Sunday, October 28, 2007

L'IOZ 民歌餐厅 @ New World Park

L'IOZ (流星雨民歌餐厅)@ New World Park.

This portion has the sofa seats.

We ordered some drinks including their 'horoscope' drinks (the most right pic). I ordered one called 'passion' (left pic). Aiyah, it turned out to be a very sour drink lah. Guess the grape one was better as it's sweet (left pic).

Goh Huat Seng

Goh Huat Seng @ Lebuh Kimberley

We celebrated Wdy's birthday at Goh Huat Seng, per her request. :) Goh Huat Seng steamboat is really good lah hor?! :p
This set is RM60 + theow chew mee teow RM10 + miscellanoes = RM90.

I was trying to capture the pic of this lady in blue T (she should be the tauke soe's daughter, I believe) who has a very great skin (with natural red cheeks) and pretty look BUT.... she was continuously in moving mode so ai.......all ended up chicken hand pics lah. :)

After this, we continued at Lebuh Kimberley's Tong Shui Pou. We had almond paste.

After this, we continued at L'IOZ 流星雨 at New World Park.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Taiwan Food Part V

Some leftovers....

This was the night when I lao sai they took at Feng Jia (?) night market. Nice pic!

The famous one at ShiLin night market. Must queue up very long one.

My beloved 7-11 store or Family Mart or OK mart.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Taiwan Food Part IV

Day 6

We took the high speed train back to Taipei.

Lunch @ 顶厨国宴

They served "president"-level dishes.......You ppl can rasa that standard boh har?! I cannot wor :)

FYI.....the very 贴心 tour leader asked the kitchen to prepare porridge ahead for some of the sick ones, i was so kam tong leh.....:) Miss Luan, lu oo kam tong boh?!

Dinner @ 铁木真
Frankly speaking, I did not like this restaurant. According to our tour guide, it was so and so famous but then when I looked at the ingredients they served, the food quality AND heard the way of their waitresses tuang the sampah the soup in front of you while you were eating (and etc etc) was merely SUCKS!

I started to regain appetite at night. My supper at Taoyuan 住都酒店!
Day 7
This is the hotel ta pao punya breakfast.

China Airlines, again.....

Taiwan Food Part III

Day 5

Breakfast @ 华王hotel.

I have heard about the Jap 纳豆 since ages ago. Now I finally got the chance to taste it hah! OK, now I sei sum liao coz I finally understand why many ppl cannot tahan its taste liao.

Lunch @ 安平貴記 Tainan An Ping Street (台南安平老街) - where the nightmare of mine began.......:)


棺材板 - I like this although it's my least-favoured fried kinda food.



蚵仔煎 - this should be the 1st culprit of my lao sai and vomit later (got another 3 to 4x members also kena). Their oysters were highly likely to be under-cooked.

Travelled by wu fen che (五分车) to Yin Chang Farm (营长牧场). At the station we drank 黑糖姜茶 (2nd culprit). At Yin Chang here I drank fresh milk (3rd culprit). I guess I turned out to be rather worse compared to the rest due to this.

Dinner @ Taipei 伍脚船板. The one that I have come across in magazine for many times.

The moment when I started to lao sai was here...... I pong chan its restrooms multiple times and started to be very lembik since then. Sorry har! I know this is a food blog. Their restroom design was very special lah, so pls bear with me. :)

Here's their dishes. :)
All the dishes turned out to be tasteless to me. :( I hardly appetized.
One comment must put one : Their waitresses were all very 'black-face' one loh! No smile, tone like robot one!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Taiwan Food Part II

Day 3

Breakfast at DeBao Business Hotel (帝宝大饭店). These small balls (pumpkin?!) were good. :)

My beloved soya milk again! :)

Lunch @ Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) there. It served more 山地口味菜. See? got paku-pakis also leh like our Sarawak one.

At Jiji train station (集集火车站).

Jianfusun World Theme Park (剑湖山世界主题乐园). After getting ourselves "roller-coastered" till siao & lembik, we had dinner at the chinese restaurant inside the hotel. *Oops, forgot to take note of the name tim!*

This dinner was good! I sapu the soup at least 5x bowls coz i was dehydrated tremendously! 笋炖鸡汤 (Many of our tour members did not like it, some even said," it smells like 'pua jio bee'" OMG! Ha!)


Day 4

Breakfast @ Jianfusun was good as it served more international varieties. Too bad I forgot to snap! For me I think it's the best breakfast throughout the whole trip.

Lunch @ Fo Guang Shan (佛光山). A rather bad one. The tour guide said this was the only restaurant (vegetarian) but it would serve a few 荤菜 for us too. Hey come on, we have never eaten before 素食ah in Penang? Come on! Don't bluff us by saying vege dishes are normally "not- that- good" ok?!

Dinner @ Kaoshiung (高雄). This was the so-called "龙虾鲍鱼餐" (lobster abalone meal) lah! Everyone got one small thin piece nia, mind you! :) The 东玻肉was very good! A rather satisfying meal in general!

After shopping at XinJue Jiang Night Market (新崛江夜市), we walked a very long distance and yun wong lou (冤枉路) (all thanks to the motorist apek) to reach this 六合路 to ronda makan night market.

Taiwan Food Part I

My 2nd visit to Taiwan goes like this....Generally, the food ah, half was good, half was bad. Normally the bad one was lunch.

Day 1

China Airlines.

We were brought to Ximenting (西门町) for 阿宗面线 + shopping. No tables no chairs. You must line up and order your own mee sua and stand there to eat.

My beloved soya milk from their 便利商店(my taiwan 超爱).

Day 2

Breakfast @ 豪景大酒店 (Hotel Riverview Taipei). Our tour leader said the first night hotel served the best breakfast out of all hotels woh. You judge by your own lah har.

At 九份 (jiu fen), we ordered these to share. Good :)

At Ye Liu (野柳) we had this very bad first 'official' meal in front of Yeliu stone park.

This one was good! from 九份 (jiu fen).

Dinner was served at Taichung (台中). This was good.

After shopping at Feng Jia night market (逢甲夜市), we went out to the night market near our DeBao Business Hotel (帝宝大饭店) (after chk-in) for supper + ronda.