Sunday, August 27, 2006

Carrot slice

I brought my niece to the upper penang road's sunday market with yy. Argh....nothing much lah. The things sold were so expensive leh. One piece of batik top costs ~RM500. Art craft pieces were not reasonably priced either. I guess it really served its purpose - to cater for tourists one. Ronda there 15 minutes later we went to GurneyP.

secret recipe 01
secret recipe 02
Secret Recipe. Carrot slice was good!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Support? Eat loh

We finally made it(!) to support T* at Fusion Experience, Lintang Batu Maung. We 10 colleagues went today during lunch hour. Again! My camera ran out of batteries. Grrr....this was not the first time liao leh, ended up got to use people's handphone again. I really got to lar lar lam go and buy liao. $$$.

Clockwise: lemon tea, bacon fried noodles, bacon fried rice, tomato fried noodles, orange/watermelon, kiam cai soup, seafood fried noodles,chicken chop.
fusion 01
I opened the switch box and on the lantern lights. :)
fusion 02 T* asked us to go support his nyona restaurant (same location) which is going to open next week.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


hui tao kun
伙头军海鲜@ Ee Pin, Batu Maung
piak,猪脚, 菜胆.
lala & hun cheong (economy rice stall).

We visited these two stalls quite often since it's near to our f**m. I recommended it coz the 煮炒档 & 经济饭档 are at the same kopitiam, therefore you can order from both stalls to have a very reasonable-priced meal. The econ rice is very cheap one (all people at this region knows one). I personally think that it is the cheapest among all the econ rice stalls at Batu Maung (too bad that it only serves at evening for dinner). I particularly favour its 炒猪肚 (not available on daily basis oh).

Sorry ah, for me if it's too expensive and not worth the price I will straightaway said NO to such stalls or restaurants. For instance, I do not recommend this one - Yi Pin Restaurant, Tmn Sri Nibong. I was invited to join my colleagues for this meal.6 persons eating. RM12 each = meaning this meal costs us ~RM80(before 10% discount). No one added rice. Dishes serving is small.

Yi Pin 01
Yi Pin 02

From Ee Pin driving past the old man's F* E* restaurant, I paused to see if there was any customers in there. The deco was really nice but no customers. Hmm......cha bor, we find one day to go and support lah OK?!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Shang Hai Dian Xin

 Shang Hai Dian Xin Shang Hai Dian Xin (上海点心) - 小笼包 完全不掂啊! 粉丝羹也不行叻!炸芋酥顶不错的!鲜虾肠粉是我的'定食'. 炸豆腐还好啦! 它的食物水准都只是麻麻地,真没想到它竟然踢倒了附近的'它'.风水也!?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

One buffet price for the whole family

I very seldom go for buffet myself like the post below. Firstly, I am not that BIG eater that can sapu many rounds. I'll rather be sorry than sick after makan. :) Secondly, with the same amount of money paid for one person for buffet, I can spend for a meal for 4 adults + 1 kid like this one....

酸辣鱼头米粉, 芥兰鲍片,鱼片河粉,香菇醋排骨,招牌豆腐.

wang zhao jun

Where? 王昭君 @ Rangoon Road.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I dare not touch sashimi....

evergreen laurel(thu) buffet dinner

Ten of us went yesterday even before the profit sharing was banked in.Got 3x females very ho liao, males also kalah. :) I ate very little nia nia and I totally did not touch any SASHIMI this time. Grrrrrrrr.......

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ang Sai Hu Tao

清发海鲜 (Ching Huat Seafood)

clockwise : 酿椰酒, 石甲鱼, 红狮鱼头 (招牌菜). (coconut 'tuak', Jia Kup, Ang Sai Hu tao (their famous dish!))
ang sai hu tao 01
clockwise: kerabu, 虾饼, 山猪肉,童子鸡 (kerabu, prawn biscuit, wild boar meat, spring chicken)
ang sai hu tao 02
clockwise : 酿椰酒, 炸头腐,炒面线, 炒面. (coconut 'tuak', fried toufu, fried mee sua, fried mee) - just to fill the stomach up only as they don't serve rice one. Recommend : not to order mee and mee sua as without them also we (7 adults + 1 child) gonna be VERY FULL already. ang sai hu tao 03
大大只的红狮鱼头 ! (BIG BIG size of ang sai hu tao!)
ang sai hu tao 04 Coconut 'tuak' - a must-order too!
ang sai hu tao 05

Where? Mak Mandin there.....

Ichyo Ramen, Ideal Avenue (clockwise :Wakayama ramen, Tonkotsu ramen)
ichyo ramen