Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Terubong Seafood (阿水海鮮茶餐室)

Terubong Seafood @ Paya Terubong (阿水海鮮茶餐室)

Once in a while I will still miss the fishball soup at Terubong Seafood. It's not a cheap dish but worth ordering as it's really a signature dish at this restaurant.

Fishball Soup RM12 . This round I found that the taste was a bit out. It's no longer that peppery like last time but rather mild in taste instead. The wine taste remained though.

Bouncing handmade fish balls.

Fried Kangkung (cheng chao) RM6 . The serving is large. The kangkung was very fresh, very well done. The best dish out of all that we ordered for that night.


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Monday, December 28, 2009

Inaka Japanese Restaurant (田園日本料理)

Inaka Japanese Restaurant (田園日本料理)@ Pulau Tikus

My Christmas Eve's dinner. Walk-in dinner.

Sashimi Mori (RM38+). It consists of salmon, red tuna, butterfish/white tuna, suzuki and octopus. Three slices each. I tasted icy frozen texture in butterfish. The rest were pretty OK!

Inaka offered 3 types of bento set for this special festive season. I chose Set B. (RM48+)

It consists of cheesebaked oysters and mayo prawns. I believe these two are fusion dishes for celebrating Xmas. Could these two be the main contributors to the prolonged thirst after meal?!

It also has fried pork with ginger, rather tender and outstanding compared to the above two dishes.


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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Paddington House of Pancakes - Once in a while is OK lah!

Paddington House of Pancakes @ Queensbay

I passed by many times and found out that it seemed to be a norm for Paddington being like THIS during weekdays dinner hours. EMPTY.

I wanted to order an oven-baked pancake but then was 'forced' to change my mind after being informed of the long waiting time, 30 minutes oh!
Amsterdam - beef salami, mozzarella, fresh button mushroom, tomatoes & fresh herbs on PHOP pannekoek RM18.50++ . I changed to chicken.

The pancake is thin. The toppings are cheesy and the tomato sauce is not too overpowering and too sweet. It's pretty OK but still I felt jilak lah after eating through ~2/3 of the dish.

California - double gourmet sausages, beef salamo, hashbrown & grilled mozzarella pancakes RM22.50++

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Fukushima Japanese - THEY said beh khi, not me loh!

Fukushima Japanese Restaurant @ Batu Maung

Story telling time again....

This is a newly opened restaurant located opposite the Double Good Hong Kong Style Roasters (好好飯店港式燒臘飯店) .

Free flow of green tea. Good!

Miso soup also OK, good!
The rest didn't seem to be OK. Why?
They ordered 8x Donburi (rice with toppings) and I ordered 1x MENRUI (Noodles) ramen set.
Guess what?! When 8 of them nearly finished their donburi, MINE one the ramen set was still out of sight. I reminded them twice. Before I decided to cancel my order, I saw 'the' waitress carrying a ramen set serving to another table. Later, I approached the kitchen telling them I couldn't afford to wait any longer and I wished to cancel my order.

The lady questioned another waiter," Ei, just now bukan ada satu ramen set hantar pi meh?"(more.....)

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Lunch Party 2009

We organized a small Christmas lunch party (inclusive of gift exchange session) yesterday. A total of ~45 persons.

Our boss treated us Domino's Pizza (10 LARGE pcs), KFC (4 buckets) and Coffee Bean's Xmas cakes (for two birthday aunty and uncle)! She alone korek money from her own pocket one oh, keng mou?!

Some of the shots....

Wowo! Xmas cakes from Coffee Bean.


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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sushi Kitchen Count Down to Closing

Sushi Kitchen - Japanese Meatless Cafe ( 日本素食料理) @ Sungai Ara

We managed to grab a table to taste the vegetarian sushi and noodles before Sushi Kitchen is counting down to close on 31st Dec 09.

I believe the owner does read blogs. Why?! coz I found out that the serving size became larger compared to what I had during first visit. :)

Seaweed Fried Rice *brown rice (RM10.80)

Happiness Family (RM26.80) - I found the ones with crispy fried skin (near the wasabi) very yummy!

Fried Udon (RM7.80) . The serving has become much larger, but I dislike it. 

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Dragon-i always full house one

Dragon-i Restaurant @ Queensbay

On 13th Dec I had a pretty bad food allergy after eating at this place. :( I must bring along face mask in my handbag for whichever place I go from now onwards!

羅漢 扒豆腐 (Sauteed Beancurd with Assorted Mushroom) RM18 ++ . I dun think this is the cause.

