Monday, November 29, 2010

Homecook Soup for Lazy Bones

I wanna share some easy (or lazy?!) yet hardly-fail soups that I like to cook.

Black Bean Lotus Root Pig Tail Soup

Ingredients : black beans (50cents) , lotus root 1x, pig tail 1x, dried oyster (optional).  Simple ingredients but quite costly.


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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bravo Italiana (Invited Review) Part II

Set Dinner : Pesce Misto alla Milanese (RM43.00+)
New item, only available as Set Dinner (Soup of the day + drinks (lavazza coffee / tea / ice lemon tea) + dessert of the day).
-Grilled salmon fillet and jumbo shrimp with classic Milanese sauce.

[My rating 6/10]
Again, I always believe grilled salmon in western cuisine has the risk of having strong fishy smell, if compared to Japanese cuisine.

The jumbo shrimps were pretty good though. Most of us were impressed by the mashed potato, not only the outlook was eye-catching , internally it was stuffed with melted cheese! Surprisingly good !

Set Lunch with main course of Chicken Parmigiana (RM25.00+)
The set lunch comes with Soup of the day + drinks (coffee / tea / ice lemon tea) + single scoop of ice-cream.

[My rating : Nil - as we did not have the chance to taste Chicken Parmigiana]

Pizza alla Sicilian (RM32.00+) - With beef pepperoni, chicken sausage, onion, green pepper,black olive and crushed pepper.
[My rating : 6/10] (more......)

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bravo Italiana (Invited Review) Part I

I have done a food review on this restaurant back in 2009 when it first launched its new menu. You may refer to here Bravo Italiana (New Menu) Part I and Bravo Italiana (Invited Review) Part II.

This round is for 2010. Nearly ending already! :) Let me see if there has got any surprise for us?!

Bravo Italia is a trattoria dining establishment that serves inexpensive and rustic food in a less formal dining atmosphere.

Bruschetta (RM8.80+) -Toasted bread topped with fresh diced tomato, Italian herbs, olive oil and melted cheese.

[My rating 5/10]

The serving size seemed to be larger compared to last time. This bruschetta supposed to be without cheese. The restaurant owner cum chef (Mr. Lim) has modified this to suit local taste especially for those cheese lovers. For me, I still do not know how to appreciate / buy this dish, like last time.

Grilled Chicken Salad (RM17.00+) - Strips grilled marinated chicken, topped on fresh mixed salad.
[My rating 5/10]

This is ideal for someone who is on diet or prefers to order a salad dish as main course. I would consider ordering this dish if the price was lower, say RM12.00?!  :)

Baked Oyster Vesuvio (RM31.80+ for half dozen)  - Half shell oyster topped with mushroom, cream and melted Mozzarella cheese.

[My rating 6.5/10] (more......)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


哩香吧生肉骨茶 (Liu Li Xiang Bak Kut Teh)
Compared to the rest of Dry Bak Kut Teh that I have tried before, I found that this one lacks of kong pou flavour, rather sweet instead.
Yam rice - of course it could not any better than those authentic Yam Rice version @ Chai Leng Park.


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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pappa Rich Curry Laksa so lemak one ah?

Last week I went to Pappa Rich for two days consecutively. My rating for the food is : 80% beh khi.

Now only I realized I should have appreciated more on Apex @ Queensbay area. :)

Pappa Energy Detox Tea with Honey (RM5.90+) , Teh C Hot (RM2.80+)

It's basically like ceylon tea + honey. I do not know what is the DETOX about? For me, it tasted pretty weird and bitter at the first sip. I wonder where did the honey taste go?
The Teh C was milder than Old Town one.

Pappa Curry Laksa Special with Foo Chok (RM9.90+), Pappa Curry Laksa (RM8.90+)

TOOOOOOOOOOOO lemak liao! Really like eating / drinking curry. This was stated at the first page of the menu therefore I thought it must be something like their signature dish uh?! Oh no......I swear I'll never order this again, even if it's given FOC.


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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Salsas Restaurant Set Dinner RM32.00++

The last round of set dinner I had at Salsas was back in 2007 .

After having an unpleasant dining experience in The Mansion 32, I decided to give this a try last Wednesday. I noticed that the set dinner menu did not change much since 2007. It is basically the same as last time.
Nah, the only difference I could notice was this. The cloth wrapping the bread! Haha!

Set Dinner @ RM32++

Seafood platter top with basil salsa on cucumber salad. .(more......)

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