Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Azuma Japanese Restaurant - This April Promotion

Azuma Japanese Restaurant @ Queensbay (beside Harvey Norman)

I came back again for its set of the month after my hunt back in March .

The flyer stated there 10% discount for VIP members.
"How to apply for this VIP card leh?"
" got to spend at least RM200 in a single receipt then you are entitled for application."
"Accumulate receipts can ah?" I simply taruh nia, desperate mah. :)
"Cannot leh.....If can, then everybody can collect a lot then apply loh."
"Well, two persons how to eat until RM200 leh?"
"Can leh, we see a lot of customers coming in two persons but eat a lot also one leh, RM250, RM300 got leh."
I dare not say anything more since she made such a remark. I don't know her "a lot " is how many lah ?! :)
I got no money jae, but a lot of ppl ho giak one mah! Right?! :p

Assorted Sashimi (RM35) - Salmon 2x, Tuna 2x, Butterfish 2x, Octopus 2x. I normally hate octopus if you were to ask me to pick the worst out of this combination coz somtimes it could be 'kar beh tui' one. However, I must admit that Azuma one was really good, no kar bah tui at all and yet springy.

This is the Apr Set of the month (RM18)

Chirashi Don To Sabo yuzu Kousho Set - Vinegar rice topped with raw salmon and baby octopus, accompanied by mackerel cooked in special soya paste sauce and miso soup.

I would say that this set is fair. I would definitely rate the previous month's set as BETTER if compared to this month's set. :)

The mackerel brought another surprise to me. Tasty and easy to eat (unlike those sanma fish, you got what I mean?!) . :)


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Kampachi @ Equatorial Hotel - boh tatt ?!

On Thursday, we had our farewell dinner for Mr. K at Kampachi Japanese Restaurant @ Equatorial Hotel. We chose this one mainly because of one reason -it's near to our working place.

The parking fee at EQ is RM5. %#~$^@! (but it can be deducted from the bill when paying, this sounds more OK :)).
We 10x mostly ordered its dinner set menu. All the sets with (*) below are served with Salad, Chawan Mushi, Appetizer, Pickles, Bean Paste Soup and Fruits.

The salad came in small bowl.

The Chawan Mushi came in small cup. Taste wise, just fair.

I was still OK at this moment until I saw they served the first set, Sukiyaki Zen. Alamak, how come so little one the serving portion?!
Sukiyaki Zen (Sliced beef and vegetables in Sukiyaki sauce). RM40++

Unagi Seiro Zen * ( Grilled Eel served on Steamed Rice) RM48++

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Shanghai Ding - Lunch Set

I have been kinda long didn't dine at this Shanghai Ding. I believe with current pocket-tight and pay-cut season, their set lunch choices is OK for da gong zai with budget below RM10 (including drinks) with the so called "not-too-bad" food quality.

Perhaps now I can ajak my gang to have lunch here one day!
The 'Yuan Nan' Rice Noodle with Fish Slice Soup. (RM16.80) for 2 persons.

The rice series priced at RM6.30+. Is it good? Don't know lah as never try before.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bak Kut Teh @ BB Kopitiam

Bak Kut Teh @ BB Kopitiam (Sunshine)

Whenever you order, they will surely ask," Ai kim zham kor boh? Ai tau kua boh?"
If you say "YES" to tau kua, please har get ready to accept the tao kua is this type of tao kua in kerabu style, not the usual or traditional tao kua put in a small bowl with bak kut teh soup ok. :)

If you say "YES" to kim zham kor, then this will the look when the bak kut teh claypot is served.
They give a lot, of course charge you one lah. :)

I found that at times the kim zham kor could make me tercekik. They throw in in big chunks, not that it's kar beh tui, but at times by tearing it into smaller chunks then eating bit by bit will be safer. :)


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hock Seng Lor Mee

Hock Seng Lor Mee @ One Corner Cafe (和喜茶室)
Location : At the back of FIMA, exact place where previous 山水 (Shan Shui Aquarium) located. Parallel to Swatow Lane and Nagore Road. The street next to the Nagore Road.

This stall's lor mee got a lot of ingredients one leh. See?


