Tuesday, September 29, 2009

J.Co Baby Donuts - J. POPS!

J. CO DONUTS and COFFEE @ Queensbay Mall

Today taukeh nio treated us with the J. POPS baby donuts -from the newly opened J.CO.

Small on size, Big on Taste! I like the slogan, "Once you POP, you may not be able to stop!"

J. POPS baby donuts come in 12 flavors of their best-selling donuts.

Served in a box of 24 pieces! Price @ RM17.15 (+5% gov tax = RM18)

Inside this box contains :
Left (from Top to Btm) : Coco Loco, Why Nut, Cheese Me Up, Tira Missu, Caviar Choco, Mona Pizza.
Right (from Top to Btm) : Alcapone, Oreo, Heaven Berry, Caviar Mint, Mango, Crunchy.


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Monday, September 28, 2009

Indonesia Bakso Hot Soup Noodle

Indonesia Bakso Hot Soup Noodle @ Sungai Dua (Boon Wah Food Court)

I mana boleh tahan when seeing this ?! Of course got to try it out lah!

Big RM3.80, Small RM3.50.
Small one is like this with little ingredients. *not enough lah!* :)

4x beef balls plus a few slices of beef. Not enough UMPH lah!

The chilli sauce that comes with the Bakso noodles.(more.....)

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tutti Frutti Drunken Chicken is still very trademark-ed!

Tutti Frutti Restaurant @ Tesco Extra Sungai Dua.

I would like to compare Tutti Frutti Drunken Chicken vs Max Gourmet BBQ Honey Sauce Chicken Chop here since I was having chicken and chicken for the consecutive two days.

I like Tutti Frutti since the day when it was first opened at Bukit Jambul. Of course, the outlet has then been moved to Sungai Dua a few years ago and has diversified their menu too. What impressed me most is the quality of its old aged dish, Drunken Chicken still remains as good as last time. Another dish that I like is its Ice-Ice Noodles.

Drunken Chicken Rice @ RM7.90 nett
The chicken is delicious with its special homemade 'black' sauce which I think is considered as pretty 'trademark' one. (I think it's far more special than the Max Gourmet's BBQ Honey Sauce which tasted plain sweet only (scroll below)).

I have always wanted to ask for more rice whenever I ate this plate of drunken chicken (but never did lah! paiseh lah as where got people asking for 'more rice' one when eating such kind of meal hor?! ) :)

Black Pepper Chicken @ RM12.80 nett
Do take note that this black pepper version served @ Tutti Frutti is more spicy than ordinary ones. For me, I cannot tahan loh.

What a waste if come here and never order their frutti shake right?! Back to their old days at BJ, the price of Tutti Frutti's drinks has always been considered at high side already compared to their dishes (imagine the old days when Secret Recipe, Segafredo and etc are not yet that popular yet).

Fruitti Freezi @ RM6.50 nett.(more.....)

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kirishima Bento - Am I admiring the food or the tableware?!

Kirishima Japanese Restaurant (霧島)@ Cititel Hotel

I need to blog this out as I want to see if there's anyone else like me out there?!

Firstly, I felt like playing masak-masak dining at Kirishima. I think the bento below is suitable for ladies loh. 賞心悅目!

Secondly, I did not know whether I was enjoying eating the food or was I enjoying eating with the tablewares served instead?!

Story starts like this.......

We were seated at the most behind table. We waited for a long while before we managed to get one waitress to take our orders.

After that when we settled with our orders finally, then only I realized how dumb I was.

"Nah, press this button for assistance lah!!!!!! Your eyes 'takk' stamps hor?! " I cartoon-ed at myself.

Table setting ready with this heavy-weight tiny bowl of long beans with slight spicy curry flavour. Japanese ala-local?! :)

King Prawn Rolls (RM24++)
- Deep fried king prawn with salmon and avocado layered topping .

I was a bit doubtful when this dish was served as I couldn't identify is this the King Prawn Rolls that we ordered ?! Why? As I only could recognize this dish by its signature prawn head!
Where the heck is my PRAWN HEAD???????? I saw their blogs and the the menu itself have prawn head one woh. :)
The King Prawn Rolls tasted really as glamourous as its dish name (minus the absence of prawn head :) ). It's stuffed with salmon+avocado+fried prawn all rolled into one. I truly enjoyed these rolls!

