Wednesday, December 26, 2007

香港汤圆 HK tang yuan @ Perak Road

It's been a long long... time that I kept wondering where could I get those 'tang yuan' that we used to eat at restaurants like Wong Kok HK noodles house, Beijing /Shanghai xxx or sort of. I didn't want to purposely go into a shopping mall just to have a bowl of tang yuan lah. It will be great if I could get it at somewhere more down-to-earth, or in another word - roadside. *wink*

Now....finally I got it! I read the articles on 21st Dec (Guang Ming) and came to know about this HK tang yuan is now available at Aik Hwa (益华茶室) @ Perak Road.

NOW is RM2 per bowl. Every bowl got two big ones (one stuffed with zi1 ma2 (芝麻), one stuffed with peanut (花生), two small plain one and pek kuey.

姜汤 (What a NICE pic uh?! Hahahaha! So puas! :)



Time : 6.30-10.30p.m. (off Mon)
Location: It is located just opposite the market. You know....the coffee shop that offered the best stingray fish (!) for econonic rice during lunch hour.

Ark Tui Mee Sua

Ark Tui Mee Sua @ Jelutong Pasar (afternoon until night)

It's such a pity that we didn't have the chance to sit there and 'enjoy sweating' while eating the ark tui mee sua. Ta pao back home loh.

Ark Tui Mee Sua

Ark Tao Mee Sua (a lot of stuffs for you to 'chng')

Again....memory......My Always-No-One Ark Tui Mee Sua is at Jelutong Pasar!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jia Jia Dim Sum

Jia Jia Dim Sum (佳佳点心) @ Farlim

I took some of the pics only.

It's been almost 3 years since we last visited here. Its glory has faded but still survived lah.

KL trip 05

When the 'situation' was getting rather hot or when I was too busy eye-scanning for stalls or etc, I tend to forget taking pics. I need friends to remind me! Oh no! That's how I skipped taking some of them. :(

Kam Pou Mai Fun

Pan Min

KL trip 04 - Roti cheese nan

See? I told you we were lucky!

We managed to try out this stall which is famous for its Roti Cheese Nan @ SS24 at PJ (behind Lim Kok Wing institute).

Roti Cheese Nan RM5 (?!)

Mee raja with chicken and duck. RM20.

This seafood spaghetti got tiger prawns (You wanna convince me it's lobster hmm?! :)) , scallops, oysters, squids & etc. RM25

Frankly speaking, we really ate heartily! :p

My other lucky star struck me while shopping ! *wink*

KL trip 03 - 3JC 三间庄

3JC @ sunway pyramid

We simply chose one restaurant one lah.

The slogan said so," You can see our delicacy, you can feel our sincerity".

"Eventhough it's just a mouthful of soup, we have combined all our painstaking efforts, merely to bring it to perfection".

sui kao with handmade noodles

Minced pork with handmade noodles

cheese rice

The gang favoured this chilli paste very much!

Monday, December 24, 2007

KL trip 02 - Kaki Bkt Tinggi

Starbucks donut/sandwitches + 7-11 nasi lemak and char bee hoon.

Yeah, that was because we stayed at Berjaya TimesSquare Hotel. We got no ways to cari makan except jalan kaki to the nearest ones while the rests were still sleeping.

One of the restaurants at the foothill of Bkt Tinggi.

Sua Tu Bak

Pak Sou Kong.

This meal with drinks+ fruits costed us ~RM50+. OK lah.

KL trip 01 - Ngao Kei (牛记)

Ngao Kei (牛记) @ Tong Shin (behing Jalan Alor)

One of the lucky things during this short Bkt Tinggi -KL trip was this.

We accidentally bumped into this stall for supper. (Hey, reaching there almost leh, surely hungy lah, hai mai sin?! :) )

The chilli putting in a clay pot like this, ko-cha-bi feel heh?!

The ngao-yuk balls (beef) - yummy-licious! The soup also got very strong beef taste one leh.

The noodles sooooo halus.

The chyuu-yok balls (pork). For me, I personally felt that this one was not as good as the beef one lah.

It was later then only I found out from L*na that this Ngao Kei was actually a famous stall leh :) . See? we were lucky lah!

