Monday, November 30, 2009

Summer Garden Set Lunch

Set Lunch @ Summer Garden

Other than enjoying the cold and cozy ambience Tea break @ Summer Garden, one can actually have his/her set lunch here too.

Teriyaki Salmon RM24 and free a glass of green tea (hot or cold)
Buta Shogayaki RM22 and free a glass of green tea (hot or cold)
Grilled Lamb Cutlet RM28*
Grilled BBQ Chicken RM22*
Tuna Steak RM28*
for the above western set lunch, free a glass of lemon tea (hot or cold)
Add on RM3 for brew coffee.
Price are subject to 5% gov. tax.

Caramel Latte (RM9.80+) . Wow! By just looking at the pattern I would have already 50% impressed. I love the taste and fragance of this latte.

Oxtail Soup 牛尾湯 (RM16.00+) - Malaysian style oxtail soup served with garlic bread. Clear soup base. I will appreciate more if the serving could be larger.

Oriental Chicken 東方風味煎雞腿 (RM25.00+) - fried with aromatic spices, yellow ginger, honey and galangal. This one is far better than the set lunch below.

Set Lunch : Terriyaki Salmon (RM24.00+)


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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gold Coast Restaurant (金海岸餐館) 值得一試!

Gold Coast Restaurant @ Island Park (青草巷).

On the way down to Dewan Sri for PFS concert, BZ who likes to eat chu char brought us to Gold Coast for dinner.

We didn't realize there are actually set meals offered here until ...

"Jup! Aunty! We want to change, ei sai boh?" *Grin~~Luckily boleh!*

Value Set Meals

We changed to order value set (RM28 set) and top up with additional fish dish.

Soup of the day is Shanghai Chai Chicken Soup. We love the milky soup, not too sour, ngam ngam hoe!

Beancurd with Abalone Sauce. We finished this dish the fastest!


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Why my Ice Ice Noodle like this one leh?!

Ice Ice Noodle is an icy noodle with crab sticks, cucumber, sausage and egg - one of the signature dishes at Tutti Frutti .

In the past I have always been impressed by the dish presentation of this Ice Ice Noodle until recently....

I was SHOCKED when seeing this dish, nearly heart-attacked(!) oh. *I am comparing this with the one back in ancient time @ BJ*

This is the original photo shot used in the menu , the restaurant's wallpaper and website.

This is the dish being served in front of me. LOL!(more.....)

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soba Yoshi new menu looks KENG!

Soba Yoshi @ Krystal Point

It's been ages since I last stepped into Soba Yoshi. I couldn't recall what are the reasons (until reaching end of the meal here).

I had a high-schoolmate-gathering with three ladies recently and guess what?! What impressed me the most is its new menu.

Two of us who arrived early flipping the menu from front till back, back till front..... repeatedly for more than 15 minutes and still we were indecisive of which to order. The menu is simply too attractive with great photos illustration, it has far more choices if compared to last time! MORE affordable price for set too (yeah, last time NOT)!

Appetizer served is s-a-u-s-a-g-e-s?! What?! Ahem.... *shrugged*

Chawan Mushi served in bento set. Good texture with big slices of mushrooms.

Tempura Soba & Temaki - hot noodles with mix tempura & handroll (RM18.00+)


Soba Yoshi Bento
- its signature bento! (RM58.00+). I believe this worths the price if being compared to that pathetic EQ bento set. :)

Soba Yoshi Bento consists of : tempura, unagi, shitake yasai itame, assorted sashimi & sushi, inari or cold soba, served with chawan mushi, miso shiru and dessert.

Succulent shitake mushroom!

Crunchy Tempura! 

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dave's Deli 30% off with disappointment

Dave's Deli @ Queensbay

The banner said "30% OFF for Mon-Thu only, ALL DAY LONG".

I have had lunch at Dave Deli for several times before and I found it pretty ok, MHBP lah since it's far cheaper compared to Kenny Rogers and Nandos nearby.

This time, somemore ALL DAY LONG. Dinner also can get 30% woh!

Quarter roasted chicken is normally @ RM13.90. With 30% off, it only costs you RM9.73 nett.

BUT......What I got from this 30% off is DISAPPOINTMENT.

Chicken is CHICKEN. Gravy is GRAVY. Kao hmm mai loh!

