Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mommy Wang

There was one day morning that I woke up rather early. I went and ta pao breakfast from this Mommy Wang near SS. I know at town near sia bui there also got one such shop, named exactly the same.

For breakfast they got sandwidtches, kao3 bao1, jian1 chang2 fen3 etc. Starting from 11.a.m onwards they served lunch, got fu4 gui4 ji1 etc RM5.

This set like this, ham+ egg sandwitch (RM3) , soybean milk (RM1.50).

Looking at their menu, how come I couldn't find all those really-taiwanese delicacies leh?!

My spaghetti cooked with very-limited-ingredient using the messtin. Garlic + olive oil nia nia. Then I grabbed one piece of cheese to melt onto it. It ended up dry dry dry...haa!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No Eye Deer Restaurant

No Eye Deer @ Prima Tanjung

The restaurant is not entirely air-cond sealed but half-exposed to outside air. You will expect to get hot air flushing in if you go during super hot day hmm. It got lots of deer paintings on the wall. Some are....

Chic Parmi (RM16.80++) - good! This dish kaki took my cheese powder and kept sprinkling on her dish. She liked cheese veryyyyyyyyy much. She wanted cheese on every feed. Wah lau ei..looking at her rate of consuming this cheese powder....takut loh!

Chili Seabass (RM19.80++) - good! Unlike other restaurants who like to always cook this fish in creamy style (or ended up very oily), this one chili + lime mix was surprisingly good and appetizing indeed.

Spagehtti Marinara (RM16.80++) - Good! Look at this dish you should know it's mine lah right?! :p

See the cheese powder + tobasco sauce?! I didn't use any of them coz the other fellows monopolized them odi mah(!), ha!

Yup! Frankly speaking, initially mine tasted a bit at loser side compared to others. The gravy was kinda watery underneath the whole pile of spaghetti during serving. I did not mix well enough (as the spaghetti portion is kinda big yoh!) before I started eating thus the spaghetti tasted a bit dull. I was even a bit suspicious of whether if that amount of paste would be enough for me to finish off the whole plate. As time went on, the gravy became thicker and it started to taste more yummy and yummy ...... and Phew! I finished till the last drop! The gravy was more than enough. :)

Turkey Sausage (RM12.80++) -good!

Jumbo Sausage (chic) (RM12.80++) -good!

10% service charge applied.

Everyone was satisfied and happy with their orders. :P

Add: 98-1-26 Prima Tanjung, Jalan Fettes. Tj Tokong,11200 Penang (04-8990488). Near to traffic light, located upstair of 7-11 shop.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Restoran Yaki Teppan

Restoran Yaki Teppan @ Pantai Jerjak

Udon (RM7.90) , sweet teriyaki fish rice set with dessert (RM9.90).

Its set lunch menu (~RM9.90 -RM12.90).

Sunday, August 05, 2007

T.G.I.F birthday celebration

Last Saturday my gang celebrated my BD at T.G.I.F. I forgot to bring my own camera along that's why now only got the pics from CE and able to upload here.

This cake was not sponsored by TGIF. Their staffs cucuk all 9 candles on top....apa lah... the more the merrier kah?!

This weekend is another family weekend as it's been at least 3 wks we as a whole family did not have chance to go for lunch @ dinner together. Yesterday after the Ang Hoay Lor, we stopped by the Chun Man Hooi (春满园) @ Tao Tiao Lor to ta pao this 甜汤圆(tian2 tang1 yuan2).