Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old Town - Hurray but Argh!

It has been ages since I last stepped into Old Town.

Wow! New posh menu with lots of dishes introduced. Egg noodles, steamed bread series, chicken rice/ Hainanese chicken chop rice, steamed rice series, roti canai series and etc. New drinks are available too (cendol series & etc). Hurray!

White Coffee (RM3.50++) at Old Town Queensbay.

Nasi Lemak Special (RM7.90++). This one exists in the old menu. (more......)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ama Dessert (阿嫲糖水铺)

When I was around Lip Sin the other day, I went to try it out. Btw, I got to know this restaurant after reading the post fromMKitchen.

Western Food Menu

Dessert Menu


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Friday, September 24, 2010

My beloved Yee Heong (宜香茶樓飯店) – 日日帮衬都不厌!(Part 2)

马来风光(Fried Kangkung with Sambal Belacan) RM6.00. This one is not comparable with the Hai Onn one as this one is without sambal belacan style.


南乳扣肉(Braised Pork with Fermented Beancurd)  RM10.00. Great dish with very succulent pork!


My beloved Yee Heong (宜香茶樓飯店) – 日日帮衬都不厌!(Part 1)

One of the Lao Jee Hoe (老字号)restaurants in Penang.

Back in August, my super keng record - visited Yee Heong three times within 10 days!

The variety of dishes in Yee Heong allows me to order different dishes everyday and yet it won't repeat. What's more important is its price is very affordable (or cheap) yet food quality is above average! 掂啊!平靓正!

菜干汤 Choy Kon Tong)RM6.00. One of the lou for tong (老火汤)that I would not miss ordering if the soup of day happens to be this one.

咸鱼蒸猪肉(Salted Fish Steamed Minced Meat) RM8.00

椰香鱼片 Coconut Fish Fillets (RM8.00). This one is very appetizing with santan's fragance. (more......)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Azuma September

This is the September Promotional Set.
Unagi Kabayaki To Kimuchi Chahan Set (RM19.90).
Hmm......I must not complain even if the unagi size served is MINI. Mind you, look at the price lah ok?! :)
It's great to have kimuchi fried rice, but then it's simply too 'strong' for this unagi set. I would prefer plain rice or just garlic fried rice will do.

Red plate Maki (RM5.80) (more......)

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kozue – when taukeh takda…..

Since the first visit, I have already known the serving size here is small thus I have no further comment on this.
I was not biased towards Kozue but everytime I went (three times already oh!), there wasn't any satisfactory one. Why? could it be due to "taukeh tak ada" ?
The 'miscommunication' story of my past visit is here.
This time, Kozue has come up with Set Lunch Promotion finally.

One of the choices is Sushi Set.

Another choice is Chicken Saikyo Miso Yaki, which made all of us having difficulty in figuring out who was the one ordering this dish. (Again, the male foreign worker couldn't tell us what this dish is,  did not know the dish name and could never answer us either).


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cariso Homecook Aglio Olio Spaghetti

This is my version of Aglio Olio Spaghetti. :)
I am using Barilla Spaghetti No.5 (blue box packaging).

Spaghetti - I used about  ~50 cents coin of diameter measurement and put into the boiled water, added with a tablespoon of salt. 8 minutes. (more......)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Annabelle's Place for Once In A While

Once in a while I will miss Annabelle’s Place.
Last week I went again. I found out that there is not much changes on the food except the following……
Mushroom Soup (RM7.00 nett)
Once glance at it, you should know well that this is unlike those instant types of mushroom cream.
Mix Fruit Cocktail (RM8.90 nett). Mocha Avalanche (RM10.90 nett). Same price as Jul, 2009.
You can skip ordering this mix fruit cocktail.  :) The Mocha Avalanche in this case of course is better than this cocktail. (more......)

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

RM30 nett Weekend Thai Buffet of Copthorne Orchid Hotel (Invited Review)

Thanks to the invitation by FoodPromotions , I had a hearty get-together-cum-food-review session with the rest of floggers on last Saturday night.

RM30 nett (Adult) is all you need to enjoy the 'Genuinely Thai' buffet at Terrace Bay Restaurant, Copthorne Orchid Hotel, Penang for this August/September.

Presented to you by Thai Chef, Chamnan Ngamlamai from Bangkok.

Terrace Bay Restaurant is having a perfect setting overlooking the swimming pool.

..but I guess most of the time you will be sitting in the restaurant unless you come out to the hawker stalls . :)

The Buffet Menu we had on last Saturday Dinner was listed below (subjected to change).


