Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ang Eng Keat (Sua Kau) & Ang Guan Huat Catering

It's been ages long since I last been invited to a 'household' wedding dinner.

This host family is generous, serving wide ranges of exotic delicacies (山珍海味) and free-flow liquors (任饮) including XO.


琵琶香鸭 + 金猪仔 (Crispy duck + crispy piglet) serving in one dish.

What left behind was the duck, of course not the crispy-skinned piglet!


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Friday, May 27, 2011

Are we the only Hokkien-speakings at Delicious Straits Quay? *LOL*

"Oh.....No wonder lah!" This is the expression when I finally saw this line "A subsidiary of Eastern & Oriental Berhad" when browsing the menu.

Why why why?

When I was at a food review session the other day, this "Delicious" term caught my attentio, not only because it was mentioned repetitiously but also because of this keng one," Aiyoh, if you think of eating the desserts at C* Brown, you might as well going to Delicious loh, same amount of spending, lagi TATT!" .

This amount of people during a WORKING monday at ~2pm should be considered "good business" already kua! This is neither FIZ nor town area oh.

but then when I looked around, I saw mostly are foreigners (guess 'second-home'?!) and very elegantly dressed locals. :)

"Ei, do you think that we are the only table speaking Hokkien ah?" :p

"May be loh!" *followed by LOL*

Lemonade from the Front Lawn RM9.90++ -- Wowo! Super sour!

Hot Honey Lemon RM5.90++ -- See? Got biscotti somemore!

Mascarpone Pesto Chicken served with Fried Potatoes and Asparagus RM39.90++

Big serving indeed! Half the chicken is in this plate already. Add on the potatoes somemore! Not full yet? You must be kidding!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Opposite Padang Brown's Bak Kut Teh

This is the so called famous bak kut teh which is located at Jalan Perak, opposite the Padang Brown (same row with SONY, Klinik Singapore and 'Pakar Urut Only One').

I was not really impressed with the soup base but I can tell you that I was truly impressed by their fast and efficient ways of serving the food and entertaining your needs.

Credits are given on : 1) fast in ushering you for seats and taking your order. 2) as soon as your bak kut teh claypot is served and within 5 min, they already top up the soup for me (!). 3) their work segregation is very good, systematic, no kelam-kabut. Each one is dedicated to his own job responsibility.

The yam rice is very moist. I like it.

A claypot for two persons is RM16. FYi, charging per head is RM8.

I was impressed with the variety of ingredients stuffed inside the claypot too!!


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Sunday, May 22, 2011

El Casa Wine & Dine Restaurant (Invited Review)

The colour tone and image portrayed are sharp enough for you to know that this whole restaurant is Mediterranean-based, with white & blue colour painting inside out. (Oh ya, except the restrooms :) .

The yellow lighting which I like the MOST is matched with blue sky ceiling and neat table settings, expressing cozy and cool ambience.

Left to Right :
Wine display corner (Wide selection of wine from France, Australia, Chile and etc).
Outdoor seating (smoking area/ceiling fan).
Indoor seating (non-smoking area/air-cond).


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Friday, May 20, 2011

風味小食館 Foong Wei Heong Restaurant : Quickly eat and go away!

Foong Wei Heong gives me such impression. I don't know about you. *shrugged*

Pros : Fast in serving. Serving quality dishes.

Cons : Have a kind of feeling of rushing you to quickly eat and go away.

I went there in early May. Booking time was changed from 7.30pm to 6.00pm, per their request (to spread out the crowd). Prior to this successful booking, many calls were done.

Fyi, just as soon as we finished our dishes, they quickly cleared the table. Another thing is as soon as we settled the bill, we were not 'allowed' at all to sit there chit-chatting while drinking tea (coz they stopped serving you tea already! hinting you to leave already mah!) and guess what?! they started to pull away the red cloth (table cover)! Wahlau ei!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring Roll

Sea Cucumber with Mushroom & Broccoli

Shiong Tong Yun Choy


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Village BBQ & Steamboat (Invited Review)

The BBQ Corner - Raw ingredients

Charcoal BBQ grill in action


Seriously I found that this charcoal BBQ section did not impress me that much if compared to the Portuguese Grill(!!) at the later part.


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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Tek Sen (德成飯站) Claypot Salted Fish Pork

Once in a while I will still miss the dishes at Tek Sen (德成飯站), but now it's at the new premise. The whole interior is lit with yellow light!

Claypot Salted Fish Pork (RM14.00)

This is one of their signature 'dish of the day'.

Instead of what you see below, I prefer the way once they cut the pork into long thin stripes, which after cooking they all look like long curly wrapping ribbons. :)

See? As thin as this!


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