Saturday, July 29, 2006

Makan lagi IV

Hock Chuan Heong (福泉香) - (clockwise) 炒豆干,炒面,肉羹,肉羹 (close up),炒冬粉.

hock chuan heong
Puff Teddy's Cream Puff - (left) House special almond caramel , (right) green tea. Recommend only the Almond Caramel. Take half enough, if not very ji lak loh. puff teddy

Lately I have a lot of makan kang tao. Don't ask me why har :). That's the season kua I guess. Yesterday (friday) vendor chea chiak at EQ buffet (again!phew~!). I think it will not stop until next Thursday (3rd Aug) -unless got ppl fly aeroplane. That will be another makan festival at Evergreen Laurel Hotel - chinese intl buffet dinner (~RM35 nett) since some of them saying that we have already been long never go for makan after work (not me though! :)). This will be a co-celebration for our profit sharing (to be announced on 2nd Aug later) and also the August birthdays for all the cha bor gang in the office. Please give me a good profit sharing number (%) har!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Zhi Ma 02

Present to you the Coffee bean cakes (raspberries, tiramisu, cheesecake) . Complimentary treat by US colleague.
coffee bean cakes

Monday, July 24, 2006

Makan lagi III

梅忠园 (located behind Tai Tong 大东, Cintra Street)- (clockwise) 虾碌,炒韭菜,杂菜汤,清炒芥兰,酸梅酱蒸松鱼头

Mei Zhong Yuan
白糖糕 (Pak tong kou), Cintra Street

Pak tong kou
First Round - Beguadro (again!). Oh mine....I missed the scallops in Cafe 8 lah! :)

Second Round - Gurney Drive
Gurney 01

Gurney 02

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Makan lagi II

Snack 热身点心

日本泡芙专卖店 (Japanese Cream Puff), Prangin Mall 1st Floor (go up from Watson's escalator). It is located next to the 10-min hair cut shop.

Almond flavour. RM2.80 each (I cut into two pcs)

Japanese cream puff
First round at Kafe Crepes
Kafe Crepes Pancake
Second round at Yellow Light Thai Food
Yellow Light ambience

Yellow Light Dishes

Yellow Light Thai Food

Third round - They said cannot eat anymore.They surrendered. :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Makan lagi

Song River, Gurney Drive - (clockwise) 白肉骨茶, 蒜炒豆干,桂豆, 豆酱茄子.

Song River
百年老号义香 (Ghee Hiang) Tau Sar Pneah (豆沙饼)
Ghee Hiang 01
义香 (Ghee Hiang) Phong Pneah (清糖饼)
Ghee Hiang 02
义香 (Ghee Hiang) Beh Teh Saw (马蹄酥)

Ghee Hiang 03

Sungai Ara Food Court - (clockwise) 豆腐,清蒸魔鬼鱼,豆酱蕹菜, 梅菜扣肉

出前一丁Tonkotsu flavour ramen (brought back from Ranch 99, Milpitas)


Friday, July 21, 2006

driver & dinner PRO

This whole week I became the driver and dinner PRO/ guide for this hongkie who came from US (since Monday night - the day when I was still on MC).

Well, like that of course I must S-E-M-B-E-L-I-H him, right?! :)

So....Bali seafood. "If it swims, we have it". We wanted to order snails, tak ada stock pun?!

Bali seafood 03

Bali seafood 01

Bali seafood 02
Yesterday we worked till 9 something. We were already very exhausted after work, so simply chose the one nearest to where we were at that time. Seafood mee sua at Sg Tiram. It was also the first time that I was treated by zhe ge lao ban.:)
seafood mee suaAfter dinner I got to send two of them back home/hotel somemore. Wah piang...lik kor hai mat yea sai kai lei kar?! :) Again I reached home at 10.30p.m.

Yesterday was my 'chinese' birthday so got homecook birthday mee sua also.

birthday mee sua
See? I worked FULL time for this week (both at work and after work) :).

Hey, was I discharged from hospital last month huh?! last week nia leh.