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haven Delights (Part II)

continue from Part I on Haven Delights @ Penang Times Square (Invited Review)

Korean Beef Kimchi 韓式泡菜牛片 (RM16) - Fried homemade kimchi with beef slices. [ My rating : 9/10]

I personally think that this one was great. The beef was cooked till tender (very important factor for me) and the kimchi was not just plain sour+spicy taste. The kimchi was mainly in soft leafy version with beef flavour(!) as well. I have had much more slices than I supposed to have :) (Allergic phobia mah, remember?!).

Homemade Spicy Chicken 家香辣味雞 (RM15) - Fried chicken with homemade spicy sauce. [ My rating : 5/10]

This deboned chicken was fragance-rich but rather spicy. The most spicy dish of the night was still 'acceptable' for me, hehe! How lucky I was heh?!

Shanghai Honey Spare Ribs 蜜香排骨 (RM18) - Fried spare ribs with honey sauce. [ My rating : 5/10]

It turned out to be the saltiest dish of the night. The spare ribs' texture was pretty well done but one doubt I had in mind - why didn't I taste the honey and why was it so salty?


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Monday, April 20, 2009

Haven Delights (Part I)

Haven Delights @ Penang Times Square (Invited Review)

This invited review was arranged by Criz Lai . Thanks to Mr. BT Ng , the chairman & MD from Haven Delights for giving us this chance to savour its dishes. There were a total 19 of us attending this food review, from 15 blogs.

Not in particular order:
Criz Lai
PenangTuaPui (Huat Koay)
CK Lam
Steven Goh
Nicholas Chan
Jason & Gill
Allie Sun
Allen Ooi
Ken Chan
Rebecca Saw
Bigs Boy Oven & gang
Albert Yap

The cozy ambience resembles 'Tao' very much. No?!

The restaurant serves buffet lunch and dinner at RM49.90+ per person. Children 50% off. One can order any items in their over 90 dishes buffet menu list within a duration of two hours from as early as 10.30am until 11.00pm daily.

Here are two Cold Cuts from Buffet Menu :

Hotzzz Abalone & Unagi Tofu with impressive presentation.

Unagi Tofu - Grilled eel with silky tofu in sweet sauce and garnishes. [My rating : 8/10]

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crepes Cafe

After so many years our choices of crepes still remain the same!




Banana & Raisin Crepe - If you wanna really taste the authentic frangance of the crepe, this is the most recommended one! The crepe was topped with fried banana, raisin and sesame seeds. You may add ice cream if you want to, with additional cost of course.

Now they have this new drink introduced. Milk shake with strawberry + apple.(more.....)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shing Kheang Aun (新瓊安) 鹹魚肉

The must-order Hainanese curry fish aka "tao teh hu" in Shing Kheang Aun - Last time got customer tagged along therefore I missed shooting the photo. I missed it during my last visit , again this visit. :(

The serving size is THE SAME no matter you come in 2 persons, 4 persons, or 6 persons OK?! Therefore if you come in bigger group then it's advisable for you to order more dishes. :)

Kiam Hu Bak (鹹魚肉) with plum sauce - A must order too! Very appetizing, swee swee tee tee. :)

Too Thor Thng - no need order lah, I cook one tastes a lot nicer OK?! This one only tasted pepper nia.


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Friday, April 10, 2009

Chayu Kafei Restaurant 茶與咖啡食館 (Part 2)

Chayu Kafei Restaurant (茶與咖啡食館) @ Jalan Trang (behind GAMA).

We booked this place for lou tao. We came here for its signature fish steamboat (上湯魚鍋). Hitting two birds with one stone, ha! :p

生日面 (RM30) (Got to book one day ahead as this is not in their menu). I like this dish as it's really satisfying! Cheng cheng tei and tasty. Lots of ingredients in big serving size. :)

竽頭燜雞 (RM18.00) - This may not be suitable for taste buds who prefer strong flavour as it's not that salty, you know......'healthy' taste. :)

上湯魚鍋 (RM60) - This is also very worthy. She said this size is to serve 3-4 persons, but I believe with extra orders (e.g. noodles and some other dishes), this could serve easily 5-7 persons leh.

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

阿南沙煲活田雞粥 @ Dato Kramat Road

阿南沙煲活田雞粥 @ Dato Kramat Road

The porridge is thicker than Singeylang Claypot Frog Porridge @ Macalister Road one.

宫保田鸡煲 (Kung Pou Bull Frog Claypot) - Wow, it's rather spicy and yit hei (熱氣)leh but surely it gonna be very good to consume during rainy days.


