Sunday, May 21, 2006


Beguadro spaghetti @ E-Gate

From top to bottom : table no.1, spaghetti marinara, fish piccata, spaghetti chicken, spaghetti bolognaise chicken, beguadro pancake, secret recipe cappucino cake.

Gu bak koey teow (noodle/rice) ~ Perak Road (near Buddhist Society)
Gu bak koey teow

Saturday, May 13, 2006

东北第一家 (Dong Bei Di Yi Jia)

东北第一家 (Dong Bei Di Yi Jia) Restaurant, Desa Taimima, Sungai Ara.
The dishes' taste are unique, unlike those we used to eat outside. This is mainly due to the dishes were cooked in special dong bei way / combination unlike our usual chinese local style. Price is 'reasonable' but the only setback is the servng to me is considered as rather small. All those dishes are not that spicy eventhough you see a lot of cili padi inside. The chef is from Dong bei, China.

宫煲鸡丁 (Chicken) - Special.Good. Very small serving though. Like finding crickets in the bush, ha! :)
Dong Bei 东北第一家
北大荒茄子 (Brinjal) - Special. Good. A very different way of cooking brinjals. First glance at it you thought it is 'sum chan bak'.
Dong Bei 东北第一家
东北三丝酸菜 (salt vege)- 相当提味 (very appetizing). 卖相不算佳 (Don't look good) but taste good.Three different ingredients sliced in thin pieces.
Dong Bei 东北第一家
椒炒猪肚 (Pig's stomach) - Special. Good. Dong Bei 东北第一家

Dong Bei 东北第一家

Definitely will visit again!