Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ghee Seng 02

Another visit @ Ghee Seng

What do you call this soup huh? something pronounced as 'kh* som' ? - recommended! got fish, got kangkung , vege....

tang hoon prawn - recommended!

Cuisine Bou

Cuisine Bou @ Pulau Tikus (same row with Maxim cake house)

left : wakayama ramen, right : tonkotsu ramen . RM12 each.

Aiyoh, you see lah got difference boh?! NO leh! To us, it's so-so nia lah.

Teppan Kaisen RM20.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood

Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood @ Weld Quay (the left junction before you enter the jelutong highway)

At last I got the chance to visit this restaurant.

Their serving speed was super high! Very very very impressed!

Top to btm: White tom yam(good!), prawn meat ball (good!), their zhao1 pai2 fried egg (I was told it is more 'pang' than other ppl one), lor bak, chap chai.

It costs RM38 with 7x rice. Cheap leh!!!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mr. Pot Coffee & Toast

Mr. Pot @ Gurney Drive (next to Silverton)

Open 24 hrs!! This factor alone is attractive enough to stir up my appetite!

Visit at ~1.30a.m.

Singapore bee hoon RM7.50

French toast RM2.60

Heard that the day and night chefs were not the same one loh. Morning one is better leh. I have never visited it during day time so I don't know lah. To me, this singapore bee hoon tasted good also ah. It could be also I was too hungry lah after having that nabeyaki udon (kwai kak hmm pao!!!).

Obake-Ya Restaurant

Obake-Ya Restaurant @ Leith Street (Opposite Red Garden Food Court)

Disclaimer : This restaurant is grouped under ' NO COMMENT' category, got it?

Bar view inside the restaurant.

Have your meal inside the lock-up lah. :)

I didn't have the chance to take photo on myself, just managed to take CE's pic. *battery turned low power lah, so must save the power up for shooting the food pics loh*

Mind you, this is a restaurant under SUSHI QUEEN's umbrella. I had a very bad meal at Sushi Queen at Megamall many years ago I would like to forgo my past experience and thus we give it a try hoping for something like "pricey never mind, as long as the food is good" . It's very sad to find out that there was no exception for this visit. :(

Left to right (clockwise) : calpis : RM9.80, unajyu RM19.90, yaki soba RM18.00, shabu-shabu name RM27.00, nabeyaki udon RM26.60, the free sushi cake (for our BD member).

Go and judge yourself!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ayer Itam Pasar

The popular Kuey Chiap (in front of Toto) RM4.00

Curry Mee

I liked the stalls here because I could still see the price 'RM2.20' hanging everywhere. Looking at their serving sizes and ingredients, I couldn't help %$#&*^@! "How come ppl can earn by RM2.20 and YOU have to suck our blood by adding RM0.30!"

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Alor Setar 01

Wedding dinner @ Sentosa Regency Hotel.

Overall the dishes were pretty OK. I liked the top two dishes (shown in above pic) the most....ahem! :)

The next morning we had our breakfast at one kopitiam beside the Sentosa Plaza before we drove back home.

Sui Kao noodles (RM3.80)

Friday, January 04, 2008


Chit Tiao Lor Pasar

The ark bak koay teow thng

The wantan mee with sui kao (RM3.00) - This is far cheaper than the beh-khi wantan mee stall near my house (RM2.50 with basically nothing extra, just 'naik harga').

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ang Hoay Lor

Ang Hoay Lor

I know I've taken many of these ang hoay lor dishes before. BUT....this time they were taken with my new camera leh!

Fried noodles with oyster

Fried beansprouts

Dao Jiao Hu

Tao Kua Char Suan Na

Bak Kee (THIS has repeatedly disappointed us! Boh bee boh sor at all, sad nia!)

*Will only go Hock Chuan Heong for bak kee next time!*

Total RM50+. for 4x adults + 2x kids.

Pin Seong @ Pekaka Tesco

Pin Seong Seafood (zhu char) at Pekaka. The kopitiam next to Nasi Kandar, the traffic light turning there.

The fish curry was awesome! :) Reasonanly priced.