Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quan Zhou

Quan Zhou @ Jalan Sg Pinang.

Recommended (left to right) : Green curry (only available during weekends), tang hoon, char tao kua. RM32 including 3x drinks + 4x rice.
Not recommended dishes are : Bak kee, oe chien (fried oyster egg). MUST remember tau.

Shang Place

The other day we 4x went to have lunch at Shang Place @ Krystal Pt.

For us the express lunch customers, its ala carte dishes were considered kwui siao. RM6 per dish excluding tax. Judge it yourself k.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bkk food II

All in all, the tour guide told us how good your hotel was and how good your food was were all depend on the money you spent. CE and I paid RM500 each (5D4N), the KL couple paid RM350 each (5D4N), the Ipoh aunties 3x we met at Pattaya paid ~RM380 (4D3N). So how come we were treated the same? The KL couple stayed at chinatown whereas we stayed at sang-ka-la area. :)

Every meal got tomyam, from white, orange to red. Most of the meals (4 of us can hafal already loh) got fried egg, fried fish, fried chicken or kubis. The fruits were standard, got watermelon and pineapple. If got more than these two then considered 'surprise' loh. :)

Day 4 - Lunch at Bangkok Safari World. One of the teruk one...

Dinner. Our last meal at Bangkok. The 'pandan chicken' was upon REQUEST by the KL couple.

Day 3 at Pattaya - This lunch was the best meal we had throughout our whole BKK trip. The tour guide wanted to ask the waitress to not serve us the kappa, we said,"Want! Want!" :)

Pattaya - dinner inside the NongNooch Village.

After the massage, we were 'wat' to have this supper. Look at them also you know not cheap loh hor. Like this set (to be shared by two persons) cost 600baht (~RM60).

BKK trip I

BKK trip II

BKK trip III

BKK trip IV

Monday, July 23, 2007

BKK food

Day 2

Very hungry loh. We woke up at 6.00a.m., had breakfast (bad....) at hotel at 6.30a.m., departed at 6.50a.m. to china town to fetch another two persons, until lunch time still not yet eat...visited Chaophraya River lah, Wat Arun lah,then somemore those herb centre lah, leather factory lah, ai............ngor tou wan ah! The tour guide bought this for us finally coz beh tahan I 'ngor' her. :) Crispy mu4 shu3 ball.

Lunch finally at something, along the way to pattaya/before tiger zoo. The first 'good' meal we had after so many bad meals.

Dinner @ Pattaya (also bad..look yourself).

Day 1

Lunch @ a hotel. (we changed the 'package' dinner to lunch, so they simply chose one nearest to our journey to town one) . Bad.....

Dinner @ Big C. Yamane Jap Restaurant. In the food court here alone surprisingly got 4 to 5x Jap restaurants oi.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Nippon Yataimura (日本屋合村)

Nippon Yatai Mura (日本屋合村) @ Pulau Tikus.

It's been at least 4 to 5 yrs since I last came here. Last time Jap restaurants were not mushroomed out like now. That time Yata Imura did not have sushi rail. That time it's considered 'pricey' restaurant for me.

It's the only one week CE was free from her Saturday class. She finally got the chance to step out from her 'shell'. Thus we 4x had our dinner here.

Clockwise : Kyushu ramen, chanpon ramen, chic teriyaki set, Dai special temaki, sushis.

This meal brought back my memory on the 'soba with 5 pcs sushi set' at Isshin @ Juru Autocity which we had about 2 to 3 yrs back. Hmm.............I really wonder is this set still available there?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Cosmic Set Lunch

We 7x went to Cosmic for set lunch yesterday.
Thai sauce chicken rice set , gong bou prawn rice set (RM5.90++), mamak mee goreng set (RM8.90++).

Cordon bleu set (ala carte RM9.50). Look nice but they rated it as 49/100. :)

While on the way back to fac, then only Mdy questioned," Ei, you ppl bukan ada fruit one meh?! How come no serve uh?" It ended up then only I discovered it's MY set that supposed to come with fruit lah. Oh yeah...damn...How come the waitresses never tell me uh when I paid?! They just remember to take money from me nia. AND.....the change of 4x.38 cents they also did not give the 8 cents, only returned 30 cents. Wah.....this was exactly like what we once read from the fwd mail regarding dunno-which hypermarket that MAKAN your 1 cent 2cents directly whenever they return the change to you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HK 又一城

HK 又一城

This is another 'no comment' post. Un ?

The only thing worth sharing is this. Its interior deco was mostly occupied with such names of HK places.

We 2x ordered set lunch RM8.90++, 1x ordered ala carte. The set menu - no serve pai kuat one, so this one takde, that one takde. It ended up we ordered the set below.

Clockwise : The dessert (red bean) which comes with the set- the only good one for this meal. 蜜汁猪扒饭 (ala), 四川style 出前一丁(set) - Miss A kept on saying I don't want maggie mee one mah haha, 雪菜猪肉云吞汤面(set) - xue cai only 1 pc, the pork wantan got very 'piggy' kinda smell (this is called 'fresh made'?! 不识味尝lah sorry) , hot milk tea, soup 罗宋汤,蘑菇汤 (set).

The mushroom soup - it looked like the 'yam paste' with water added, see? Miss A had to stir the mushroom soup like kacau kacang paste before eating. She tasted one tiny spoon and shaked her head,"Oh no...!" We 2x tasted, surrendered too. It tasted totally not like our usual-mushroom-soup.

Iao lur and I kept on comparing today meal with the restaurant a few doors away one. "Aiyoh.....that day ate one lagi X times better than this hor?!" (ya, the post below)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Beguadro RM9.90++ set lunch

We 5x iao lur gang went for Beguadro set lunch today.

Ha! Set lunch at RM9.90++ consists of one main dish, soup 1x, garlic bread 1x and ice lemon tea 1x. Hou tai leh! :) Luckily I placed booking together with our orders one night before, so we need not have to wait long.

All of us ordered Spaghetti Aglio-olio with chicken (saute spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, chilli, spring onion, thai basil permesan cheese topped with grilled chicken). Hmm....taste good!

I will be back! May be for another main dish Spicy fried spaghetti - (fried spaghetti with chicken, squid, prawns, vege & chilli hokkien style). :)