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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Chayu Kafei Restaurant 茶與咖啡食館 (Part 1)

Chayu Kafei Restaurant (茶與咖啡食館) @ Jalan Trang (behind GAMA).

I have been yearning to try out this place since I first read and got direction from Criz .

Thousand Island Tofu 千島豆腐 (RM7.90) - Thousand island sauce has never failed to be appetizing.

Tea Drunken Chicken Claypot 茶鄉醉雞煲 (RM11.90) - This one unlike ordinary drunken chicken, it has tea taste and fragance. (more.....)

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Sakae Teppanyaki @ Autocity

Sakae Teppanyaki & Sakae Izakya @ Autocity

Handroll n Yaki Soba (RM19.80++)

The salad The handroll

The sauces

The chef is cooking right in front of you. I guess this is the only attraction for me, not the food.

The yaki soba - Pretty normal lah.


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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ Chulan Square, KL .

All you can eat RM55++ @ Rakuzen on Sunday

The menu has only two pages. Varieties covered are :
Starter : Boiled Green Soybean, Japanese Omelette, Crab Meat Mayonnaise, Chilli Cuttlefish,
Seasoned Scallop, Seasoned Seaweed, Sashimi Salad with House Special Dressing, Koari-hako Crab Salad. etc.
Sashimi : Fresh Tuna, White Meat Fish, Fresh Salmon, Boiled Octopus, Fresh Cuttlefish, Assorted Sashimi.
Sushi : Fresh Tuna, White Meat Fish, Fresh Salmon, Roasted Eel, Fresh Scallop, Boiled Scallop, Cooked Prawn, Boiled Octopus, Fresh Cuttlefish, Shrimp Roe, Omelette, Sweet Beancurd. etc
Temaki : Salmon handroll, California temaki, Crab temaki.


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Ying Ker Lou (迎客楼) @ The Curve

Ying Ker Lou (迎客楼) @ The Curve serving Chinese-Hakka Cuisine

客家焖炸肉(小) 饭 Hakka braised pork rice (RM14。90)
The black fungus matched well with the braised pork, served with little gravy.

三杯土鸡 Braised basil chicken with three cups sauce (RM28。00)


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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Big Apple Donut vs J.Co Donut

My supper for two consecutive nights.

Might be I was too hungry, I felt both tasted evenly good. I couldn't figure out which one tasted better?! Can you?

J.CO Donuts & Coffee
RM2.00 each, cheaper?!


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Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings

This post is about oily food, challenging my 'tolerance' :>

Since it's highly recommended by friends, we hunted No.1, Jalan Alor (off Jalan Bukit Bintang),50200 KL for the famous ayam panggang.

Chicken Satay

Roast Chicken Wings. Thumbs up!!

RM10.50 for 5 pcs.

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Ngau Kee @ Jalan Alor

I was impressed with Ngau Kee's beef taste from the first time I ate it.


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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Malacca - Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls (興海南雞飯糰)

The next day so happened driving past this area and surprisingly saw the Heng was OPENed! Of course we quickly rushed into this restaurant lah.

Pic on top showing 1st day pi, 'NO OPEN' . Outside there's a note stating they gonna close for a few days.
Pic at bottom showing 2nd day pi, 'sitting inside the restaurant already'.

Now I have finally tasted the genuine chicken rice balls. This one tasted definitely thousand times better! Unlike the one that we had the day before, the rice ball here is soft and fragant, padat padat one, (takda sang sang one tau?!), tasted good even without dipping any sauces.

The pak zham kai tasted average. (more.....)

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Malacca Food Hunt

I remembered my last visit at Foh San Dim Sum (富山香港點心茶樓) was a wonderful meal.

This time, the Har Kow is still BIG and stuffed with FRESH shrimps. No suk shui. :)

Upon arriving Malacca town, we headed for that Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls but ended up, NO OPEN LEH! :( you ppl know how many twists and turns and GOSTAN BALIKs we got to make uh in order to find the exact location?! The roads there all one way street one leh. Adui!!!! Sooooo tui sim kua!

We ended up at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball @ Jalan Bendahara.
Yee.....don't know whether if it's late afternoon already(?!) the rice balls and chicken / duck all seemed to be not as nice as I could think of. Pretty plain, not as delicious as we expected.

In the evening we bumped into this Malacca Cendol at another branch of Famosa @ Jonker Street.  (more.....)

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