Kirishima Bento (RM38++)
- Special box with sushi, deepfried chicken, tempura, small soba, vinegared dish and appetizer served with egg custard, pickles, salad, small braised dish, tea pot soup, pudding and fruits.
This is the one that I wanted to blog! I really felt like chit thoe ma ma sak leh! It's considered 'fun' eating with all those tiny little dishes! When I ate one by one, I took each of the plate/bowl up and studied properly how the material and shape of them are.

Every dish in this bento set comes in small serving and very attractive combination of tablewares.

Tempura sauce and soya sauce (rectangular shape) - see above.
Fried garlic rice (round shape, comes with a cover, external is golden colour (see above, bottom left corner).
Eel sushi (octagon shape, white colour).

Salad (triangle shape, thick and cloudy glassware, I like this one!)
Sashimi (round-edged square shape) - salmon is rolled up like blossom flower and wasabi is decorated at the side like a petal!

Underneath the triangle one is the soba (cylinder shape, mimic bamboo).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We waited 30 min NO SERVICE?

Do you dare to do so?!

It's so mean yet innovative and humorous. :)

P/s : Photo above is extracted from a fwd mail.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wang Chao 旺朝 Special Packages - Super Fast!

Wang Chao 旺朝 @ Pekaka Square

No government tax. No service charge!

Fast in serving special shark's fin packages 精選魚翅套餐 (like what being shown below) even without booking ahead.

We need to wait for members instead of waiting for dishes to be served. :)

Other than ala carte menu, it offers an irresistable wide varieties of special packages (特别配套), segregated by number of pax and budget range.

Go here to view a full listing of their special packages .

We chose Set F (RM258) [6-7 pax] to celebrate our last day before starting our Raya holiday!

干贝蟹皇砂煲翅 DRIED SCALLOP SHARK’S FIN SOUP [ My rating : 7/10]

招牌砂煲咖喱虾CLAYPOT CURRY PRAWN [My rating : 8/10]

If the shell can be removed up front, then it would be very good lah!

滋补酒香醉雪鱼HERBAL DRUNKEN COD FISH SOUP [ My rating : 7/10]

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Annabelle's Place Afternoon Tea -" The Windsor Tea"

Annabelle's Place Afternoon Tea @ Lembah Permai, Tanjung Bungah.

The Windsor Tea For Two (RM35.90 nett). No additional charges/taxes. NETT price!!! *happy*
One glance at it, I will think that this one is charged at higher price compared to Winter Warmer's Afternoon Tea for Two one but actually not much difference.
Winter Warmer one is @ RM29.90++ = RM34.40. See?!

The Windsor Tea For One is @ RM17.90 nett. Winter Warmer one is RM15.90++ = RM18.30.


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jumbo Delicious

Jumbo Delicious - Pork Free Western Cuisine Restaurant

Last week, I picked one of the weekdays, grabbed the flyer (that was distributed by Criz during 4th flogger gathering) and headed for Jumbo Delicious.
$$ Super Deal! Accompanied child below 12 years old will get a FREE kid's meal with every main set ordered * Terms apply* $$
$$ Whoever presenting the flyer is entitled for a 10% discount (Valid till Dec 2009) $$

These are the kid's meal choices. Each @ RM4.90. I personally favour the mini burgers (too cute mah!) and the sausages (long mah!).

Fish fillet.


Mini burgers.

Trying to peep is it?! No pork lah.

Griled Chicken.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Kozue Japanese Restaurant

Kozue Japanese Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza

Another miscommunication series. This time it happened at Kozue. Last Saturday.

Maguro Sashimi (RM28.00). 5 pcs. No doubt mou tak teng! but...RM28++ leh. RM6.40 per piece. Orrrrgh!

Unagi Don RM20.00++. XL size of unagi with rice plus a bowl of miso soup.

