Saturday, March 28, 2009

Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant

Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant @ Tanjung Tokong (after my favourite 龍馬日本料理 Ryoma Japanese Restaurant )

Korean cuisine is mainly Sour & Spicy + BBQ. Sei for, 撞正我死穴!:p

How how how?! Die how? Go first then die later lah ! :p

The appetizers served.

The soothing cold Korean tea.

The waiter said, "Oh, if you order one BBQ dish only, then they gonna cook inside the kitchen and bring it out, NOT SO NICE. If you order two dishes of BBQ, then we set up the stove here and cook here, taste NICER!" Wah...........I suddenly got the feeling like a 'waterfish' woh. :p
The BBQ stove. OK, let's get started with step 1-2-3.

The beef RM50 (the receipt is in KOREAN-pronounciation english wordings...alamak! so I couldn't recall the exact words in english :))
Wah nice leh the presentation! Rolling it up and stacking them up in 45 degrees. White vs Red. So chio!

The BEST part is.........the waitress cooked for us. (more.....)

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Azuma Japanese Restaurant Promotions of The Month

Azuma Japanese Restaurant @ Queensbay (beside Harvey Norman)

I was very impressed with Azuma's Promotions of the Month when I visited it last Sunday.

Shoyu Shiromi Sashimi (RM12) - Creamy butterfish sashimi marinated in shoyu sauce.
Butterfish is one of my favourite Sashimi's as it's creamy, jelly soft and never 'kar beh tui' ( 咬不斷). In their ala carte menu, Shiromi Sashimi (Raw butterfish, 奶油魚刺身) ALONE costs RM25. The ala carte one is without shoyu marinated sauce.

For March, their set of the month is ......
Tori Shisho & Shake Cheese Maki (RM18) - Steamed chicken rolls, garnished with Shisho leaves and special sauce. Salmon mayo maki with grilled cheese. Served with rice, chawan mushi and miso soup.

By adding RM2, you can change the rice to Niniku Chahan (Garlic rice 蒜米炒飯). Wah.....flexible woh! 很窩心 :)


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Monday, March 23, 2009

Karaikudi Restaurant (Part 2)

Kashmiri Naan (RM6.00) - Dry fruits stuffed in naan . (My rating : 8/10)

Inside was stuffed with dessicated coconut slices. It tasted sweet and not that oily. This is another surprise to me. I found that most of the dishes here are not as oily as I could have thought of.

Here comes my favourite dish ladies fingers !!!!!!
Ladies Finger Pepper Fry (RM7.00) - Sliced ladies finger deep-fried and sauteed with pound black pepper. (My rating: 9/10)
To my surprise, the ladies fingers were not crunchy but CHEWY! Rich in pepper & onion taste. This is really a very different style of ladies fingers which I've never tasted elsewhere.

Mutton Chukka Varuval (RM18.00) - Diced mutton saute with Chettinad spices. (My rating 5/10)
Despite being super spicy, the mutton itself in actual is very nicely prepared as it's cooked till very soft. Too bad that I couldn't take more as it turned out the most spicy dish of the night!

Chettinad Potato Masala (RM6.00) - (more.....)

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Karaikudi Restaurant (Part 1)

Karaikudi Restaurant @ Market Street, the heart of "Little India Penang".

This is an invited food review arranged by PenangTuaPui. Frankly speaking, I wouldn't have explored this Indian restaurant by my own if it's not the invitation extended by them. For me, I have this equation in mind, "Indian food = Spicy". Therefore I took this golden opportunity wishing that Karaikudi could prove me wrong. :)

It's a Friday night. A FLY-day as it's begining of the weekend!

It opens 364 days! The only day off is Deepavali Holiday! Phew~! Salute!!

"Wahlau ei! " was the first sentence muttered from my mouth when I first stepped into the restaurant.