Mizi bistro @ New World Park

Mizi @ New World Park (pics from phone's camera)

We 7x went on last Tue night (straight after work). We couldn't afford to postpone another week again, (in fact couldn't wait any longer already) as the email forwarded by the ipoh-mari guy was so tempting. Each of us ordered the set RM16.90++. The set came with drink, soup (I ordered oxtail, the rest ordered the signature mushroom soup), main course and free flow of ice cream.

Yah, from the pic above, you should know well that the marinara seafood spaghetti was mine!

One piece of advice : Don't cho gao gao go and order anything not stated in the menu har! :) Ya, poor guy who ordered the cordon bleu chicken.

Average rating from the group : B (a bit disappointed lah us)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tao Yuan (new camera!)

At last I managed to capture some clear good pics of our all-time-favourites with the new cam. I've suffered enough enduring that old f cam.

Here you go the Tao Yuan morning tea!

man min (焖面)

char hor fun

Jian Bao

I couldn't help but smile looking at the pics! Hiak! :)

Japin (again?)

It's been a while since I last visited Japin. Wow..the price has been revised to much HIGHER liao leh for the tong shui one, see below. RM7.50 for one!

Most of us ordered the sets one.

The chic and pork - both were very salty loh. The miso soup OK. The dessert only got red bean paste, no CHOICE one. Then green tea, no refill one also.

Well......... again? I think I got better choice elsewhere...:)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Salsa @ Upper Penang Rd

It's been kinda long since we last suggested to go Salsa for a try. Wait no more! I finally managed to organize it with 8x of us! Yesterday night we went down after work.

I was still not familiar with the new camera sestting thus the pics came out argh! still not nice heh... :(

Menu for RM30++ set dinner.

Here's the pic combo.

Row 1 : bread, appetizer (with salmon,chicken & salad), celery soup.

Row 2 : main course (fish or lamb, or chicken) - see below for our feedbacks..

Row 3 : coffee or ice lemon tea, dessert.

Majority of us chose fish. The fish was really so-so leh, some parts very salty, not even one. Too bad lah.

The appetizer was good! How we wish that it's NOT only an appetizer :)

Our individual ratings ranged from C- to A-. Average is B.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Noodle Station @ e-Gate

Noodle Station @ e-Gate.

From the menu, it seemed like they termed themselves as the specialist in wan tan mee uh?! :) You could have all different types of ingredients matching to your noodles. Normal dishes' price ranged from RM4.50 to RM5.50. There were a lot of varieties when it comes to drinks. However the ice mocha xxx was rated as 'very bad' by miss L*, the colour looked like very thick ice lemon tea though. :) Ya, they served desserts too.

Sandwitch, wan tan (additional), fried wan tan noodles with spicy style, seafood wan tan mee.

It was grateful that their wan tan got shrimp.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tao Yuan + Beef Noodle

The our-all-time-favourite at Tao Yuan @ Campbell Street.

The beef noodle/rice at Perak Road @ 2828 kopitiam. Hmm....the quality has deteriorated leh..Now the ingredients have seeemd to be less compared to last time. Perhaps now you got to ask for 'kae liao' then only they provide uh?! The only thing remained was the soup base was still as non-oily as before. :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kimberley Street favourites

Just now after having late light dinner (~7.45p.m.) at Tai Tong @ Cintra Street, we ta pao the Kimberley Street's favourites back home.

Clockwise : Kuey Chap + the Ark Liao, Almond paste.

Yummy yummy......

Sunday, October 28, 2007

L'IOZ 民歌餐厅 @ New World Park

L'IOZ (流星雨民歌餐厅)@ New World Park.

This portion has the sofa seats.

We ordered some drinks including their 'horoscope' drinks (the most right pic). I ordered one called 'passion' (left pic). Aiyah, it turned out to be a very sour drink lah. Guess the grape one was better as it's sweet (left pic).

Goh Huat Seng

Goh Huat Seng @ Lebuh Kimberley

We celebrated Wdy's birthday at Goh Huat Seng, per her request. :) Goh Huat Seng steamboat is really good lah hor?! :p
This set is RM60 + theow chew mee teow RM10 + miscellanoes = RM90.

I was trying to capture the pic of this lady in blue T (she should be the tauke soe's daughter, I believe) who has a very great skin (with natural red cheeks) and pretty look BUT.... she was continuously in moving mode so ai.......all ended up chicken hand pics lah. :)

After this, we continued at Lebuh Kimberley's Tong Shui Pou. We had almond paste.

After this, we continued at L'IOZ 流星雨 at New World Park.