Sunday, April 29, 2007

Raja Uda 唐人食

We 5x went to Machang Bubuk 天后圣母 to 拜拜抽签. Then shun pien dropped by Tokun Hutan Lipur 森林茶坊 yum char 吹水讲废话. Then went to Raja Uda newly opened (sin jamban:)) <唐人食> then followed by tong shui at Chai Leng Park- Wai Sek Kai. A lot of 冤枉路 due to we all old ppl got slight difficulty in recognizing the roads at night.

唐人食 @ new shop lot (beside Shell), Raja Uda. The price is not expensive actually but the dishes were just so-so. No comment lah but you should know what I mean. If comment more lagi kena pula I from those 'anonymous'.

Thanks to tai lou W for belanja.

Monday, April 23, 2007

I have to relate this post to Delicacies Corner

Sorry I have to put this post under Delicacies Corner instead of the Main.

Just now when having dinner at Fang Yuan, there were a couple (looked like age ~23-28 yrs old) coming in when we were about to finish ours.

The lady was very tall ~174cm, with plastic-surgery-high-nose and big boobs (this one I am not sure liao) :) wearing cincai sleeveless top and short pants carrying a big bag, with sandals (very casual, without makeup pun). Beside her was a guy, so-so, slightly shorter than her, long sleeves shirt and long pants (like office wear), wearing specs (not the polite bookworm type) but also not very kasar like lan chai type lah.

Since the restaurant only got two tables occupied at that time, therefore it's quiet and we managed to hear what they ordered, but not every sentence k.

" any hai som dish?" The guy asked.
"Got....with scallop, hai bee all cooked in claypot".
"OK, one."
"Got that one green green colour one or not?"
"Yah! right! Pls cook with........."
On and off the lady also tup zhui and joked lah when the taukeh kai siao dishes to them. Her voice was very low type, like Michelle Lee (Lei Kar Yan) so sexy. :)
The taukeh sek chyuu siong," you guys want to eat bao yu chee (abalone soup) or not? cook with blah blah....."
"How much?" The guy asked.
"OK, get one. Got any other dishes to recommend?"
"How about Tofu?"
They ordered 4 to 5 dishes at the end. The bill should be ~RM70.

I could see that the lady was nodding - implying "Yes" everytime when the guy placed the order. She was satisfied.

I looked at this couple. I si peh yan seong this guy lah for his generosity. He was chasing this lady (I think not at the initial stage odi loh) and he really was not kiam siap in treating his lady good meals. I did not mean "good" by looking at what they ordered, but it's the 'sim' and sincerity that I should say - this guy was making an effort as what a NORMAL guy should do.

Fyi, this Fang Yuan is not a high class restaurant lah, just a normal small restaurant which is ...I should say that gradually going down the slope already since dikalahkan oleh Double Gd. Price wise, my table with 3 adults + 1 kid only RM35 (we got the hai som too).

That reminded me of ......... not only one, but a few LCL who behaved totally kiam ku that you can only react by ...
(a) turned speechless, totally shocked.
(b) pui chao nuar.
(c) shaking head, mou ngan tai.
(d) don't-you-ever-asking-me-to-look-back
(e) All above

I guess by one day when I am freelance later, may be I can start writing a novel and tell all of you the stories. :)

Sorry to be mean, but I just couldn't help it *#%x#*! when I witnessed today how a guy is treating a lady. It's a knife cut on me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


It's always our eating-out days whenever my tai lou is oustation for days.

Sorry, repeat.

What to do leh? Near somemore good, mah repeat pong chan loh.:)
Mongolian pai kuat, tofu, kangkung, luo han zhai.

Not near but reasonable + big serving.
Orr cheoun gulai, tang gua thng, tong chou pai kuat

X Chao

We 5x went to this X chao to have tong shui. Some had dinner, some had supper.

The restaurant owner forbidded me taking the photos of her menu and dishes.

She said," We do not allow ppl taking photos on our menu. Dishes too."

She said," A lot of ppl are taking photographs without our permission." but she did not explain why.

We just said OK, no problem at all. We respected her policy lah. After all we were not there to 'steal' her whatever stuffs or ideas wor. It's just sort of hobbies nia nia.

I don't know what has happened to them before lah.

I just had difficulty understanding what her problem is. As long as you are not revealing your secret recipe to public, what are you afraid of?