Papaya Mango Salad (Som Tam), Yam Woon Sees (Thai Glass Noodle Salad), Thai Egg Salad (Yam Khai), Spicy Seafood Salad (Yam Thalay), Mizi Fresh Fruit with Sour Sauce (Yam Pholamai)

Salad dressings : Thousand Island, Italian, Creamy French, Sambal.

The dishes listed above were not as spicy and sour as I thought. In general the Thai typical 'hot+ spicy+sour' taste was milder.

For example, I wish the sourness for this Yam Woon Sees could be more!

All varieties of appetizers/salads in one plate.(more......)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Apex Benggali Peanut & Butter Toast

I frequent Apex mainly because of its cozy cooling ambience and their Benggali Bread series! Not fancy on any of their food though.

I could not find any other similar kopitiams (which I need not mention their names here) that serve benggali bread like APEX does.
I particularly love its Peanut & Butter Toast! Look carefully at the price, RM3.80! Orrrghhh! CKA leh! :)

Now, compared with this one, Kaya & Butter Toast priced at RM1.80. There is a Two-Ringgit difference oh!!! (more......)

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Chee Meng Wanton Mee - Delicate & Mini!

I couldn't help myself from hunting for this wanton mee immediately after reading posts detailed by GourmetGarden here (Chinese) and here (English). Also earlier written by CK here.

Coincidentally I was at town therefore I managed to go there 3 times within 2 weeks! :)

Look at the price list. One item caught my attention here!

Pricing List 
S = RM2.50, M = RM2.80, L = RM3.00, Special (加料) = RM3.30
Sui Kao 水饺 = RM0.60 per piece
You Cai 油菜 (S) = RM1.00, (M) = RM2.00
Cheng Tong 清汤 (Clear soup) = RM0.30 per bowl (Hohoho!!!! This must be indicating that the soup is 'valuable' enough to charge customers uh?!)

Small RM2.50 (1 roll of noodles + basic portion of ingredients, 2x wanton)
Seriously after tasting both versions, I prefer the white version more! This version could bring out the genuine flavour of their wanton noodles.
Basically it tasted sweet. I enjoyed eating the noodles at minimal seasoning  and of course with the fragance of roast pork oil.
Their wanton(s) are mini in size. Every ingredient here is mini/little as the key actor lies on the noodles lah!
The taste is somewhat similiar to Sarawak Kolok Mee  BUT then Kolok Mee nowadays mostly come with very heavy lard taste, very oily and not as fragant as this one loh.
Special RM3.30 (1 and 1/2 rolls of noodles+ a little bit more on each ingredient e.g. add 1x extra wanton)
This is also Special (RM3.30) but in BLACK version instead, with dark soya sauce.  (more......)

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Teluk Kumbar Seafood Restaurant (公巴好友海鮮)

On Merdeka-eve, I brought Rachel to Hao You for a simple dinner at around 6.30pm before sending her off to airport. Mind you, we had our lunch at ~3.00pm oh! :)

Kung Pou Fried Paddy Chicken

Not very spicy although it was kung pou style, the paddy chicken flesh was juicy and solid though.

Fried Teochew Mee Tiao

They did not serve yellow noodle, only teochew mee tiao. Hmm......kinda special, fried in dry version with seafood ingredients. Rachel liked it very much!

Kam Heong Fried Kappa (more......)

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Hock Chuan Heong (福泉香) 又爱又恨!

Hock Chuan Heong (福泉香)

An authentic Hokkien cuisine that used to be my family's all-time-favourite. But then....Two persons having meal like this (as shown below) gonna spend about RM50. Argh! I guess I got to limit myself from visiting Hock Chuan Heong that often unless memang tak bolah tahan dah! :)

Oyster Noodle (the below photo is showing full oysterversion (全蚝). Another type is oysters mixed with other ingredients (fish slices, pork and etc).

The yellow noodle, after frying, gives a very good noodle frangance (面香)(lye water as a factor) which cannot be substituted with any other types of noodles. That's what I like the most about yellow noodle!

At times I felt "yer...." looking at those big sizes of oysters. I prefer smaller size one. :)

Char Tao Kua (Fried Dried Bean Curd with Leeks).

A never-fail-to-order dish, simple yet delicious with spice-marinated dried bean curd, leeks and BIG prawns! This dish alone is great enough to savour with a bowl of porridge.  (more......)

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

裕隆茶室 (Sungai Tiram) Roti Bakar

I appreciated this kopitiam a lot. Without this kopitiam, I won't be able to enjoy good toasts at south-west region of Penang as it's simply too inconvenient to travel down to town in order to have just 2 pieces of good toasts for breakfast.

Serving is considered fast even though the kopitiam is always packed with customers.

See? Hainanese bread could do magic with just plain butter!

Two pieces of half-boiled eggs. Either consume separately or dip your toast into it.  (more......)

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