Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pezintine Italian 9.99

This week is "iao lur" week (coz iao lur kaki comes already).

Restoran Pezintine (Western & Italian Fine Cuisine) @ Persiaran Bayan Indah, Queensbay.

This is another branch similiar to Restorante Little Italy @ Bukit Jambul and Les Andalous @ Mayang Mall.

Set lunch below @ RM9.99 ++ (total RM11.00 nett) per person.

The set comes with mushroom-soup/pumpkin soup/onion soup, garlic bread and ice lemon tea / lime tea.

All of us never tasted such kind of mushroom soup before leh, so rich and thick one. *ingredient a lot but too thick leh*
Mushroom soup

We 7x ordered Seafood spaghetti, Chicken, Dory Fish.

Pezintine set lunch main courses
My Clam & chilli spaghetti is OK. Ngam my taste. :)

Pezintine clam spaghetti

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Little cottage people birthday falls on boxing day so song one leh. For those birthday gal / guy must be syiok lah, as for us who treat then pocket got to drill hole loh. :)

Little Cottage Cafe @ Burmah Road

Xmas Set Lunch - Grill chicken (RM 25.90 nett) , Grill fish (RM27.90 nett) comes with soup, bread roll, pudding and coffee/tea.

Little Cottage 01
Little Cottage 02

Little Cottage 03

Beach Corner @ Bayu Senja, Batu Ferringhi.

It serves Hainanese zhu char.

Beach Corner Sea view

Beach Corner Dishes

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Carnation Bak Kut Teh

Carnation Bak Kut Teh @ Gurney Drive.

Due to 桃园 'no parking', 松花江 full house, so we 'carry big carry small' walked to 康乃馨肉骨茶 (Carnation Bak Kut Teh) . This is the one lately si peh 'super red' one loh due to光明肉骨茶比赛. This stall got 蔡澜 from HK coming with his tour to pong chan, somemore got 阿鸿 from Taiwan come to taste also.

Carnation Bak Kut Teh

Well, long chong chit ku, 肉骨酥软! 茶汤甘香! 赞 ah!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Autocity Soho

SOHO @ Autocity III, Juru

Fountain outside SOHO

 Fountain outside SOHO

SOHO External

SOHO menu

 SOHO fish n chip

Fish 'N' Chip RM 14.50++

Soup of the day RM 4.50++

Well, when we were there yesterday, its upstair was booked for a function. Therefore we got to sit downstair. More people were coming in when the day was getting darker and the juru's traffic was getting more jammed (friday night after working hrs). At the end we got to SHOUT to each other instead of TALK. We got to lean forward in order to listen to each other. We need to raise our voice and talk like gaduh! Gosh! It's so damn noisy inside! At last we surrendered and cabut somewhere else to chat.

Auto-City III restaurants (con't)

Yesterday I was at Juru again for work (half a day). Therefore I got the chance to continue my Autocity III exploration. :)

Ah ha....there is this one which I missed out the other day.

My Closet - a boutique hidden somewhere nearby Sushi King/Soho.

 My Closet

More restaurants are opening soon. They are now under renovation stage.

Manhattan Fish Market (next to Oldtown)

Manhattan Fish Market

Segafredo (First shop of Oldtown's row)
There are also these opening-soon restaurants at the other street (citibank side).

Golden Triangle (Thai, Vietnamese & Laosian cuisine) - what is Laosian har?!
Golden Triangle

Hongkie Kopitiam
Hongkie Kopitiam

Friday, December 15, 2006

Laksa Shack @ Q

Laksa Shack Cafe @ Queensbay (LG)

Sarawak laksa -- Seriously I am aiming for this one when Heng told me that my 'sarawak laksa' is finally available at Q. You know what, heng chiok chiok khi chiak, tapi sit bang tui leh (eagerly going there to eat, but coming back disappointedly). I wanted to yell, " Where is my genuine Kuching Sarawak Laksa har??????????"

Reasons being :
1) the paste is too thick. The KCH sarawak laksa doesn't come with such thick soup leh.
2) the chilli paste is wrong. Sarawak laksa doesn't come with such RED chilli paste one.
3) How come got such ingredients one? timun? red chilli? chicken ketul? Mana betul ni?!