Whenever ordering more than 1 plate, there bound to have some gonna take the chicken wing with whole chunk of breast part. (not shown in this pic though) :(

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Japin Set Meal

Japin @ Queensbay Mall

Japin evolves from a restaurant having lots of tong shui (here ) when it first opened, became more expensive with less tong shui variety, and now, perhaps it's the third generation of menu?! with more reasonably-priced set meals offered.

My last visit to Japin was actually 2 yrs ago at Japin (again?) , a rather disappointing one.

Hancha Setto (Fried Rice & Syoyu Ramen Set) RM16.80+

Kimchi, mashed potato, soup ramen, fried rice, salad and fruit. Rate ? SO SO.

Kimuchi Cyahan Bento (Kimuchi Fried Rice Set) (RM13.80+) . This set comes with gyozo (fried dumpling). Again, SO SO neh!

When this set was served, the gyozos were actually served 'upside down' one. I got to flip them by myself.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tutti Frutti Set Lunch (Weekdays)

Tutti Frutti Set Lunch Meal (Weekdays only) @ Tesco Extra , Sungai Dua.

Oh....Now only I realized the Set Lunch here is actually a separate menu from Set Dinner /Weekend Set Lunch (which you could find here at Tutti Frutti Drunken Chicken is still very trademark-ed! )

No additional service charges nor government tax.

This price is for WEEKDAYS only.
Set Lunch + Drink of your choice : coke, tea, coffee, fruit juice of the day.
Set A : Le Chic Noodle + Drink = RM9.80
Set B : Nutty Noodle + Drink = RM9.80
Set C : Drunken Chicken Rice + Soup + Drink = RM11.90
Set D : Drunken Chicken Noodle + Soup + Drink = RM11.90
Set E : Black Pepper Spaghetti + Soup + Drink = RM12.90
Set F : Sizzling Lemon Chicken + Soup + Drink = RM12.90
Set G : Cafe De Tutti Spaghetti + Soup + Drink = RM13.50
Set H : Seafood Cheese Bake Rice + Soup + Drink RM13.50
Set I : Mexi Chicken Ham Spaghetti + Soup + Drink = RM13.90

Soup - No, this is not what we expected but we won't be surprised it's being served so since this is a value meal. The soup is 'instant' type, got it?!

Set I = Mexi Chicken Ham Spaghetti

Set D = Drunken Chicken Noodle. Yup, it's instant noodle. Again, like the rice set, the noodle serving is small if compared to the drunken chicken.

Set C = Drunken Chicken Rice . This time we 'seng muk' already, ADD RICE! 

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Haven Delights Buffet

Haven Delights Buffet @ Times Square

The ambience is cozy and cool.

This corner (counter items) is a little bit beh khi.

Winter melon soup, pretty oily. Why not serving some lou for tong uh? :)

GREEN TEA is totally beh khi. Not only the colour is out, it has no green tea taste at all.

This is the ONE! :) This has been served as my drink instead. I had a few bowls of this.

Cold Cut (冷盤) - all the cold dishes tasted good!

Tako Sunomono (章魚醋物) [1 serving]

Eel Tofu (鳗魚豆腐) [1 serving]

Higawari Chukamono (每日醋物) & Hijiki (日式海帶絲) [1 serving]

Sashimi Karapachio (西日刺身) [2 servings]

Hotzz Abalone (熱熱鲍魚片) [this is for 3 servings]. We ordered 12 servings in total. :)

Sashimi (刺身)

Shichiten Sashimi -3 kind 7 pcs (七) 刺身 - Very fresh.

[for 2 servings]

[for 1 serving]

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Haven Delights Buffet Menu

We chose Haven Delight to celebrate belated birthday for Miss Wdy.
Pls hop to the next post for dish photos. Those in pink are the dishes that we ordered.

Each head (Adult) is RM49.90 + 5% service charge.
Children is 50% discount for above 3 yrs old ( 3 yrs and below is free).
Order duration is 2 hours.

