Friday, December 30, 2005

Cheng Tong

I started eating this '清汤' (cheng tong mee) since I was a kid, at Macalister Lane (near the Hai An Kopitiam). The curry / cheng tong mee (加喱/清汤面) was run by two aunties and one uncle. The cheng tong (清汤) actually used the same ingredients as curry mee but the soup was 'clear'. Clear soup = cheng tong. See?!

This stall was no longer there anymore due to the owners have passed away. I missed them. I missed the cheng tong mee. I still remember that the auntie always let me sitting inside the stall there to shelter from the hot sun or rain. Some customers thought that I was their granddaughter ha!

Right now whenever I saw any stalls with the name of '清汤', it reminded me of them.

At Sungai Ara Cafe 22 here there is this stall serving both the curry mee and '清汤' also. I eat the '清汤' pretty often. It may not be of same taste but it brought back my memory on that long lost '清汤' . :)

cheng tong at Cafe 22

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

懒人煮蛋法(Lazy Egg)

This is actually a 'lazy' method to prepare水煮蛋 (boiled eggs). I would like to share with you this tip I learnt from 生活智慧王 (“Good Idea” - Taiwan show thru TVB8) last week. We have tried it out and it works so damn well! Extremely simple! No sweat!

1) Place two pcs of tissue papers inside the rice cooker and sprinkle them with water (not too wet).
2) Put in the eggs.
3) Close the lid and press "Cook" button.
4) Wait till the button jumps up.
5) The eggs are ready.

By using this method you will never have to worry whether the eggs are over-cooked (hard-boiled) or under-cooked. The egg yolks will turn out just nice, not too dry. (This is provided that you did not forget and leave them too long inside the rice cooker after cooked lah ok).

You don’t have to kor hui (jaga api) or kor chui (jaga air).

You don’t have to do any washings nor cleanings.

The speed is faster than using ordinary boiling method. This is because the water sprinkled will turn into steam and compressed inside the rice cooker to cook the eggs.

You can peel the egg shells off very easily.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Xmas Makan Festival

On Christmas Eve night, as usual we were invited by Heng to her place for makan festival. I always told her that I ate only turkey once in a year - that was at her place during this festival. Her family prepared a lot more dishes compared to past years. I guess they invited more guests this year?! They moved the venue to downstair near the car park there instead of the corridor outside their units. It was more spacious indeed.

I was lucky enough to be there - just early enough - to take the photos before some early birds started to serve themselves with the mouth-watering food.

Main Filling Stomach Dishes

Laksa & Tong Shui Corner

Kuih & Pastry

Side Dishes

Turkey & Gifts for Guests

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Kafe Crepes ~the ultimate pancake & ice-cream parlour~ at Persiaran Gurney is one of the regular places that we used to visit in the past.

banana & raisin crepe

penang special

expresso crepeFrom top to bottom : Banana & raisin crepe, Penang Special, Expresso crepe.

I recommend the 1st one.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

*~*~ Celebration ~*~*

On Friday night we exempt staffs were all treated at EQ - The View for dinner. It was hosted as a farewell + welcoming party.

We were kinda late to realize that the whole The View Restaurant was booked, solely for us - over 80 pax.

Semi buffet corner The View Ambience @ Semi Buffet Corner
Assorted Dessert Corner
The View @ Assorted Dessert Corner
Some close ups on what people took

Semi Buffet @ some close ups on what people took

Our main course got 5 choices (below):
Left (from top to bottom) - Sorbet, Tuna, Chicken
Right (from top to bottom) - Lamb Chop, Red Snapper, Steak

Main Courses
Lastly this cake was presented by EQ.
EQ The View Cake

Monday, December 05, 2005

Lok Lok

It’s been ages since I last ate Lok Lok. Last Saturday at the very last minute Wdy, CE and I drove down to Pulau Tikus to eat Lok Lok. Each of us only ate a few sticks as kae liao (加料) other than our main dish.

Whenever I asked them, “Ei, sek liao boey?”
They answered, “Sek liao” .
“Er…better sak ka ku lah hor?!” Then I would soak in again, waited a little bit longer. Ha!

1st thing - I was kia si lah, still haunted by the possibility / warning of introducing worms into my body.
2nd thing - we couldn’t help but kept watching out the “high cholesterol” food.

Our discussion went like this:
“Octopus oh, I already ‘mark’ it very long liao loh, but don’t dare to take nia.”
“Wahlau, how come all GREEN colour stick one (Green = most expensive one)? Only 1 to 2 plates with red or yellow colour one nia ah?”
“Wah, jiu hu ah! High cholesterol one loh. That siput also same.”.
“That plate is hae kor izzit?”
“Haha! Hae kor also you don’t know ah?!”
"You see? It shrinked until this small after cooked".
“Ai…all also high cholesterol one, seafood one, don’t know which one to choose?!”
“Aiyah, mai kuan a neh cheh lah, eat first lah.”
“Which is the one out of all these that got the highest cholesterol level uh?”
“Chiao nui!”
Mind you, that table still got another 3 ladies sitting together with us. Ha!

I guess the taukeh will sure ‘sapu’ us if he overheard this. *Grrrrrrrrr......*