Friday, October 31, 2008


雅品閣 Colonial Restoran (35, Armenian Street, 10200 Penang) 04-2614489

"Hey, here's another one that you must try out k!" Nigel ( pointed this restaurant to me when we walked out from Edelweiss during the 2nd flogger gathering. I waved back at him,"Definitely! I will!"

That's how my 3rd day of Deepavali holiday ended up here.

Hainan Kopi (海南咖啡)

Jiu Hu Bang Kuang Char - very RICH aroma of jiu hu loh, I find it a bit beh tahan. :)

海南鴨芋 - Can you see how thick the gravy is?! :) Serving with rice is of coz VERY good lah!

Rice served in coconut shells (but no coconut smell :))

海南海鮮春卷 - hmm..... strong taste too.
海南 curry fish -this curry is richer compared to Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant one.

Nah....see how rich this curry is? This is definitely a lot better than that The Hainan Town (which we had during our 1st flogger gathering) loh! *this is my personal liking, no offense k*

I find that the food here is more towards 重口味 (strong taste).

The two bowls of dessert 黑糯米 (Or Zhu Bi) with yam flavoured ice cream were given to us free of charge. Perhaps HE wanted me to have a complete set of lunch meal since he kept on seeing me shooting photos on its dishes. :)

I believe the bill should be not less than RM60. People belanja mah, don't get jealous har. :)

Operating Hours : 11.30 am - 3.00 pm, 6.00pm - 10.00pm (Close on Thursday)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar @ Tanjung Bunga.

OK, let's continue the story of hunting 7 restaurants during the 4-days Deepavali weekend. Day 1 started at Ryoma lah :).

It was late when we reached there. There's only 5 min left before the last order call.


Interior deco.

Bar corner located at upstair.

A big wheel is hanging right on top of the ceiling that you would never miss it when reaching for the restroom.

We had difficulty in choosing our dishes as the food here were mostly grilled or sauteed, like what What2seeonline mentioned. Mind you, I was still full after the Jap food at Miyako Izakaya, furthermore we are fond of light and original taste.

Black tea. Gosh....this has caused me another sleepless night again.

Grilled lamb

It's very salty!! Luckily I was only offered two small pieces to eat by the Belanja-er. Phew~!!..:)

Prawn cocktail. Not very into this either.

Since I am not a western food lover, I think may be you guys or gals will appreciate this restaurant more than me.

Address : 1E, Jalan Sungai Kelian, 11200 Tanjong Bungah, Penang. (beside Ingolf’s Kneipe German Restaurant)
Tel : 04-8981890

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Miyako Izakaya 日本料理

Miyako Izakaya Japanese Cuisine (新都居酒屋)

We celebrated Wdy's birthday at Miyako Izakaya. Oh's another Jap restaurant, again.

The gang BOOOOed me when I told them how superior and how 'keng' my Ryoma treat was the night before. :p

Tenzaru Soba (RM20.00+)

Tempura Soba (RM18.00+)

Kimuchi Ramen (RM17.00+)

Ramen Tempura Set (RM26.00+)

In overall, the ramen was a bit over-cooked, very lembik. For tempura wise, I would say that Miyako Izakya is offering its best quality with the price it charged. It would not be fair for me to compare it with Ryoma lah right?! :p

Serv charge of 10% applies.

We'll revisit for its worthy set lunch soon.

Miyako Izakaya (新都居酒屋)日本料理
No 103A, 1st & 2nd Floor, Penang Road, 10000 Penang. (Beside Body Gloves, Above Happy Mart).
Tel : 04-2638702

Business Hour (starting from Nov 2008):
Mon - Sat : 12.00 p.m. - 2.30 p.m.
6.00 p.m. - 11.00 p.m.
Sun : 6.00 p.m. - 11.00 p.m. (close on 12.00 p.m.- 2.30p.m.)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

龍馬日本料理 Ryoma Japanese Restaurant (part 3)

Tempura Combo Set (medium -RM60) - What a nice presentation uh?!

The prawns were very big and fresh. Bite bite bite....crunching crunching crunching....

Shabu Shabu Beef (Aussie) - RM150

Kobe (RM400) and Wagyu (RM250) are also available oh! *WINK WINK* !

For you to add into your bowl of soup during serving.

Just a dip on Japanese soya sauce and you could easily bring out the sweetness of the beef slice!

Grilled Skewer Set (RM28)

Thanks to Mr K1 for inviting me to join the dinner. Thanks to Mr K2 for belanja.

This is a very memorable & impressive meal! Kamsia kamsia!! :p

I shall be back!!!!

Ryoma Japanese Restaurant
5G, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang. (
After Caltex, drive slowly keeping to your left , it's a bungalow)
Tel : 04-8918388 Fax : 04-8918489
Operating Hours : 11.30 am-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30p.m.

龍馬日本料理 Ryoma Japanese Restaurant (part 2)

Part 2 : Share with you the dishes that we ordered har..... control your saliva pls :)

Sashimi Set (Small RM125) - very fresh and succulent!

*OMG! When this dish came, my control on sashimi consumption for years immediately collapsed in nano-seconds!!*

Could you ever resist this if they were placed right in front of you, dear?

This red is sooooo beautiful & special. It didn't taste 'raw' at all.

See see see?! The salmon slice is soooooo thick!

Sashimi Salad (RM38) - Gosh.....Over consumption of sashimi! :)

Grilled Cuttlefish (RM28) - Phew~! Perfectly grilled with aroma! Alright, tonight let's forget about cholesterol ! :)