黑椒雞柳 炒拉麵 (Fried La Mian with Black Pepper Chicken) RM15 ++ . This one may be as it's 'spicy' after eating halfway through.

臘腸北菇滑雞蒸飯 (Steamed Rice with Chicken, Mushroom & Chicken Sausage) RM15 ++ . I no eat this.


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bayan Place Cafe

Bayan Place Cafe @ D Piazza, Bayah Baru
It's nice to see more and more eateries opening at D'Piazza.

Bayan Place Cafe is occupying up two shop lots.

The menu covers :
Toast (RM2.20 - RM5.90)
Snacks (RM4.90 - RM8.90)
Rice (RM8.90 - RM9.90)
Nasi Lemak Rendang, Curry Chicken Rice, Kong Po Chicken Rice, Sesame Oil Chicken Rice, Tomato Chicken Rice, Marmite Chicken Rice, Kam Heong Chicken Rice, Mango Chicken Rice, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet Rice, Kam Heong Fish Fillet Rice, Thai Style Fish Fillet Rice, Chicken Chop Rice, Black Pepper Chicken Rice.
Tom Yam Soup RM3.90
Fried Rice - 7 choices of fried rice
Noodles RM6.30- RM9.90
Western RM12.90 - RM13.90
Pasta (Spaghetti) RM11.90-RM14.90

Spring Roll RM4.90+
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet RM8.90+ 

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Station One Cafe Komtar Walk- No sandwich eh?!

Station One Cafe @ Komtar Walk

Story telling time again!

This is pretty much like OldTown. The Station One menu has very attractive dish photos. Scroll down to see the full list of menu. :)

I heard from Mdy that the sandwich dishes look very yummy but she failed to order as the waiter told her that it's FINISHED. It's weekend when she experienced this.

I saw the croissant being so colourful & yummy look, I 'ticked' one in the order list too. Guess what? I got the same answer. Mind you, this time it's weekday.
AND....I heard the table beside me wishing to order the same and was turned down their order too. I do not know how many sandwich orders do they reject per day?!
I asked," Finished or you ppl do not serve? My friend came last week also takda, I come today also takda." Then he admitted, "Yeah, sorry, we don't serve actually ALL these items under Sandwich page"
Why not putting the "N/A" stickers across the page leh har?! Easy loh. No need so ma fan. *Geram*

I hope that the new outlet opening soon @ Queensbay will serve loh. "Poe pi poe pi, don't disappoint me lah, can ah ?!"

Hot White Coffee (RM2.90+) , Hot Honey (RM3.60+)

Mushroom Soup (RM4.90+) - This brown colour mushroom soup is very thick in taste. Considered above satisfactory level.

Egg Sauce Yee Mee (RM6.90+). Not bad at all! Far far better than the koay teow below.(more.....)

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Go Healthy @ Manila Place

Manila Place @ Gurney Plaza

One should have expected to have pocket burnt a little small hole by enjoying a meal in this territory.

Caramel Latte (RM8.90+), Honey Lemon Juice (RM6.90+).

Fried Nippon Soba (RM15.90+). I like this dish presentation compared to last time. The bowl is deep thus make the whole dish having 'MORE' to dig ! This dish is more flavourful if compared to the Secret Recipe's Fried Jap Soba . The only minus mark is the prawn's texture (under-thawed?!)

Fish & Chips (RM18.90+) . I like this fish with crispy skin. This is not as oily as I thought. :)(more.....)

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Hardwicke House BBQ & Buffet (Food & Beverage Part)

HardWicke House B.B.Q & Buffet Restaurant (Invited Review) - Food & Beverage Part

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Flat White @ RM 4.80
Cafe Latte @ RM 6.50
Espresso @ RM 3.80
Cappuccino @ RM 5.50
Regular Black @ RM 3.80 (not in pic)

Wide spread of desserts.

The spread of food we had that night (from top to bottom) :
Mashed potato, corn kernels. BBQ sauce/ mushroom sauce / black pepper sauce.
Naan, tandoori chicken. Fried rice, mee goreng.
Cabbage poriel,Brinjal sambal, Dhall. Lamb Rogan Josh, Chicken Curry.
Roast Beef, Baked Cured Salmon with cheese. Chicken lobak, Crispy vietnam prawn roll.
Spaghetti, Bolognaise Sauce, Fresh Parmesan cheese. Cream of Asparagus with buns.

Salad bar.(more.....)

