Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Kolok Mee from Kuching!

Nomadgourmand, watch this! Me too having air-flown KOLOK MEE from Kuching, Sarawak!

The one which I was having is char siew sauce version without minced pork. (The buyer purposely omitted this for the sake of keeping them overnight for the next day's consumption).

Kolok mee is such a simple dish, without vegetables like choy sum. The most is 5x ingredients (char siew, minced pork, onion, noodles, oil) without vegetables. The most you could see is perhaps sprinkled with some spring onions.

You need to be able to endure oiliness in order to eat this kolok mee. If not, you will be feeling oh-so-oily-oh(!) right after eating half packet of it. Taste wise, a bit sweet.

The noodles are curly. Mind you, I used to order my Sarawak Laksa with this type of noodle(!) so that I got to taste both my favourite items (the mee of Kolok mee and also the laksa of Sarawak laksa).

The photos below show you our version of kolok mee after overnight-then-reheat-in-microwave.


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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Warmer - our WARM experience!

Story goes like this........

After having lunch @ Kozue, we proceeded to Winter Warmer after finishing ronda @ MPH. We were seated right at the most inner side of the restaurant. Oh....later on then only we found out that," Gosh, this is the most 'unwanted' area lah, no wonder it's vacant lah. Haha!" as it's poorly ventilated with air-cond.

W said," Hey, I order for you that mixed fruit juice in jar one ah OK boh?" almost at the same moment when I realized that my purse went missing. I was very 'mang' odi,"Up to you dear, just order whatever you wanna order. I need to go to carpark to look for my purse liao! "

The mixed fruit jar came almost the same time when W sms'ed me, "Got!" (indicating my purse was left in her car).

When W came back, she said," Hey, how come hot one? I thought I ordered cold one just now?"

Since I didn't pour any out from the jar yet so we thought may be we could asked for a change if it's a mistake. We checked with the waitress. W flipped through the menu saying,"Isn't it I ordered this one just now?" The waitress showed that 'face' you know....."Nope, if you want the cold one, it's this page (flip to the next page)."

W murmured,"but just now I asked for cold one..." .

I pong hao,"Never mind lah, it's OK. But would it be possible to change to cold one since we haven't drunk any?"

The waitress shaked her head indicating "NO". A few seconds later, she said," I try to go and ask for you lah."

Later she came back with the same answer,"Sorry, cannot". Well, it's OK then, since it's 'OUR' fault.

W later on still insisted,"Just now I got ask her 'COLD one right?' and she said 'Yes' you know...." . OK lah, never mind lah. Might be she was too busy couldn't pay 100% attention to what we ordered leh.

We wanted to ask for additional cups but none of the waiters and waitresses seemed to be paying attention to this hidden corner. I went to the counter myself to ask for cups then. The counter guy gave me a set of cup + plate.

About 20 mins later, Y joined in. This time she ordered the correct 'version' of iced mixed fruit with request of additional cup in advance. This time the waiter brought us just a cup without a plate.

Whenever we wanted to ask for a favour or place an order, we got to wait rather long to get them entertaining us.

I thought of using my Winter Warmer member card to redeem that set lunch. After waiting for a rather long time for this enquiry, then only "Oops...that 'free meal' can be redeemed on weekdays only."

"Oops, sorry gals! No free meal for you ppl liao! Order lah." I said.

Again, it's another long waiting time before we could actually get somebody to place our order.

Mixed Fruit Cocktail (RM8.91++ after 10% discount) - remember this 'cocktail' is meant for HOT serving one ah!

Iced Mixed Fruit (RM8.91++ after 10% discount) - Look carefully ah...must not chae kong, must flip to the page behind then only confirm. This is the correct one! :)


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Monday, February 23, 2009

Kozue Japanese Restaurant

Kozue Japanese Restaurant @ Plaza Gurney (opposite Kim Gary)

YY and I ended up choosing this place for our gathering lunch. How come my executive set lunch @ 32 is not realizable uh?! :(
Interior Deco - almost similiar to 风味情 FengWeiQing (Taiwan food restaurant) at basement. High classic style.

Set Lunch Menu started from as low as RM14++.

Inaniwa Udon (RM15.00++) - Adui....small portion loh....This is a cold noodle dish. Taste wise, very smooth and delicate. I was 'imagining' my friend eating gold strings right at that moment. :p

Unagi Tempura Set (RM22.00++) - Adui......small piece loh! *OK lah, I know...rental expensive mah....I know I know...:) *


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kim Gary 条桥得喔!

Kim Gary @ Queensbay Mall

*This post is not going to talk about Kim Gary's food quality but how I am impressed with its business strategy instead.*

We went to Kim Gary on two consecutive two days. The second day's photos were accidentally deleted, tangan gatal loh me :p!