Yellow lighting. I love it! :) It would be sooooooooo great if we could have been seated downstair that night. What a pity to me! :)


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coffee Island ei khi meh?!

Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive

I believe this is an ideal place for gathering, chit-chatting or wifi sharing but.... if purely going for food?! I am a bit doubtful.

Grilled Salmon (~RM18) - the salmon is thick with strong 'salmon' taste, hardly concealed in sweet sauce.

Kaya & Butter Roti (RM~2) - thick big portion.

Grilled Chicken (~RM9) - (more.....)

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

OXO Cafelab FULL menu

Too bad that the breakfast is served starting from If it's earlier then Hohoho!!!! surely can grab the customers from Nasi Kandar Stall nearby. :)
Oriental Breakfast Cuisine
B06 – Fresh ORGANIC Soya Bean and Freshly Made Deep-fried Fritters. (RM4.60)

B07 – Homely Cooked Chicken Porridge with Condiments and Fresh ORGANIC Soya Bean. (RM5.80)

B08 – Claypot Fish Porridge with Condiments and Fresh ORGANIC Soya Bean. (RM6.90)

B09 – 1000 Years Century Egg Porridge with Condiments and Fresh OGANIC Soya Bean. (RM6.90)

BREAKFAST 8 - 11a.m.
Breakfast Set

B01 – 2 Eggs Sunny Side-up, Freshly Grilled Potato, Grilled Sausage, Freshly Baked Bread and Fresh ORGANIC Soya Bean, Coffee or Tea (RM5.80)

B02 – 2 Eggs Sunny Side-up, Freshly Grilled Potato, Grilled Chicken Ham, Freshly Baked Bread and Fresh ORGANIC Soya Bean, Coffee or Tea (RM6.90)

B03 – 2 Eggs Sunny Side-up, Freshly Grilled Potato, Grilled Beef Bacon, Freshly Baked Bread and Fresh ORGANIC Soya Bean, Coffee or Tea (RM8.10)

B04 – Assorted Fresh Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Condiments together accompanied with Fresh ORGANIC Soya Bean, Coffee or Tea. (RM8.10)

B05 – Healthy Oatmeal Porridge with Nuts, Raisin and maple Syrup accompanied with Fresh ORGANIC soya bean, coffee or tea. (RM 5.80)

We da gong zai (打工仔) mostly go for set lunch one lah. :)

Set Lunch (12-3p.m.). Set Dinner (6-9p.m.)
All set are inclusive of 1 drink, 1 salad or soup, 1 main course and 1 dessert.
Salad – Mixed salad with Bed of Lettuce served with Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Croutons, Cheery Tomato and Homemade dressing.
Soup – Soup of the Day and freshly baked Bread of the day.

Main Course :-
S01 – Crispy Batter Deep-fried fish with Potato of the Day, Summer Vegetables and Homemade Tartare Sauce (RM11.60)

S02 – Grandma’s Traditional Spaghetti Chicken Bolognaise Sauce with Crackers (Rm11.60)

S03 – Pan-friend Boneless Chicken Chop with Potato Garnish and Japanese Teriyaki Sauce. (RM16.40)

S04 – Assorted Deep-fried Mix Seafood with Carbohydrates, Vegetables and Mild Pumpkin Sauce. (RM16.40)


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OXO Cafelab

OXO Cafelab @ Persiaran Bayan Indah, Queensbay (at the back of ShangHaiDing)

I want to introduce OXO in general I believe I will patronize this restaurant more often later. Do call and reserve table first(!) if you want to go for lunch as it's now getting 'very HOT' at FIZ and drawing crowds of da gong zai (打工仔). Everyday lunch hour it's always full house.