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hardwicke House BBQ & Buffet (Deco Part)

HardWicke House B.B.Q & Buffet Restaurant (Invited Review) - Deco Part

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Not in a hotel but an independent restaurant (in Northam Tower) for BBQ and buffet.

Mon to Sat = Lunch buffet @ 18++. Dinner buffet (including BBQ) @ 38++. No ala carte.
Sunday Buffet = Buffet brunch @ 20++. BBQ Dinner buffet @ 38++. Kids eat for free (limited to 2 per family, below 10yrs old only).
Free parking for dinner.
Dec 2009 & Jan 2010 promotion is free flow of non-alcoholic beverages with all buffets. For more details, pls view here.

No fixed menu. Generally the food varieties cover western, chinese, malay, indian and BBQ seafood (based on whatever available from the market on that day). No japanese food ya.

White in style.

This VIP section is suitable for group or family gathering. That's where we were seated.(more.....)

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Summer Garden Set Lunch

Set Lunch @ Summer Garden

Other than enjoying the cold and cozy ambience Tea break @ Summer Garden, one can actually have his/her set lunch here too.

Teriyaki Salmon RM24 and free a glass of green tea (hot or cold)
Buta Shogayaki RM22 and free a glass of green tea (hot or cold)
Grilled Lamb Cutlet RM28*
Grilled BBQ Chicken RM22*
Tuna Steak RM28*
for the above western set lunch, free a glass of lemon tea (hot or cold)
Add on RM3 for brew coffee.
Price are subject to 5% gov. tax.

Caramel Latte (RM9.80+) . Wow! By just looking at the pattern I would have already 50% impressed. I love the taste and fragance of this latte.

Oxtail Soup 牛尾湯 (RM16.00+) - Malaysian style oxtail soup served with garlic bread. Clear soup base. I will appreciate more if the serving could be larger.

Oriental Chicken 東方風味煎雞腿 (RM25.00+) - fried with aromatic spices, yellow ginger, honey and galangal. This one is far better than the set lunch below.

Set Lunch : Terriyaki Salmon (RM24.00+)


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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gold Coast Restaurant (金海岸餐館) 值得一試!

Gold Coast Restaurant @ Island Park (青草巷).

On the way down to Dewan Sri for PFS concert, BZ who likes to eat chu char brought us to Gold Coast for dinner.

We didn't realize there are actually set meals offered here until ...

"Jup! Aunty! We want to change, ei sai boh?" *Grin~~Luckily boleh!*

Value Set Meals

We changed to order value set (RM28 set) and top up with additional fish dish.

Soup of the day is Shanghai Chai Chicken Soup. We love the milky soup, not too sour, ngam ngam hoe!

Beancurd with Abalone Sauce. We finished this dish the fastest!


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Why my Ice Ice Noodle like this one leh?!

Ice Ice Noodle is an icy noodle with crab sticks, cucumber, sausage and egg - one of the signature dishes at Tutti Frutti .

In the past I have always been impressed by the dish presentation of this Ice Ice Noodle until recently....

I was SHOCKED when seeing this dish, nearly heart-attacked(!) oh. *I am comparing this with the one back in ancient time @ BJ*

This is the original photo shot used in the menu , the restaurant's wallpaper and website.

This is the dish being served in front of me. LOL!(more.....)

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soba Yoshi new menu looks KENG!

Soba Yoshi @ Krystal Point

It's been ages since I last stepped into Soba Yoshi. I couldn't recall what are the reasons (until reaching end of the meal here).

I had a high-schoolmate-gathering with three ladies recently and guess what?! What impressed me the most is its new menu.

Two of us who arrived early flipping the menu from front till back, back till front..... repeatedly for more than 15 minutes and still we were indecisive of which to order. The menu is simply too attractive with great photos illustration, it has far more choices if compared to last time! MORE affordable price for set too (yeah, last time NOT)!

Appetizer served is s-a-u-s-a-g-e-s?! What?! Ahem.... *shrugged*

Chawan Mushi served in bento set. Good texture with big slices of mushrooms.

Tempura Soba & Temaki - hot noodles with mix tempura & handroll (RM18.00+)


Soba Yoshi Bento
- its signature bento! (RM58.00+). I believe this worths the price if being compared to that pathetic EQ bento set. :)

Soba Yoshi Bento consists of : tempura, unagi, shitake yasai itame, assorted sashimi & sushi, inari or cold soba, served with chawan mushi, miso shiru and dessert.

Succulent shitake mushroom!

Crunchy Tempura! 

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