Salada (沙拉)
Spicy Crabmeat Salad (辣味蟹肉沙拉)
Spicy Salmon Salada ((辣味鲑魚沙拉)
Tuna Mayo Salada (鮪魚沙拉)
Wafu Salada (和風沙拉)
Thousand Island Salada (千島沙拉)
Golden Breaded Salada (麵包日味沙拉)

Cold Cut (冷盤) - all the cold dishes tasted good!
Tako Sunomono (章魚醋物)
Eel Tofu (鳗魚豆腐)

Sashimi Karapachio (西日刺身)
Mussels No.1 (海鳥第一號)
Higawari Chukamono (每日醋物)
Hotzz Abalone (熱熱鲍魚片)
Hijiki (日式海帶絲)
Pari Lengkong Sansai (酥蓮山菜)
Tsukimi Tako (章魚蛋黃醋)
Edamame (毛豆)

Sashimi (刺身)
Santen Sashimi -3 kind pcs (三) 刺身
Goten Sashimi -3 kind 5 pcs (五) 刺身
Shichiten Sashimi -3 kind 7 pcs (七) 刺身

Sushi (壽司)
Salmon-2pcs (鲑魚)
Unagi-2pcs (鳗魚)
Ebi-2pcs (蝦)
Kani-2pcs (蟹肉)
Tunamayo-2pcs (鮪魚美乃滋)
Kanimayo-2pcs (蟹肉美乃滋)
Ebiko-2pcs (蝦卵)
Ebiko Lemon-2pcs (蝦卵檸檬味)
Ebiko Mango-2pcs (蝦卵芒果味)

Makimono (壽司捲)
California Maki-8pcs (加州捲)
Spider Roll-4pcs (蜘蛛捲)
Haven Special Maki-8pcs (新天地特製捲)
Pari-pari Roll-8pcs (脆脆捲)
Fire Cracker Roll-4pcs (火爆捲)
Tempura Cheese No.1-8pcs (天婦羅起司捲)
Tempura Spicy Roll-8pcs(天婦羅辣味捲)
Dare To Taste Roll-8pcs (試試捲)
Smoked Eel Roll-8pcs (鳗魚捲)

Handroll (手捲)
California (加州)
Tuna Mayo (鮪魚美乃滋)
Spicy Salmon (辣味鲑魚)
Spicy Crabmeat (辣味蟹肉)
Soft Shell Crab (軟殼蟹)
Ebiten Mayo (天婦羅蝦)

Chicken (雞)
Red Dragon Chicken (火龍雞)
Korean Spicy Wings (韓式辣味雞翅)
General Chicken (左宗堂雞)
Spicy Orange Chicken (辣味橙汁雞)
3 Cup Chicken (三杯雞)
Honey Chicken (蜜香雞)

Fish (魚)
Kao Bao Salmon (高寶鮭魚)
Jiu Xiang Fish Fillet (酒香魚片)
Orange Fish Fillet (橙汁魚柳)
Sze Chuan Fish (四川魚片)
Sweet & Sour Fish (甜酸魚片)
Basil Spicy Fish (塔香辣味魚)
Chuan Hua Fish (川花魚) -forgot to take photo! This one tasted very good!

Pork (豬)
Sweet & Sour Pork (甜酸豬肉)
Pork Chop in Chinese King Sauce (豬排大王)
Red Dragon Pork Chop (火龍豬排)
Orange Pork Chop (橙汁豬排) - So So ONLY!
3 Cup Pork (三杯豬)
Korean Pork Kimchi (韓式泡菜豬)
Honey Pork Chop (蜜香豬排)
Basil Spicy Pork (九塔豬片)

Beef (牛)
Korean Beef Kimchi (韓式泡菜牛)
Yaki Niku (風爆牛)
Sze Chuan Beef (四川牛肉)
Dry Chilli Beef (乾椒牛)
Black Pepper Beef (黑椒牛)
Basil Spicy Beef (塔香辣味牛)

Lamb (羊)
Hong Xiang Spicy Lamb (紅香辣味羊) - This one also good!
Black Pepper Lamb (黑椒羊)
Sze Chuan Lamb (四川羊)
Yaki Lamb (風爆羊)
Basil Spicy Lamb (塔香辣味羊)
Spicy King Lamb (辣香王味羊)

Seafood (海鮮)
Salted Pepper Mantis Prawn (椒鹽蝦姑)
Haven Spicy Squid (天地辣味小捲)
3 Cup Squid (三杯魷魚)
Red Dragon Mantis Prawn (火龍蝦姑)
Basil Spicy Mantis Prawn (塔香辣味蝦姑)
Orange Spicy Mantis Prawn (臘味橙汁蝦姑)
Spicy King Cuttle Fish (辣味王味小墨魚)
Yaki Ika (風爆小墨魚)
Chuan Hua Cuttle Fish (川花小墨魚)