We actually asked if the rice above could be changed to garlic rice (since the menu there featuring garlic rice at the right top corner and it looked soooo good). The waitress (looks like foreign worker?!) said "OK, garlic rice." then we assumed that she understood what we wanted.

She ended up serving us one bowl of unagi don and one bowl of garlic rice.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Restoran Hand Noodles 千日拉麵- OMG!

Restoran Hand Noodles 千日拉麵 @ Krico, Bukit Minyak.

This is another OO LONG story of mine.

My eyes opened wide when I saw this, " Value set leh should be cheap lah."

By adding RM4 will entitle you for the set, which comes with drink/jelly and two side dishes.
I didn't actually pay attention to the price when I decided not to have either chicken or pork.
The waiter flipped over to the next page and said, "You can choose from here too!"
"Oh ya kah?! OK. I choose this lah (pointing to the seafood)." Little did I know that the seafood price is a lot higher than the previous page lah. :(

San Zha Tea (included in the set one). Sour lah! Zha zai I choose jelly lah!

The two side dishes that I chose.

The noodles variety.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chilli Corner

Chilli Corner @ Nagore Road

I had a satisfactory meal at Chilli Corner last Sunday.

Ulam (RM2.50) . Thought it's FOC mana tau bukan. :) We didn't order leh, in fact I am not pro in eating this at all! :(

Steamed Fish (Siam Style) (RM25) . It tasted more sour than spicy. Suit me.

Deep Fried Kangkung (RM7) .
Alamak! I didn't expect this dish to be that big for a table of two! It's deep fried kangkung, not the kangkung vege alone woh. Adui! How could it be so big serving one har?! :)


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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Cupcakes from Alice Cookies & Bakery

I happened to grab a few cupcakes from Alice Cookies & Bakery @ their booth at Penang Times Square Flea Market on last Saturday. *FYI, I do not know them. Whatever I eat, I post. Ok?!*

Hmm....they tasted not bad at all! I like these few flavours which is priced at RM2.50 each. I do not like those manik manik layoured on top type or super sweet type one lah. Un?!


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Sunday, September 06, 2009

清歡茶坊 (Qing Huan Chinese Tea House)

清歡茶坊 (Qing Huan Chinese Tea House) @ Kuching Lane, Pulau Tikus.

This is the place I used to visit frequently before I started food blogging. I am glad that it still survived after so many years ! Wow!

Another "Wow!" is when I look at the price, hmm......it does not impose much changes compared to last time (as far as I can recall lah). :)

塵囂中品一壺清壺 . A place to enjoy chinese tea in a cozy & relaxing atmposphere.

白咖啡 White Coffee (RM3.80) & 百香果泡沫紅茶Markisa Tea Shake (RM3.60). I love its Markisa!

紫魚米粉湯 Vegetable Fish Mee Hoon Soup (RM4.50) .
No wonder it's this kind of combination. The vege fish itself is flavourful enough to be eaten alone with mee hoon.

紅茶雞湯麵線 Black Tea Chicken Mee Sua Soup (RM4.90) .
This one is almost similiar to those herbal type of soup base but less heaty and milder.


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

中國民間瓦缸煨湯餐館 Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup (Part IV)

中國民間瓦缸煨湯餐館 - Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup @ Fairwood Cafe, Sungai Ara

Part IV already...A hem! I will continue to collect my soup photos loh.

北芪黨參蜜棗雞湯 (RM15) . This one is sweet and mild-heaty, not to the extent like the below one.

冬蟲草花旗蔘雞湯 (RM20) - Phew!!! This one is simply too heaty for some of us. It was a rainy day, when we were back to office, three of us felt our bodies were very warm (nearly like huat juak that type) for a few hours.


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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

CB Yummy Cuisine (美味小食館)

CB Yummy Cuisine @ Sungai Ara

My merdeka day ended up at here...........I have reached a stage now that I just felt like wanna eat plain porridge. :)

Mui Choy Kow Yuk (RM12). Why must the mui choy kow yuk be added with dried red chillies uh? I found out that the style of some zhu char stalls lately are like this loh.

Claypot Fish Fillet (RM16).

Shiong Tong Yun Choy (RM8). This one is pretty good.

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