Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This week is iao lur week again (iao lur kaki comes).
Snowhill @ Jalan Tengah.Set lunch ranges from RM5.90 to RM6.90.

snowhill Comment :

nasi lemak - cin chia kiam

tee cheown chicken - cin chia tee

black pepper fish - so so

tee cheown prawn - cin chia kiam

Hahaha! cham liao..blacklisted liao.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shio Tu

shio tu
Yer........... this was the first year we had such kind of so called shio tu to pai tee kong. Thanks to those ma hua ppl lah. I did not like shio tu at all. Yer......... ..

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Food Loft **shake head**

Food Loft @ GP

Look carefully the price.

Clockwise : RM1 reward vouchers, spaghetti marinara (RM17.90++), lin chee kang (RM4.90++), teppanyaki tori (RM17.90++), ice lemon tea (RM3.90++), magherita pizza (RM6.90++). Tax charges 10%.

Foodloft OK, how come I ended up at this Food Loft.

My colleague Mr.L gave me 5x vouchers before CNY.
"Ah har! Finally I got the 'reason' to go and try Food Loft out."
We came here Che 3 not open yet. We returned on Che 8.
We really took our long sweet time to order.
Wdy kept on telling me," this one heard not nice...hmm....this one also not that nice".
After having that spaghetti marinara, my face turned sulky.
"Cha bor said very good one?! you that day very hungry is it?! "
"That day when I came and ate ah, very nice lah, how come today not nice one....this pizza also not nice....I prefer Little Italy that day one better. Er...that day ya lah, indeed I was very hungry coz we waited very long for our blah blah blah to arrive...." Ha! see!
" ah! " *shake head, mou ngan tai*
Then we turned and observed what the tables surrounding us ordered.
"Oi, see lah. Ppl ordered Jap set wor...ate until finish leh."
W came later and ordered Teppanyaki.
We looked at it," Hmm...ok lah." *not very enticing also*

After having taken the photographs then only we remember that our mission here today is to clear the vouchers.
"Aiyah! We forgot to give the vouchers wor!"
"Miss ah, we forgot to submit this vouchers wor when our friend paid just now, just now busy posing for photographs lah."
"Eer...never mind one..after expiry date also can use one."
"Har?! really?! Can you extend for us or not?! " *don't feel secure with such verbal promise leh*
She called for her boss. nice of her. :)
That boss just signed on top of the vouchers and gave back to us.
"Huh?! " We looked up at him. "Like that can already ah? Sure ah?!"
He smiled," They see my name on it they know odi one."
"Oh...OK OK OK...thank you very much ah!"

So now we ended up got 10x vouchers. Shall I return?! Eeeeerrrrrrrrrrr......not very keen leh.

We later on ended up at Sin Sei Kai food court for cendol after settling all the e-transaction thingy at cyber cafe.

Halo Cafe *warning*

"Halo Cafe food not so nice one leh, expensive also."

I was told about this after I have booked the table @ Halo Queensbay for gathering (as suggested by gang during Che 3 night). What I'm gonna do uh?! Booked already leh. Wanna change place somemore ah? mai kao ngor. :)

YC + hubby+ kid, Lea, WM, EP, CL and I attended. Lil + Jer came and joined us at the very last 30 min.

halo cafe
Well, it's true leh the statement above. Let's hear the feedbacks from them.

"The music how come so loud uh? Pecah one...."

"The fish and chip how come so lembik, lyuun pat pat one."

Fried rice - no comment lah. Tak lalu makan.

halo cafe dishes
We ended up moving to outside to sit. Peace for our ears.

I guess to have eat/drinks here + listening to the ming ge music is fine, but definitely not purposely aiming for its dishes kua.

The next day I told my friend about it. She said, "They told me Juru there one not nice too."

I guess no matter where it is lah OK, the 'rules' do apply. :)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hai Boey (Chu 5)

At first, we wanted to go to Hock Chuan Hiang, but it was still close leh.
Round to Xin Lian Hiang (the ku li from Hock Chuan Hiang come out and open one), gotto wait 1 hr wor.
You know...both of these also si peh tai iet one, only started to cook at 12.30 noon nia one.
So walked to the one located 90 degrees, Hai Boey kopitiam lah. This one is copying the Hock Chuan Hiang and Xin Lian Hiang style one.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tai Tong (Chu4)

Tai Tong @ Cintra Street

Clockwise : xi yao yu pin, fatt choy dried oyster, pai kuat, gulai orr cheong.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The pasta yucks! TGIF @ Queensbay

TGIF @ Queensbay

To me, I felt that TGIF at day time leh really mou mat feel loh.

Clockwise : Pan fried fish fillet, chilli and garlic prawn spaghetti, smoothie and fling.

This chilli and garlic prawn spaghetti YUCKS! YUCKS! YUCKS! SUCKS! (ok, I think I have expressed this exactly 'enough' like what I tasted. I really did not like its taste at all, very weird lah the taste combination).