Hmm...may be she is scared of ppl following her menu design and dishes type/variety. *shrugged*

To me, this is rather ridiculous. How well can you control it? Nowadays ppl are having cameraphones with high tech zoom feature etc, let alone those 'needle' cameras.

Ok, say you are super famous, you got enough ppl to know your restaurant / stall already, no need ppl to kepoh.

If you do not want your restaurant to gain publicity, then why you still need to post advertisement in newspaper lately?

At the end of the day when we cleared the bill, she offered to give us the new bill with all the dishes names completely listed down there. That made me even more confuse leh, does that mean that she believed that ppl won't steal her idea by looking at the list (menu) but only pictures?

*garu garu kepala*

I felt like telling her this,"Taukeh sow, SMILE more lah".

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tao @ E-gate

Tao @ E-gate

We ~25x colleagues had a farewell dinner for KKK at Tao on Tuesday night. Very long time no ppl resign odi, that's why we were all "geared up" for this makan festival.

We ladies gang table ~10x ordered the following dishes. I took pic on 1 dish nia lah, I makan also beh huu liao, somemore wanna take pic?! :)

These were what I like : Tofu, raw fishes, steamed egg, steamed eel. Mind you, you are NOT allowed to 'customize' your order by only choosing salmon / tuna one har.... That's why it made you geram loh for having to swallow the other two types of undesirable raw seafood. :)

Super oily one came liao..... beef, lamb, salmon, dunno-what.

Moderate oily one.....salmon, 串烧, tempura, dunno-what.

This was the most popular one, scallop. 3x dishes ordered.
I also like these dishes. spicy crab stick, vinegar octopus (potong till very tiny pcs), fried yam roll, California handroll.

For the octopus vinegar, they asked "what is this? "Octopus loh." "No see bayang pun?" "Got, nah... *I chopstick-ed it up and showed them* " goodness! iu mek mek..."

The fried yam roll made me malu nia. It was so damn 'hot' inside (the core there - that yam) when I had my first bite on it. I was halfway blowing 'hoo-har' you know. Then I saw Mdy was about to PUT it into the mouth, I quickly shouted, "Shio! shio! shio! (hot ! hot ! hot!) to alert Mdy with my mouth 'O-shaped' by having yam roll inside, so狼狈 !

Whatever dishes that we couldn't finish one, we passed to the table at the back - Guys one! Haha! It's actually syiok lah for coming out to eat together in such big group. That way we managed to order a lot of dishes to try out. Btw, both ladies and gentlemen' tables got something in common - We did not order any sushis, ha! Seng muk leh.

We were given 10% discount due to coming before 6p.m. and left before 8p.m. We paid RM48.5o each.

Btw, there was one 'late-comer' table (shh...........) of our gang which ate till si peh chuan loh at the end and called us for HELP! when we two tables were about to cabut. Why? coz they nearly got charged by not finishing up the rice & sushi dishes mainly. Mind you, got policy on any leftover 100g being charged RM10 mah.

Next visit shall go to Tao Juruautocity! :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Extract coconut oil

Liak kappa susah hor, last Sun extract this bloody hell coconut oil (for hair loss remedy) also same level lah. Nearly pengsan lah I for stirring it for 2 hrs! Lacking some patience also kalah man. Somemore got to jaga api coz I was doing it outdoor. Luckily lah I had some kappa to cook on the other side's wok to 'release tension'!

Mon was my first day using this coconut oil.

p/s: the next day my hair turned very 惨不忍睹 due to typical 'oily' look. 2x wash also can't remove leh. I quickly went back home during lunch hour to wash for the 3rd time. Ai.....zhan hai lor fu lei san.

Ding Tai Feng

Last Sat we 4x had our dinner at Ding Tai Feng after the movie "Hannibal Rising". *Wah, this movie syiok! kao bin tai :) . Gong Li so damn pretty man! * We discussed a lot about KILLING stuff while inside this restaurant. Thanks to tai lou B for belanja.

It was a very tiring day coz we woke up at 7.00 to go pai tee kong liao oi. After this dinner at DTF, later got somemore kaki joined to have supper at laksa shack. Nah, it's them ho liao one, not me loh. I surrendered odi.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Japin (绝品)

I went to have lunch here together with YY at Japin (绝品) Restaurant after getting the Jasmine goodie bag.

