Monday, January 25, 2010

Demax Restaurant (港式小食館) - muntah darah!

Demax Restaurant (港式小食館) @ D' Piazza Mall

It's Sunday night. Four tables (including our table) were occupied at that moment. About 7.40pm.

We ordered a steamed siakap (RM28), 冰梅排骨 (ice plum pork ribs) (RM8) and lor hon zhoi.
The drinks were served about 5 mins later.
Later another 20 mins, our first dish was served. Nah, this is the one. Not bad lah but not as 'sour' as we expected loh.

Then, another 15 mins gone and we were still waiting for our second dish. I closed my eyes wanna sleep already!!! At that time it's 8.35pm already! Look below , we were still waiting... 25 mins gone liao!


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Inaka vs Soba Yoshi

Inaka @ Pulau Tikus

Don't know why lah, Inaka has become a straight choice for me to celebrate a particular or special day.

After shooting we ended up at Inaka again. Oh no.....let me see, 3 times in 1 month? :) First here , Second here .

Shiro Maguro (RM22 - 50% = RM11.00), Scallop (RM28 - 50% = RM14.00).

Unagi Rice Set (RM22.90+)

Sashimi+Tempura Rice Set (RM20.90+)

This time the tempura didn't disappoint me anymore.

So did the sashimi.


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Monday, January 18, 2010

Wang Chao Hong Kong Seafood Poon Choy - 補上腦嘞!

Wang Chao 旺朝 @ Pekaka Square

We have RM60 voucher (donated) thus we decided to go for Poon Choy session that we missed out during last December plus treat this as our early CNY reunion lunch. Last Friday.

Ingredients of Poon Choy are :Shark fin, fresh scallop, chinese mushroom, fish maw, dried scallop, baby abalone, dried oyster, sea cucumber, abalone mushroom, sea asparagus, prawn, fatt choy, broccoli, chinese cabbage, small cabbage.
(魚翅, 鮮帶子, 冬菇, 魚飄, 干瑤柱, 湯鲍, 蠔士, 海參, 苓芝菇, 海龍鬚, 大蝦, 發菜, 西蘭花, 中國白菜, 小白菜).

This Poon Choy RM499 package consists of :

法蘭西紅酒 (Red Wine) 2 bottles.

人參瑤柱烏雞湯( Stewed Jin Shen, dried scallop & black chicken soup) each. This is the one which we believed that made half table of us getting the ' 補上腦嘞!' effect (read below). From our root cause analysis blah blah, and also from the fact that two persons who didn't drink red wine also kena.

香蒜荷葉臘味飯 (Garlic Lotus Leaf Rice) each . This one is not satisfactory, no fragance, only see all BLACK BLACK one.

Poon Choy (looks a bit MINI to us lah...haha!) (more.....)

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Saturday, January 16, 2010



Reaching there only 11.30am and OH GOSH! Got to wait for 1 hour somemore! Luckily it's Sunday, if not even packed!

The famous roasted pork. Crispy top layer + fatty bottom = either think of heaven or cholesterol :) I ta pao some back to Penang but sad to say, without the crispness the quality immediately deteriorated. It's is best eaten during hot served from stove.

The char siew is also fantastic.


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dragon-i The Curve

Dragon-i @ The Curve

The trip was meant for IKEA only (one and half days short trip) thus two days consecutively having meals at The Curve made me even more pek chek! :)

At The Curve, all those "NOT AVAILABLE" items in Dragon-i Penang Queensbay become "AVAILABLE". SYIOK!

The only drawback is the whole restaurant seemed to be rather warm. :(

香菇麵筋拉麵 (RM13++). Cheng cheng tei, so ngam me! I hunger for vege badly after having so much meat at the Ying Ker Lou the day before. I will order this again when back to Queensbay!

花旗參冬瓜燉雞湯 (RM16++). Due to the allergy phobia, that's how this soup (CHICKEN) comes about. :) I couldn't live without soup!

臘腸北菇滑雞蒸飯 (RM15++) . (more.....)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Addicted to 迎客楼 (Ying Ker Lou)?!

Ying Ker Lou (迎客楼) @ The Curve

I was headache everytime when wanna find a restaurant to eat at The Curve. Why I ended up only think of either Ying Ker Lou or Dragon-i are the only two that are OK leh?! The rest really boh ngam my taste. *sei for*

I still remember my first visit at Ying Ker Lou last year , a restaurant serving Chinese-Hakka Cuisine. Although CKA, I was was pretty impressed.

Jasmin Tea 茉莉香片 / Person (RM4.00)

Hakka Fried Pork 客家焖炸肉 (RM24++). A repeated order. I like the fatty part and the black fungus loh!

Hakka Stir Fried Eggplant, Green Bean and Bittergourd 客家炒三寶 (RM15++). I like this dish too! The bittergourd is thinly-sliced. The whole dish turned out to be rather appetizing and sweet.(more.....)

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aftermath of Foh San

Foh San (New Location) @ Ipoh

A few of my previous visits back in Foh San (old premise) was wonderful ones, like Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part I) and Foh San Dim Sum 富山香港點心茶樓 (part II) .

This time driving down the Jalan Leong Sin Nam, halfway through, "Wah, how come out of a sudden, one such 'grand' unit bulging out like that in the middle ? So not matching one heh?! " :)

Reaching there around 11a.m. See? The waitress somemore got time to put her hand around her waist. A LOT OF vacant tables loh! :p

Perhaps I was still stuffed with earlier breakfast, therefore other than the egg tarts and the char siew pau, the rest I really felt SO SO.


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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Addicted to Inaka!?

Inaka Japanese Restaurant @ Pulau Tikus

After my first try at Inaka during Christmas Eve , we were back again for New Year Eve! Within one week time! OMG! Addicted?! Must be! There must be something at Inaka that attracted us going there.

Scallop Sashimi (RM25+) . We wanted to order suzuki but it's not available. The amiable fat lady introduced us this one, claiming that it's fresh. Slightly sourish, fresh in taste. It's a great choice to have this dish as our starter!

Shiro Maguro (White Tuna) RM8.80+ (promotion of the month). This time I no longer tasted the icy frozen texture. Thick and fresh instead. I was satisfied this round.

Sashimi & Tempura Rice Set (RM22.90+) . It comes with rice, chawan mushi, miso soup and fruit.

I dislike the tempura sauce below, lack of soya taste one leh.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Home's Cafe

Home's Cafe @ D'Piazza Mall, Bayan Baru.

This place is cooler than the Old Town nearby. We always ended up going somewhere else due to it's tough to get group seats for our gang during lunch hours.

White Coffee (RM2.60). Not bad! The Home's Cafe brand coffee has always been someone's favourite 3-in-1 coffee. The Hazelnut one will be even more fragant after bancuh.

Teh Tarik (RM3.40) , Kaya Butter Toast (RM2.40). I was surprised to find that the toast is actually not bad, impressed.

Ipoh Hor Fun (RM5.90). Totally beh khi. 

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Stewed Beef Noodle / Ngau Lam Min (牛南麵)

Stewed Beef Noodles @Lai Seng Kopitiam, Kampong Malabar, 10100 Penang. (日本新街)

Whenever coming to making decision which to order at this stall, I never fail to ditch wan ton mee and GO for ngau lam mee instead. :)

A small bowl like this in the pic below is priced at RM3. It's worth.

Whenever savouring this ngau lam at this kopitiam, I couldn't help cursing some of those stalls XXX or YYY which are selling stewed beef rice or noodles which are really beh khi one.

I like the ngau lam mee (which I term it as "carnivorous" dish) is being neutralized with green vegetables.(more.....)

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