Monday, February 25, 2008

Shanghai House of Dumpling

上海鼎小龍包專賣店 (Shanghai House of Dumpling) @ Queensbay (outside)

This restaurant has changed its name from Shanghai D* to this name (as stated above). WHY? Hehe...if you don't know then you can ask me.

Xiao long bao, porcupine egg yolk bun, bo lor yao.

hong shao la mian, yun tun la mian, rou zhao zha cai la mian (the dry one was very salty, not recommended lah).

zhu chang fen, yam bun, lo bo gao.

As usual, the food was not bad lah but I wonder why the business seemed to have gone down. Is this the result of betraying all the loyal customers of so-called Shanghai D* ?! *shrugged*

Kocha Taiwanese Delight

台灣古早味 @ Jalan Burmah

Everytime going to this Kochabi, sure seeing the price going up one :( . Ha mi su ae nae kuan ei?!

豬腳干面 (Pork Hind Trotter Noodles set) RM14.80

牛肉丸清湯面 (Clear Soup Beef Ball Noodles) RM 13.80

蒸饅頭 (Steamed Mini Bun) RM5.50

Price above excludes 5% tax. Argh!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

El Mondo Pizza

El Mondo Pizza @ Krystal Point

Yesterday we 20x celebrated A's farewell (well, we called it as 'makan song-song' as it's not an official farewell yet though).

We called one day ahead for booking. We ordered their set lunch.

Clockwise: The set comes with vege soup, black pepper chicken (RM14.90) or linguini arabiata pasta (RM16.90) or jumbo sausage (RM18.90) and drinks. Banana boat was given F.O.C to our Miss A by El Mondo. (Prices quoted are nett)

The pizzas that we ordered are (left) : El Mondo Special , (right) island supreme (tuna) and BBQ chicken.
Average rating : B.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Shanghai 10

Shanghai 10 @ Central Park (3F, Queensbay Mall)

We had another round of makan - celebrated CE's birthday. Dragon eye has no chance to go yet, so pong chan this one first lah. :)

First row pics: 山渣蘋果凍 RM3.20, 鮮蝦水餃面RM7.80

Second row pics : 排骨桶仔蒸飯 RM9.80, 上海蟹王拌面 RM9.80,麻花湯圓 RM4.80, 上海水煎包 RM5.60

Third row pics: 海鮮灌湯餃 RM12.00, 芝麻糊 RM2.90,蜜瓜西米露 RM5.00, 紅蓮燉雪蛤 RM6.80

Prices excluding tax. Jusco card-disc 20%.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Goh Teo Kee Sungai Ara

We had our 收工宴 at Goh Teo Kee Sungai Ara last Friday. This year we ordered RM488++ table, that's what we used to say lah," 一分錢,一分貨!". I guess most of us were not satisfied with the dishes loh. The last time we had for the farewell lunch one was very good. That was RM700++ per table leh.