Frankly the laksa tasted OK = If you are someone who has never tasted the genuine sarawak laksa IN SARAWAK. Ya, I admit that I am being too perfectionist in this coz I am looking for a GENUINE sarawak laksa lah. I wish everything to be the same as what I used to eat @ KUCHING one! :P

Sarawak Laksa @ 7.90++

Laksa Sarawak
Singapore Laksa @7.90++ (My colleague said no good)

Laksa Singapore
Nyonya Melaka Laksa @7.99++ ( YYg said good).

Laksa Sarawak
They said the Assam Laksa that they tried before also good.
Its normal drinks are priced at RM3.90 mah, so value set - pay RM3 to get this lemon tea drink + one dessert (pudding). Top up RM3 for drink + dessert

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Q Food I

Johnny's Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall (LG-43)

 Johnny's Set Menu
Clockwise :

Thai steamboat Set A (for 1 person) RM13.90 ++. (don't expect to get your stomach full by this order lah unless you have very small appetite loh). One bowl of tom yam soup (soup comes with mushrooms, no other ingredients one ah) (like the pic shown below) is included. No drinks are included in this set though.

Value Rice/ Noodle/ Soup Set (choose from 15 choices) RM8.90++. (This one is more filling lah. It comes with one bowl of tom yam soup too and one glass of tea).

 Johnny's Dishes

Japan Beard Papa's Cream Puff @ Queensbay, Jaya Jusco Food Corner. At last we here in Penang got the chance to get the original Beard Papa. RM3.30 per PIECE, mind you. :) The whipped vanilla cream custard is smoother and richer than the 'pirated' one.

 Beard's papa

Nando's Chicken @ Queensbay (LG)

Hmm.....the chicken here is softer than the airport Nando's one wor. Could it be due to here one is roasted and sold off faster ? :) I don't know lah.

Pls share with me if you have visited any other restaurants inside Q too.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Iao Lur Kaki IV - Sunway Tunas

For those who dare not put your contact in comment, "THIS IS MY BLOG! You can put any comments as you wish. I write what I saw, I felt, I tasted."

This week other than the previous Jap, we were mainly at Sunway Tunas area.

Four Seasons Tea Restaurant @ Sunway Tunas

This restaurant has changed a few times of proprietors before it becomes this 'Four Seasons'. I guess it should be more or less related to its hidden location. Everything inside the restaurant now is exactly the same as before e.g. the furniture, the layout and etc. Nothing fancy. :)

FYI their main branch is @ Terenggau Road.

The menu is mainly for zhyuu chao. For lunch, we just ordered its ala carte dishes. Price ranged from RM4-RM6.

Four Seasons Menu
Clockwise (Wak Dan Hor Fun, Oyster Noodle, Fried Rice, Hokkien Char). Their servings are big oh.

Four Seasons Ala Carte Dishes

Smell Tasty Restaurant (味之味) @ Sunway Tunas . Mian khi lah.

Wei Zhi Wei
Why?!! Ai.....the story goes like this. My colleague accidentally knocked her glass down and splashed the whole table when she was trying to free some space on the table (How come the glass can fall leh? coz the wooden table is very sticky, difficult to move the plate, bowl, cup & etc. You cannot slide them at all on the table, it got like an adhesive layer on top). We asked them to top up for us. They did by saying no problem. My another colleague got the wrong dish delivered to him (when the food was delivered, she said,"This is (日式) (jap style)" (without mentioning chicken or fish). Well, so he assumed correct lah, he ordered 'jap style' chicken mah. In actual the one she sent over was 日式 fish. After eating a few spoons then only they came and said it's wrong "this is 日式 fish, not chicken, nvm oledi lah hor since you've already eaten". Of coz we did not mind loh, what gonna do right?! At the end of the day, the 'top-up' drink was charged when we settled the bill. :)

Ai....we just wondered lah how come got such people who did not know how to do business one......*tsk tsk tsk*

Restoran Teow Chew Meng @ Sunway Tunas
Teow Chew Meng

Last time I ate before at the off-Jalan Burmah road's branch. I was reluctant to go again coz I turned thirsty for the rest of the day after eating its mee sua tow/ porridge. This time still the same thing happened. The rest also felt the same. So.......I will have to not pong chan again loh since it doesn't suit me. Btw their mee sua tow / porridge all started with RM10 per bowl.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Iao Lur Kaki III - Tsuruya Jap Restaurant

5x of us went to Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant (鹤屋日本料理)@ I-Avenue this afternoon.
They got very colourful laminated menus (left) but Oops, too kwee siao for us lah. :) Therefore we switched to its set lunch menu (right).