Monday, February 19, 2007

Manila Place

Manila Place @ Gurney Plz

Both Wdy and I kor sin mia, ordered mineral water one. :)

manila place
Bread and salad that comes with spaghetti carbonara order.
bread and salad
spaghetti carbonara

manila place spaghetti carbonara

fried vege soba

manila place fried vege soba
Both the dishes were nice. A bit pricey loh coz serving portion small mah (cuma size pinggan mangkuk besar nia). :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Copra Mill Leisure World @ Madras Lane

I know from Guang Ming that there are three new talk-of-the-town food courts. They are at sin sei kai (swatow lane) , iu kar lor (madras lane) and lian hua hoe (leith street). Yes, finallyyyyyy we family have time to ronda pi town and pong chan one of them - the Copra Mill Leisure World.

Copra Mill Leisure World @ Madras Lane

The building retained its original 'mill' taste. copra mill food court

I love its lightings lah! All different styles one wor.

copra mill lighting
Ah ha, the Portuguese grilled seafood (clockwise no.4) can be found here.

copra mill dishes

Chu Xi

Chu Xi Lunch & Dinner

Kiam chai ark, tu khar chor, bang kuang char.

chu xi 01
Steamboat - this one har, the last time we did it I guess is 5 - 7 yrs ago liao. I have not only once thought of selling it off at ebay. :)

chu xi 02

We had it outside the house, at the mosaic floor area.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Summer Cafe

Summer Cafe @ I-Avenue

This is the 'only' restaurant that I have yet to try at I-avenue. We 4x (who were not on leave and still at work till the very last day before Chu Xi loh) got together and had lunch there.

Clockwise: clay pot vermicelli, garlic chicken chop rice, sweet sour prawn noodle, curry chic rice.

Price ranged from RM7.90 (without drink) to RM10.90 (with drink). It was considered a lil expensive compared to the other restaurants' set lunch.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Little Italy @ BJ

The ambience at this main branch here one is better than the one opposite Queensbay mall one (here) . The light is dimmer too (alamak, we got difficulty reading the menu leh :) ).

Little Italy 01
Set lunch 9.90 ++. Mdy, Wdy and I ordered pizza, sausage omelette and clam spaghetti to share.

Little Italy 02
Each set was served with 3x garlic bread, soup and drink.

Little Italy 03

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tonki Jap Restaurant Delivery

We 13x ordered Tonki delivery (from tesco food court branch).
Each set is RM13 nett with miso soup and green tea as shown in pic. Each trip costs RM1.


Guess what? This gonna be the 1st time and also the last time for such delivery order, ha! :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Genuine Sarawak Laksa

I saw the ads of this so called "Genuine Sarawak Laksa has finally come to town" in newspaper and was very heng fun ever since. :)

AB Cookery Restaurant @ 48, Lebuh Kurau 3, Chai Leng Park, Prai.

Sarawak Laksa The shop is located at the busiest street of chai leng park therefore it's very easy to find it. Same row as the ngar choi kai.

FYI, the menu stated that the Sarawak local delights e.g. Sarawak Laksa and Kan Pua are only available during weekends! So we are lucky lah ha!

Clockwise : Drinks, Sarawak Laksa (small RMm3.80), Kan Pua (Sarawak kon lou mee) (RM2.80), Sarawak Laksa.

Sarawak Laksa

Let you have a closer look on the Sarawak Laksa. It looked and tasted like sarawak laksa with correct type of ingredients. The only flaws ( if I were to be mean enough lah) were :
1) they did not serve it hot enough therefore when we finished and wanted to sapu the soup it has turned slightly 'cold' already
2) no typical sarawak laksa chilli paste was provided
3) not 'salty' enough compared to the KCH one (of coz like this is more healthy for us lah :) ).

I was eager to see whether the sarawak kon lou mee as advertised was meant to be "KOLOK mee", but it was actually "Kan Pua" lah. OK lah, not bad also, chi mou chi yong! :)

Sarawak Laksa

Compare this with the Laksa Shack at Queensbay! See the difference or not?! Aiyoh, tolong lah, can somebody pls ask them to stop 'humiliating' and 'misleading' PG ppl to the wrong taste of sarawak laksa ah? :)

Over here at AB, one big bowl of sarawak laksa only costs RM5.00 (no additional tax charges subjected) whereas at laksa shack one bowl is RM8.70 (with tax). With RM8.20, I have already sapu one bowl of sarawak laksa, one bowl of kan pua and one glass of milo ice.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Kepala Ikan (Curry Fish Head)

My first time at Restoran Pen Mutiara @ D/A Pelabuhan LKIM Batu Maung. (04-6264615)

Pen Mutiara Kolam Ikan
Clockwise : lime juice, fried sotong, curry fish head,tomyam prawn,fried kailan, spicy chicken, telur goreng, nasi.
Pen Mutiara Dishes
OK, let you take a closer look on the curry fish head that we came here for.
Fish Head
No more!
Finish No more
All of us 12x colleagues. Muhibah!
Puas makan all