I believe Kim Gary's way of promoting its membership is successful. RM15 life time membership with different rates of discounts on weekdays and weekends respectively, birthday 50% off for a total of 6x guests, lucky draw participation for every month, monthly discount coupons and etc - Wow! So interesting neh! To be honest, it's considered worthy. I could still remember how the fate of my Winter Warmer member card is......Oh no!!! :(

The lunch sets and ala carte dishes are all at economic pricing scale, somemore the variety of dishes displayed at the menu could have made you PENING and undecided each time during placing order!

Clockwise :
HK style baked rice with cheese (RM16.90) set comes with soup & dessert.
Supreme mix grill curry (RM14.90)
Four Season noodles set (RM7.90) - ordered the one with zha choy (榨菜), ended up very salty, BIG mistake!
Korean hot & spicy noodle (RM13.90) set comes with soup & dessert.

I was not attracted to the taste of Kim Gary's food BUT I got to admit that I was very impressed with the pricing (for us the da gong zai ( 打工仔) and also the stacks of menu given to you(!) when you are seated. 眼花缭乱!

The drinks that came with the lunch sets were considered L size oi. Seriously, that's one of the reasons that made Kim Gary standing out.

One more attractive point is on how the discount /service charge is calculated when you present the member card. The discount is given immediately after the subtotal. By doing so, the service charge (which is 10%) imposed on the discounted subtotal is less than what we normally gonna pay at other restaurants. Although this could be negligable but to consumers like us leh, SYIOK liao!

Four Season instant noodle - Nah, the one which you can easily get at Jaya Jusco loh.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sake Room V-dinner

I have always wanted to try out this restaurant since long time ago after reading Vkeong's post but there's always something blocking my way. Now finally I've made it(!) but oops...not on their ala carte menu.
  • Minestrone Soup or Clear Shitake Mushroom Broth
Minestrone soup is something like a tomato soup with 'ABC' material.
Clear shitake mushroom broth is a really clear soup with mushrooms, resembles Japanese udon soup.
After taking a few spoonfuls, we looked at each other signalling, " come like this one?!" then only we realized,"Oh ya....this is Japanese restaurant. Hey, come on! Wake up! " :)

  • Tomato Stack Mixed Salad with Mozzarella Cheese & Balsamic Vinaigrette

This is the Mozzarella Cheese that I kept wondering what it was when I had my first bite on it. Unlike normal cheese, it's not salty at all. I like it!There were four pieces of them in total for this salad dish. The sourish tomatoes matched well with this cheese. This was indeed a very healthy dish!

  • Imported Wagyu Beef & Oyster Mentaiyaki Makimono

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Louis Cafe @ Argyll Road

Louis Cafe @ Argyll Road

Thanks to Lingzie for arranging this food review session, arranged by Mdm Teoh from Louis Cafe.

Scallop Salsa - RM20 - Seared sea scallops with apple salsa. One can easily finish up this dish within minutes. :)

Classic Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon - RM18 - this caesar salad is 300% better than the one I had before at TGIF(!), HMM! Why I said so? coz for this one its parmesan cheese didn't steal the limelight of the greens like what the TGIF did (like eating every single leaf with SALT, YUCK!).

Our House Rules Organic Garden Greens - RM15 -organic fresh mixed green salads.

We were served with 5 different types of soup. They were (clockwise) Cream of Tomato (RM9), Cauliflower (RM9), Broccoli (RM9), Mushroom (RM10) and Pumpkin(RM9).

All of them were good. The cream of tomato is rather appetizing as it's sour. I personally like the broccoli the most. The taste of cauliflower one is the most plain out of all.

Pumpkin soup is the second one that I like. It's sweet. *Did you notice how delicate a guy's hand can be?! OMG! Jealous nia...*

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Bravo Italiana @ I-Avenue

Bravo Italiana @ I-Avenue
Seafood. Steak. Pasta. Pizza.

We celebrated CE's birthday here immediately after work. It's tiring lah getting to work after shutdown for so many days during CNY. That's why we chose to dine at Bayan Baru area.

Set Dinner for Feb 09
The set dinner comes with :
starter (soup of the day)
main entree (menu as shown below) :
dessert (dessert of the day)
drinks (ice lemon tea, coffee ..)

Green Pea Soup - this was a bit 'unacceptable' at first but they two still finished it bottom up. Ha!

Chicken Cacciatore
slow cooked whole leg chicken smothered in our red wine tomato gravy with mushroom and roasted peppers (RM36+)
- I was rather surprised to find out that the chicken's texture was rather soft, like our "chinese herbal chicken wrapped in paper" type or those we normally had during wedding dinner.


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Monday, February 02, 2009

初六初七 (Che 6 Che 7) Activities

Tua Pui Lor Chicken Rice (大肥罗鸡饭)
Che 6 (初六)- After our Muka Head's Light House trip, we brought the Beijing / Shanghai / Taiwan & local backpackers to have our late lunch at Fettes Park Tua Pui Lor. 10 of us ~RM75, reasonable uh?! Kamsia Mr.BZ!


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