 Tsuruya menuEntrance with posh. Tsuruya entranceWaterfront with buddha face. Tsuruya buddha waterfront

Lightings deco.

 Tsuruya lanternsWater flows into the pond with flowers. Tsuruya waterfrontInternal seatings look Tsuruya seatingsOur set lunch dishes (clockwise: green tea, qiu dao yu, barbecue chicken, deep fried chicken, chiki ban ban(?), tofu beef) ranged from RM13 to RM20 (excluding 15% tax).  Tsuruya set lunch dishesIn overall, food is really beh than hiam lah if we were not to concentrate on its price. :) The ala carte one kinda kwee siao loh. For example, one bowl of ramen alone costs RM18 liao. One of its competitors at the same area costs the same with some side dishes wor.

So I can kinda complete my I-Avenue restaurant library liao. There were two more which I was told by my friends "chien ban chien ban hmm tang khi try" so.......:) *shrugged*

Friday, December 01, 2006

Toraya promo chin chia tat!

Since I was already at Bkt Minyak, I dragged the rest to pong chan this Toraya Japanese Restaurant @ Juru (1km from Autocity (Mcdonald)) *turn left at Mcdonald's traffic light*

I was recommended by my colleague of this restaurant's promo. The selling point is its set lunch costs RM9.90++ only (going to end very soon).

Toraya entrance
Set lunch promotion RM9.90++ only (right pic) valid till next fri or sat only har.
Toraya menu
Friday lunch hour mah- most people flocked here for its promo set lunch.
Toraya ambience
The 'bamboo' contained pepper.
 Toraya tables
Promo set lunch - Chicken set
 RM9.90++ Set 3 - Chicken
Promo set lunch - Tempura Udon set (Tempura udon, salad, fruit slices & steamed egg (this one was replaced with tofu instead due to out-of-stock liao)
RM9.90++ Set 2 - Tempura Udon
From what I observed, the restaurant is indeed gaining recognition by doing such RM9.90++ promotion. It's very worthy, no doubt. However there were a few tables of customers really pooh hui on the spot, very chae for loh them, unsatisfied of the restaurant's service due to very long waiting time and dishes were not served in sequencial manner. Ai....kesian, they cho beh lai mah.

Looking at the ala carte menu, the price of the dishes is more or less same as other jap restaurants also lah, not any cheaper. Well, hopefully it will continue to attract customers after the promotion period ends. Gan ba te ne! :)

Auto-City III restaurants

Today supposed to be the day I on leave but then due to sudden change in work schedule (kinda last minute), I got to postpone my visit to Q* (hehe, you know I know lah har, *LOL*) and also re-schedule my pai tee kong time (today is tian xia jit mah). I got to go seberang for plant visit instead.

I took the opportunity to explore the Auto-city III. It's very early in the morning when I took all these restaurants' photos. Hmm.......I was very impressed by its idea of being the one-stop food center. It gonna be like the penang island's E-Gate style but to me this is more 'chio' lah coz each of the restaurant is strategically located side by side in a round shape arena. :) Some of them are in 'bungalow' lots one leh, not kaek kaek like E-gate shop lots in penang loh. :)

Here you go!

The first thing you see when entering ....
Autocity III entrance
Citi-box Karaoke, Amandari Malay Cuisine, Subway
Autocity III Amandari
SOHO - hmm...I heard about SOHO branch's opening in Autocity when we were at AUDEES the other night.
Autocity III SOHO
Sushi King
Autocity III Sushi King
Jiu Jiu Szechuan Restaurant, Seoul Garden
Autocity III Seoul Garden & Jiu Jiu
Takehana Japanese Ramen & Rice Restaurant. (Reading from the email, its menu is exactly the same as Soba Yoshi & Ichyo Ramen & Isshin). Wah....the taukeh conquered the jap restaurant market leh.
Autocity III Takehana
Starbucks Coffee
Autocity III Starbucks

Autocity III Swensen's
TAO, Nando's
Autocity III Nandos and Tao
Old Town White Coffee
Autocity III Old Town
Out of all these choices, don't tell me you got "nothing to eat" loh. I am afraid that you will end up "15-16 don't know which one to choose" instead. :) Bravo!