Monday, April 28, 2008

大唐御膳面府 Part II

大唐御膳面府 (Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restaurant) @ Jalan Zainal Abidin


All comes with CLEAR soup regardless of what types of ramen you ordered. The noodle is very smooth. - GOOD!

紅燒牛肉面 (Braised beef noodle)

雞蛋面(Egg noodle)

榨菜肉絲面 (Hot pickled mustard sliced pork noodle)

雞絲面 (Sliced chicken noodle)

This is to let you see how long the noodle is.

煎餃 (Fried Dumpling) - good!

麻辣耳絲 (Spicy pig's ear) - good!

茄子(Eggplant) - good too!

I definitely will visit again lah! :p

大唐御膳面府 Part I

大唐御膳面府 (Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restaurant) @ Jalan Zainal Abidin

It's located off macalister road. Yup, it's just a few units after the Da Ban restaurant (see my previous post).

You ppl should be aware that I am generous to blog in detail (part 1, part 2 & so on) if I am really impressed with the restaurant. :) I missed the 蘭州拉麵 that I once had in China very much. Finally here it is...... 慘了! 救救我啊! :p

各式拉麵,小菜及涼菜 (It serves various types of ramen, hot plate & cool dishes)

Operating hours : 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. (take note of the supper time available oh! :)) Here's where you can see clearly on how they make the noodles for you. 台上一分鐘, 台下十年功.


Noodle (ramen)

Types of noodles

'Hot' plate

More on 'hot' plate

Dumpling dishes

Cool dishes

Monday, April 21, 2008


大班火鍋 (Da Ban Steamboat Restaurant) @ Jalan Zainal Abidin (off Macalister Rd).


朦朦朧朧, paiseh呵!



青椒 (very special, no longer spicy) - I - a person who couldn't eat spicy food - also enjoyed eating this oi!


雪菜肉絲拉麵 (清甜爽口, 咸度合宜, 不會像上海鼎及其他的地方那樣又咸又油膩)



The restaurant is run by a genuine China lady boss. Its operating hours is from 12 noon till 4 a.m(!). The price will be a little bit higher, mind you. :) But the chef (you will be surprised to know the race of the chef) is good! The food are all yummy-licious!

In Penang, kia lu boh lui nia. Ah sii oo lui ah, ha mik hoe chiak ei pun lu oo zhai tiao try!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Isaribi Tei

Isaribi Tei @ Chow Thye Rd (off Burmah Rd)

The pic below is not the entrance to Isaribi but to 火鍋之家 @ Jalan Macalister lah. Too bad neh, it was full house! Therefore we diverted to Jemputree @ Chow Thye. Mana tau all the sum sui seats were either booked or taken, therefore we went to the next door Jap restaurant, Isaribi.

This is Isaribi (below). I have been here a few times. Everytime after visit, surely I will pause for some time. 為何呢? 請讀下去. :)

The best seat was here. Directly under the air cond unit overseeing the kitchen, very cooling!!!!

Next to this deco.

and this.

For cozy & cooling ambience leh- undeniably ichiban!

Clockwise : Salad (RM12), garlic rice (RM4), Tempura seafood soba (RM25)

Clockwise : Grill salmon (RM16), Seafood spaghetti (RM18) (this time this is not my order har :)), homemade ice cream (RM5). Green tea and fruit after meal were FOC.

On top of the price above, pls add 15% tax.

現在知道為什麼 了 吧?! :) 價錢稍貴. Vege tempura noodle set是RM18. 我們的Tempura seafood soba不同點在 於多兩只蝦甜不辣,這樣就加RM7.

再說, 它的老闆是日本人, 有點過份嚴厲. 他會跑出來'警告'你如果他誤以為你是別家的顧客要泊車在他的地方. 這次 我們的 '大哥大' 的坐姿竟然還被他tegur了!當然,他是好意為了維持顧客們的用餐情調及環境著想.


Friday, April 18, 2008

風味小食館 8-course dinner

風味小食館 Foong Wei Heong Restaurant (04-2611918) @ Jalan Sri Bahari

Yesterday we a group of ppl celebrated 70yrs生日宴. Sorry lah no pics leh coz paiseh to take photos lah.

8-course dinner menu (RM468+) for 10 persons

Four seasons (四寶)
Shark's fin soup with crabmeat(干貝蟹肉翅) -good!
Fried boneless chicken & duck (百花雞拼海蜇鴨)- good!
Fried pomfret in two different style (骨香斗底)- prefer it to be served in steam style lah.
Braised chile abalone with sea cucumber (智利鮑魚海西蘭花)- good!
Fried prawn with honey (蜜汁焗蝦)- good!
Fried emperor noodle(香炒皇帝面)- good! gao char loh! :)
Soya bean with ginkgo (百果豆漿)- normal.

Other menus for your reference :

RM318+ for 10 persons
Three seasons (三拼)
Assorted seafood thick soup (瑤柱海鮮羹)
Chicken in two different style (百花雞拼香芒雞)
Braised bailing mushroom with vegetable (百靈菇豆腐時蔬)
Fried prawn with oats (麥香蝦)
Steamed red sniper (清蒸紅獅)
Oyster noodle (蚵面)
Soya bean with ginkgo (百果豆漿)

RM568+ for 10 persons
Four seasons (四寶)
Shark's fin soup with crabmeat(干貝蟹肉翅)
Steamed king grouper's head(清蒸龍躉肉)
Suckling Pig (reserve) (片皮乳豬) (預訂)
Fried baked prawn (燒焗大蝦)
Braised sea cucumber with fish maw (海參魚鰾西蘭花)
Fried hor fun (滑蛋河粉)
Ginkgo double boiled with honeydew + crispy cake (百果燉密瓜 + 鍋餅)

Little Castle Set Lunch

Little Castle Set Lunch (Thu) @ Batu Maung

Price ranged from RM13.90 nett to RM16.90 nett

Nasi lemak (~RM7?!)The set lunch price seemed to have increased loh. Local or oriental dishes are too limited lah.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fisherman's Grill Set Lunch

Fisherman's Grill @ Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim, Desaria, Sungai Ara.
Set Lunch (RM14.90 ++)

Each set comes with soup, garlic bread, main course, dessert and coffee/tea.

Left : chicken, fish, dessert -cake

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bak mee hoon @ Relau's kopitiam beside chinese temple


This stall has seafood or bak liao mee hoon /mee sua / porridge, shang yu porridge, tomyam etc.

湯底清淡, 合我意.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Manhattan Fish Market

We went to the Macedoine again the next day as there were some who were so keen to try it out. Unfortunately it was full house leh, Friday mah..... It ended up one group took the number and waited for their turn.
We another group of 7x ended up at The Manhattan Fish Market.

This soup and ice lemon tea came with the set order RM19.90++. Milkshake RM8.90++

Different types of sauces

Herb fish with rice set RM19.90++

Manhattan Fish & Chip RM14.90++

Cod Fillet set with fries & coleslaw. RM19.90++

Dory fillet set with fries and vege (RM19.90++)

No doubt the food was good! It was a bit pricey but the portion was filling enough.