Noodle ( 麵類)
Japanese Yaki Udon ( 日式烏冬麵) - This one VERY beh khi!
Sze Chuan Zha Zhiang Noodle ( 四川炸醬麵)
Oriental Kimchi Udon Soup ( 中華辣味喬麥麵)
Korean Kimchi Udon Soup (韓式泡菜烏冬麵湯)
Japanese Shoyu Udon Soup ( 日式醬味烏冬麵湯)

Steamed Dish ( 蒸物)
Chawan Mushi ( 茶碗蒸) - SO SO only.
Daily Steamed Fish ( 每日蒸魚) - So So only.
Spare Ribs in Bean Sauce ( 豆汁排骨)
Unagi Mushi ( 酒香鰻魚蒸) -This one really good!
Steamed Ginger Chicken ( 姜蓉蒸雞)
Wasabi Mini Bun (芥味小饅)

Grilled Dish (烤物)
Lamb Teriyaki (日式燒羊排)
Lidako Teriyaki (照燒小章魚)
Salmon Teriyaki (照燒鮭魚) - Pretty good.
Salmon No.1 (鮭魚第一號)
- Pretty good too.
Shishamo Yaki (多春魚燒)
Black Pepper Beef Steak (黑椒牛排)
Ika Maruyaki (烤魷魚)
Motoyaki Scallop ( 辣味扇貝) - how can we skip ordering this?! Hentam a lot of this.
Miso Yaki ( 味增奶油魚)
Unagi Don ( 燒鰻魚飯)

Fried Dish ( 揚物)
Mix Tempura ( 盛合天婦羅) - not bad.
Red Dragon Golden Squid & Prawn (火龍雙鮮) - so so only.
Ban Ban Chicken (棒棒雞)
Korokke (可樂餅)
Chicken Katsu (酥炸雞排)
Agedashi Tofu (日式炸豆腐) - Pretty good!
Sawa Kani Tempura (炸小蟹) - no good. too thick the flour.
Tori Karange ( 日式炸雞)

Counter Items

Fruit Juice (果汁)
Green Tea (绿茶)

Daily Soup Dessert of the Day
Daily Porridge of the Day
Authentic Soup of the Day
Assorted of Fruit Platter
Ice Cream

Assorted Deep Fried Snack - Where got?????

HAVEN DELIGHTS @ Penang Times Square
77-L1-34, Jalan Dato Kramat, 10150 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-210 8855, 604-210 8856
Business Hours: 10.30am-11.00pm

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lebuh Melayu 台牛后 113 vs Lebuh Pitt (Koay Theow Thng)

Lebuh Melayu 台牛后 113 Koay Theow Thng (located at the lane exactly opposite the ASIA educational supplies Sdn.Bhd 亞洲書局)

Business Hour starts as early as 6.30am to 11.00 am. Sunday off. [WIN! for starting early]

Small bowl is RM2.80 . Big is RM3.50.

Fish ball is ready stock. Fish cake too.
Duck meat. [WIN!]
Minced pork so-so taste.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Chopper Board - don't hiam if you are broke :)

Chopper Board @ Queensbay

I guess whenever I am broke, Chopper Board is considered a better choice than the rest if I want to get a cheap+MHBP meal (MHBP=mai hiam beh pai) in a shopping mall. :)

Is it since day one they gonna great you like this "W-E-L-C-O-M-E~~~~~~~~~!!!" (wah..very kawai accending tone, slightly ta lang zhan lah me :) ) whenever they see you stepping into their restaurant?! Or just recently huh?!

I could see that this outlet is handled by all youngsters.

Chopper Soup RM2.60. This is its signature dish but then I always felt that the kang hu kia is sandpapering my throat after swallowing a few spoons.
Black Pepper Chix Rice Set RM6.20. Set comes with a ginseng drink. This is one of the safest dishes to order at the Chopper Board. (Chilli paste is a bit tooo keng for me lah, I got to skip eating it).

I tried to be more daring and it ended up....................

Fish Noodle Soup Set RM7.50. Clear soup with tomato, fish slices and 唯一 instant noodles.
C-h-e-n-g c-h-e-n-g t-e-i loh! I started to appreciate this soup after eating the roti below.

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