Saturday, April 29, 2006


Since Wdy suggested to meet at E-Gate, we chose to go to this Bequadro instead of the S* King or H* Kopitiam. The S*King could be deleted since its super fan (YY) was not attending tonight. For H*Kopitiam leh, it was a place which failed to let u have the urge to go for 2nd time. Cean said the food of Bequadro is OK when she last tried, then we mah OK loh.

E-Gate Bequadro Restaurant & Cafe

 Deco 01
 Deco 02
 Deco 03 #1 Spaghetti Marinara (seafood)
 Spaghetti Marinara#2 Fish Piccata
 Fish Piccata#3 Chicken Piccata
 Chicken PiccataI was very satisfied with my dish (#1). It was not too sweet (not just pure tomato paste) and the serving size was good enough so that it won't make me feel ji-lak when eating halfway or towards the end. The rest were also OK with their dishes. The only complain was the price. :)

I was soooooooo glad to know that this Old Town Kopitiam (旧街场咖啡馆)is opening soon at E-Gate. It will be located in between this Bequadro and the Starbucks. Hohohoho! What a good news~!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* It saves half the journey to travel to E-Gate instead of Megamall oi!

The Megamall's old town kopitiam is here.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


We 4-1 came out to have a 'zham- zham' session at Aji Nippon Jap Restaurant, I-Avenue yesterday night after knowing that Cean has tendered her resignation too.


Aji Nippon Menu
Tenzaru Soba Set, Gyoza & Ramen Set, Tuna Mayo Salad.
Aji Nippon Dishes
Lighting Deco
Aji Nippon Deco
You can now see the next door Ichyo Restaurant got a 'sign' showing you the direction of its entrance. *Ha, got people went into wrong restaurant huh?*

试后感言: Ramen go Ichyo. Soba go Aji.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Pizza Hut

We in a group of 6 went to Pizza Hut for its express set lunch. It was so disappointing that the spaghetti set was not available (even for ala carte also no). Argh...the only choice of getting a not-so-oily food also mou mai, chan hai ya!

pizza hut express set lunch

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sg Tiram Roti

Rotiroti toast with half boiled eggs
Look familiar to you boh?! Where else?! of course the Sg Tiram kopitiam one loh.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I am ramen-sick. OK, I finally can go trying out the ramen at Ideal Avenue, Bayan Point.

Ichyo Ramen Restaurant

Miso Ramen in big bowl (ala carte), appetizer Miso RamenHan-Chan Tonkotsu Ramen Set consists of the following dishes. *Aiyah, I regret leh ordering the set one coz the ramen was served in a very small bowl nia, mana cukup leh?! Anyway, this tonkotsu (排骨) soup is more yummy than the above one*Han-Chan Tonkotsu Ramen SetThis was prepared for the 小鬼头 to 'chian' one.Isshin chopsticks?! I was kee kwai to find the 'Isshin' chopsticks on the table. Before this, I assumed that this Ichyo is closely related to Soba Yoshi Restaurant at Krystal Point (same logo, recognizable faces inside) when I first got there to check the menu out. When I fedback to my ramen kaki, Cean, she sighed," Aiyah, like that must be kui siao also liao". Never did I expect the Isshin Restaurant at Autocity, Juru is theirs too. I finally checked from the lady at counter and she said these three are under the same taukeh. No wonder lah all at similar above-average price range one.


Frankly speaking, everytime after I tried out the ramen here and there, I missed the Chiku-Ho ramen at Midlands even more. (Too bad, close liao)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Buffet Lunch @ Traders Hotel

We had our farewell lunch for K @ The Islander, Traders Hotel, Penang (formerly known as Shangri-La Hotel, Penang). There were altogether ~ 48 persons of us in total 浩浩荡荡 going there. Phew~! This was the very first time we went that 'far' oh. Everyone was happy with the arrangement this time as they all said the food here is 'better' compared to EQ. In actual I guess the 新鲜感 played a big role as we all get bored going to EQ already mah. Morover here got the sushi corner lah, spaghetti and kue kak etc lah:) In another word, sin jamban ho pang sai. *oops, sorry*

Shangrila buffer lunch dishesOne last thing that made everyone even happier was - 'somebody' has foot the bill ! kakakaka! 一朝天子一朝臣. We appreciated that a lot! *wink wink*