan Bakar

Idrus Ikan Bakar @ No3, Batu Uban Jetty Jabatan Laut

After paying visit to Ms.tuition queen's house, our tua taukeh Mr. tuition king, Ms. tuition queen, YY and I went here for dinner.

clockwise : ikan bakar (not soft), sotong goreng (very salty), fried vege (very salty), tuition-king-own-recipe steamed fish (very GOOD!).

Our watermelon juice. One jar not enough, we later on ordered another jar of syrup.

Clockwise : tomyam, ayam kunyit, kerabu mango ikan bilis, ulam (ALL GOOD!).

Before sapu v.s. after sapu.

Thanks to tua taukeh belanja! :P

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My sarawak laksa...oh ol!

Finally got the free time to 'boo' this. Got the soup paste handcarried from s'wak already.

Here's my first attempt on s'wak laksa. come the soup looked so red one har? Oh no......compared to this, mou ngan tai! :p

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This lunch was not planned at all. As we were at the outside lane and the driver wanted to tar chim to turn into snake temple but then saw the cars in front also went straight after blinking signal light. "Hmm tung yao keng chat?!" We kia si, so went further up. Near Shell there also long queue, the driver did not like to wait, so went up somemore.

I asked her," Hoi, you keep on going up up up so far, want to go Sg Ara makan is it?"
" ah? here got anything to eat or not?"
"Airport loh. Nandos".

Yah, that's how we ended up here. Nandos Airport.

Nowadays weather so f* hot, having Nandos at airport cold cold also syiok lah!

" one chicken bigger piece hor?"
"Yah loh I was about to tell you so, but then don't know whether it's because of we were too hungry or too cold at Queensbay the other day boh wor?!"
" lah, don't think so leh. That day we so many persons makan together also finished off very quickly and said how come the chicken so small piece mah, remember?!"
"Oh is it?! Next time we come to airport and eat lah".

Are we the only two felt so?!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tho Yuen

Sorry lah, sometimes you may see me kept posting some same food from the same venue. What to do leh, boh huat tor. They like to go eating there mah and order the same food pulak! :)

Tho Yuen @ Campbell Street

Seriously, I don't like the pak zham kai here. If wanna taste the good pak zham kai, I OF COURSE recommend the kai zhuk (chicken/fish porridge) with pak zham kai, 90 degrees away (just 2 min away) from Tho Yuen, at Lebuh Cintra (night only).

Of coz lah no doubt I like their mang min and char hor fun loh. :)

FYI, I already got the Sarawak Laksa Paste already! Wahahahahah!!!!!! One of these days I must try and cook to see if it will work out the same as the 'genuine' sarawak laksa that I tried the other day at AB! I cannot tahan leh, just one second thought of the sarawak laksa nia nia also can make me lao nuar liao!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Beside snake temple

This kopitiam don't know how one lah, lu lai lu boh business or what we don't know lah ... only left three stalls nia nia now.

One of them is this stall with multi-type of orders available one. Two of them (a couple) got to deal with so many kinds of diff orders? tim hmm tim ah?! Sure hmm tim lah. Simple dishes also got to wait very long loh. To save time, we even went and took the dishes by ourselves when ready. *tsk tsk tsk*

Up to down : RM4.00- 5.00 the so-called 'set' menu with soup. The kai pei is very BIG loh until that iao lur kaki also changed to this set instead of fish. The bak kee mee sua is mine loh. J asked me," here better or that day Summer Cafe one better?" "Aiks, of coz Summer Cafe lah, but there kwee siao leh." :)

Thursday, March 01, 2007


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Give some feedbacks, share share lah! Yoh........... reading secretly alone syiok one meh?!