The menu is covering from local, asian, oriental to western. There are salad, breakfast, lunch and dinner (set or ala carte), snacks, desserts and drinks. I gonna post the menu in full in the next post.
Healthy Steam Cuisine Set A RM9.90* (promotion price now)
Main Course : Tofu/ Egg / Vegetable / Beancurd
Healthy Steam Set B RM12.90* (promotion price now)
Main Course : Chicken / Fish/ Prawn / Beef
All healthy Steam Cuisine Set will be accompanied with 1 Main Course, 1 Steam Rice, 1 Soup and 1 Greens.

HS06 – Pak Kei and Tong Sam


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Monday, March 16, 2009

Xin Jiang 星江小食档

Xin Jiang Zhu Char @ Sungai Ara

The zhu char stall at this area has never been good except the Jalan Tengah one. Somemore nowadays Jalan Tengah one is also getting more and more expensive already. *shrugged*

Now finally I've found a stall that served more special kinda dishes (in other words, more 'pattern' or 'far san') with moderately high quality, cooked in delicate style and yet reasonably priced.

It's located at the XIN JIANG CAFE (night time) where the morning session is run by 天天來港式點心茶坊 (Tien Tien Lai Dim Sum Corner).

黄 酒 鸡 丁 (Chicken cubes in 'yellow' wine) RM6.00
This one is very special. Initially when we ordered I thought it's going to be served in fried style, but it actual it's in 'soup' version. The soup is great with rich aroma of wine and simple ingredients e.g. chicken cube, black fungus and wolfberries. I have never had enough of it. :)

咸 鱼 蒸 肉 片 (Steamed pork with salted fish) RM8.00
This steamed pork tasted awesomely good with shreds of salted fish plus the the addition of spring onions with red chillis added slight spicy flavour to this dish, made it a perfect match.


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tropical Spice Garden 'Mosquito' Lunch

Last Saturday we went based on the the intention to savour its signature (in the past) tong shui but upon arrving there then only found out that this tong shui is only served per advance request/booking. :(

The menu written on a chalk board.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Bravo Italiana (New Menu) Part II

The standard of desserts served here is high, or at least above my expectation.

Strawberry Panna Cotta (RM8.90) My rating : 8/10

Impressive presentation. Very 'ladylike' with poise. :)
Soft pudding-like texture made of gelatin. It may look very sweet but in actual it's not. For a person like me who doesn't like too-sweet kind of food, this is definitely a great choice. The sweetness is acceptable. Everyone of us couldn't stop scooping for more and more.

Tequila Key Lime Pie (RM8.90) My rating : 9.5/10

A must-order dessert. Very unique. Delicious. The top layer is the whipped cream with tequila added into it. Middle layer tasted lime flavour. The bottom crust is made of the digestive-crackers.


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bravo Italiana (New Menu) Part I

This is another food review session @ Bravo Italiana, thanks to PenangTuaPui. My first visit at Bravo Italiana was a pretty satisfactory one. Therefore the night when I was told about the food testing on its newly launched menu, I jumped up HIGH! :p

When seeing the photos below, don't be astonished and garu-garu kepala asking "How come cariso can shoot like photographer uh?!". Haha! Those nice photos were mostly taken by Albert Yap from CamoStudio and also some shots were taken by Allie .

Mind you, I am being rather stringent in the below rating and review. :)

This reminded me of a song at nursery, "A mask for you, a mask for me. Boo Boo Boo! Who can it be?!"

Mixed Bean Soup (RM4.00) - My rating 7/10
Soup of the day, comes with red bean, potato, carrot, onion and pasta. I was in fact astonished at the amount of ingredients used. This is definitely better than a lot of other ‘soups of the day’ as it’s indeed big portion and rather filling. The red bean is very soft. As a gentle reminder, one must not order this prior to eating cabonara spaghetti or any other heavy dishes.

Bruschetta (RM8.80) - My rating 4/10
Toasted bread topped with plum tomato, Italian herbs, olive oil and melted cheese. It’s rather plain in taste except overwhelmed by the sourish taste of plum tomatoes. As it's been exposed to the air for a rather long time before I ate, the moment when I tasted it, the cheese was no longer sticky but turned solid and therefore didn't seem to blend well with the ingredients and bread. The toasted bread generally is rather hard, it would be nicer if it’s toasted mildly. The herbs didn’t seem to add any flavors onto the toast though.