All this while I know there is this Jap restaurant at one end of the mall here which is not so strategically located. Therefore since last week Lil recommended me the ramen here, this time I took the chance to have a try loh.

Japin (绝品) Restaurant @ 2F, Queensbay Mall (near SenQ) (04-6415098). YY said it got the same outlet at Island Plaza too. *turtle lah me*

Ramen choices

Rice choices

Dessert (tong shui pou (糖水铺) with choices kinda similar to Wong Kok one.) Set Menu

I like its idea of having Jap and Hongkie-like set dishes mixed together with tong shui coz these are all the food that I like mah! If somebody of your gang would like to have just a light refreshment, then she/he can order the tong shui only.

You can know that my pill has taken effect on me when you see me ordering 4x ‘liquid’. The ramen serving is so damn big (meaning a lot of ‘soup’liao lah) + the green tea + the miso soup + the red bean soup. Siao liao! I must make sure that the next time I come out to such places to eat, I must be FULLY awake! :p

Stewed papaya with fungus RM3.80 Cyasyu Cyahan (Fried rice) RM5.00

Japin ramen RM15.00
Add side set (dessert, miso soup, drink) RM3.80

Price above excluding 10% tax.

Double Good

Double Good @ Jalan Tun Dr Awang, Sg Nibing Kecil. (04-6434188)

This restaurant 越作越旺. They put the tables till upstair, pavement and beside the road.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Liak Kappa

Yesterday 4x of us went to Teluk Kumbar to liak kappa after work! It was a last-minute decision made during our morning breaktime, mind you. :) We went there with office wear and used the rubber band to 'sok' our pants up. :)

These are our 'sao wok' after ~ 2 hrs of hard work!

The champion went to H. We should crown her as "kappa queen" already!

JB got the 1st runner up.

Wdy and I shared this, pai lor boey! *pai sey* :)

JB sister one. Also damn banyak!

So that's how our kappas look like after cooked. They were really sweet and fresh.
I told the rest that after this time of liak kappa session, "I will appreciate every BIJI of kappa I eat next time, coz now I know that catching them are really 粒粒皆辛苦!"

Kaki lenguh, tangan lenguh, basah sungguh!

Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi @ Queensbay

Lilian ajak me last minute for dinner the other night.

My first time there mah, so of coz MUST snap photos of these things loh...sua par kow hor?! :)

We ordered SASHIMI! *yeah yeah alright, I know I have been keeping myself away from sashimi pretty long lah due to takut cacing* This time, 破例一次 loh coz she is also a sashimi and wasabi kaki! 杀啦!

Hmm....the raw fish were all good. Raw sotong was kinda 'plastic', did not like it. I have never tasted raw prawn before,so Lilian said," SWEET!" hoho, ok, tasted good lah.

Then we went down to LG there to buy green tea ice cream cone and halfway chit-chatting, halfway licking the ice cream, halfway window shopping.

Got Cent Cafe II

Yesterday due to Mr.H lost a bet on a soccer match to Miss.M, we ended up here again.

clockwise : set lunch-of-the-day, tom yam seafood, fried rice, set lunch dessert & drink, thai fried hor fun, green curry.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Autocity makan trip

6x of us went to Autocity III. There were two of us need to chia one fellow and there were some who have never been there before so it's a 2-in-1 session.

Most of them asked," 6x? can fit in one car or not?"
I said," Don't worry, I used U car to fetch you ppl. Make sure buy poe hiam ah."

The main circle's restaurants are mostly available in island, so I recommended to go to the back one.

TAO....hmm.....this one's so damn nice looking from the outside. I mean the interior decoration.We MUST come back one day later when we can afford to eat MORE....:)

The Golden Triangle serving thai vietnamese ?! Its entrance is damn posh! Then followed by the Hongkie, then Roxburry. Out of so many restaurants, we cincai chose one lah.
Roxburry @ Autocity III. The ceiling hall is very tall. Ambience OK. The music turned noisier later at night. There were some youngsters hip hop dancing at its entrance.

Clockwise : drinks, pasta, salad, soup,roxburry chicken / mutton steaks.
Food. soso.Each one spent about RM25.

"Will you recommend theses dishes?"

"Hmm......really no comment lah."

So you got it?!