Spaghetti Carbonara (RM24) My rating 5/10 (more.....)

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Blue Reef

Blue Reef Fish & Chips @ Lembah Permai, Tanjung Bungah.

Recommended by Gourmet Garden to me whenever I mentioned Aglio Olio. I saw Lingzie stepping out from this restaurant when we arrived. She asked me to go for its Aglio Olio! It seemed like everyone knows that I am very into Aglio Olio. :)

Cozy ambience with my 'great' yellow lighting at ~ 7.00p.m.

Wall paintings.

Menu. Simple. Two pages only.
Soup of the Day : RM8
Salad : RM6-RM15
Chicken Cordon Blue / Salmon / Steamed Fish / Fish Burger : RM16 -RM20
Pasta : RM16-RM18

Ice Lemon Tea (RM3.50).Orange Juice (RM4).

Vinegar & tartar sauce for the fish & chip set. Parmesan cheese for my spaghetti(!)

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

南洋美食馆 (Nan Yang Chinese Cuisine)

I used to patronize this restaurant rather frequently last time (many years ago) until one day I stopped, which I couldn't recall what was the reason until I re-visited again the other day.

炒茨粉(中) Char Tzu Hoon (medium) RM12.00
My first time trying out this dish was at Shanghai. This dish was oily, be it here at M'sia or China. The only major difference lies on the ingredients used. The 茨粉 texture is stickier and more chewy than our koay teow therefore it's best to eat while it's still warm. Otherwise, "jilak loh, cold cold one...". :)

三杯鸡(小)Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce (small) RM15.00


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Friday, March 06, 2009

Are we CRUEL eating these spring chickens?

It's been at least half a year since I last pong chan this place.

This time I came with guilt coz the night before I came, he threw me this sentence," Aiyerrrrrrrrrrrr, eating keh kia so chan yan leh! (with joking tone)".

On the way driving home, seriously I thought about it. Am I cruel leh eating the keh kia?! This made me thinking of those who eat the 烤乳猪 (roast suckling pig) too.....

Keh kia aka spring chicken (RM2.50 each bird)

The Ang Sai steamed fish - we ordered the 'tail' portion. RM21 (more.....)

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Charlie Restaurant & Bistro

Charlie Restaurant & Bistro @ Batu Ferringhi (04-2287729)

You will bound to miss this restaurant if you are driving past this road fast. As it is located exactly opposite the Lone Pine hotel where normally our cars will tend to make a sharp curve on this stretch of road.

It's opened on 20th Dec 2008. A rather new restaurant that still needs to improve in many ways in order to attract local visitors like us.

If it's not raining, it's definitely comfy to sit here for a drink.

Interior Deco.

Here are some of the dishes offered at this restaurant.

Spring Rolls (more.....)

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

晋美茶行(馆) (Chin Bee)

Criz has blogged about it. Steven too. Now it's my turn. :)

家好骨 (Special Pork Ribs) (RM18.00) - This one is really a thumb-up-dish! I enjoyed each part of them! Be it the outer fatty part, or the rib part. It's cooked to perfection, not too soft nor too hard, and coated with sweet appetizing sauce.

参球炒面 (RM15.00) - This one is not inside the menu. You can order any dishes that you want OK? You can order any mix & match that you like and they will be glad to fulfil your needs. This one comes with yee-fu-mee and generous serving of ingredients.

四大天王(RM12.00) - this is another dish that deserves thumbs-up! There were 4x kings aka long beans, lady fingers and si kak tao (one more king leh ????) , fried with sambal, chilli and prawns. I particularly enjoyed eating the lady fingers, it's not lembik (soft) and I could even have the 'crunchy' feel!


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