Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Ipoh Kai Sii Hor Fun
Tar por, tolong don't come and blame me ah if you were to keep on ordering all those other dishes that I did not 'recommend' at all. Pls stick to the kaya butter toast enough lah OK. What I meant is this : Ipoh Kai Sii Hor Fun (RM5.50) ,Oldtown Kopitiam, E-Gate. Very small serving nia nia har.

Nyonya Cafe @Ideal Avenue. This one is of course more expensive than this one. The deco is really fantabulous though. 走高档路线!

Nyonya cafe
Nasi Lemak (RM6), Too Tor Thng (RM12), Drinks. You got to order individually, no 'set' or package one ah. Prices exclude taxes.
Nyonya cafe
I like the lamp deco loh. Si peh chyo loh!
Nyonya cafe
古典味装饰 (kor cha bii deco)
Nyonya cafe

with the background music of chinese oldies too.......

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kon Lou Curry Mee

Kon lou curry mee @BB, Sunshine. From as low as RM2.50 till RM17.00 one leh (if not mistaken lah). Somemore got the board at the front/side of the stall displaying all the different ingredients @ different prices. Zhan kwai loh!

kon lou curry mee

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Makan Lagi IV

Vegetarian food fair at Han Zhiang. There were a lot of stalls with a lot of people loh. If it's not because of the rain, I guess it would have been even more lao juak loh. It's a very successful food fair /raise fund event.

Vegetarian fair

Vegetarian fair We are more willing to travel to downtown (more often) ever since the Jelutong Expressway (extended portion) started to launch. Phew! 10 min nia nia from Bayan Baru roundabout to town leh. Song ah! Save petrol somemore with constant speed. *hehe* :)

Almond paste, New Lane - I like it but not everyone can tahan the taste though. :)
Almond paste
家常便饭 (Jia Chang Bian Fan /Homecook dishes) - I rarely post them up one lah coz everyone's house also got mah.

醉鸡 (druken chicken),洋葱炒蛋,咸蛋,马来风光,老黄瓜汤 with rice and porridge. Aiya, how many outside food we eat also won't beat our homecook dishes one lah right?! :) Drunken chicken- this was the last bowl left for this week. The drunken chicken was prepared in big claypot and kept in fridge for a-n-y-t-i-m-e use (like what many taiwanese did).
Jia chang bian fan

新金山 茶餐室/ 香港点心茶楼 (Sin Kim Sua / Hong Kong Dim Sum), Macalister Rd. is one of my favourite eating out spots.

Clockwise :泸鸭猪脚饭 Lor duck pork leg rice, 炒蕹菜 Char eng chai, 蚝煎 Fried oyster, Char kan na chai, Char la la)

泸鸭汁汤 (lor duck soup) - This dish has always been sooooooo super-yummy. The soup is koey chap soup. The rest of the dishes were ordered through the seafood zhu char stall (first time).

Sin Kim Sua

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Maxim Melody

Our favourite green tea cake from Ritz Cake & Pastry, Prima Tanjung (98-G-23).

Green Tea Cake 美食之家茶餐厅 (Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant)

Maxim Dim Sum

美乐迪亲子音乐餐厅 (Melody Kiddo Music Cafe)


Since Maxim was too packed, we chose to sit inside the Melody Cafe. Ha! Lagi syiok, got air-cond somemore!

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant & Melody Kiddo Music Cafe - Bangunan Lip Sin, Sg Dua.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hakka Mee 02

Again having lunch at hakka mee there. Restoran Kampar Fish Jelly.
Jin Bao01

Jin Bao02

That's the meal we had immediately after coming back from LKW. I believe it's the cheapest zhu char in town. Treeshade seafood restaurant, opposite ferry jetty.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Today we 6x had our lunch at Jin Bao hakka mee with self made yong tao fu, Pantai Jerjak. Luckily we were out early if not surely we gonna stuck at coastal highway there (coz of policemen block the road loh). What happened ah actually? Hmm ttung got any thefts in this industrial zone again?

Lots of people leh. Got to queue up to order, got to wait to rebut meja, got to wait long also for the food to be served. But....worth lah. :)

hakka mee 2

You know why I wanna show the pic below? Ha! This is to tell you that how my gang has 'immuned' to my act of taking food photos. They somemore pose for me or arrange the food for me before starting to eat. I know I know....I also pai sey lah and try to shoot ASAP as it's cruel lah not to let people eat right?! :)

hakka mee

Ok, in order to give way to the new cubicles, the pcs have been shifted in late afternoon. Being the users, the only advantage I can see is our monitor screens are no longer exposed to the open corridor. This also means that we can keep those bug bears who like to come from your back looking at what you are typing (either intentionally or 'not' intentionally) away.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

little castle

"Burmah road that one ah?"
"Oops, sorry....not cottage, I mean little.....castle ...lah, sorry..."
Aiyah, so many restaurant names start with l-i-t-t-l-e one...little italy lah, little cottage lah, and now little castle loh.

We 8x went to the Little Castle Cafe, Batu Maung for lunch today. 5x chose the set lunch (soup, chicken chop/fish fillet, dessert, drink RM9.90/=).

Clockwise : peach /lemon /coke drinks, mushroom soup, chicken fillet, ice cream, chao fan, seafood spaghetti, chicken chop.

little castle cafe 01

little castle cafe 02 (Little Castle Cafe - 53-01,Lintang Batu Maung, near OCBC Batu Maung)


Zhui jambu! These were freshly plucked by me today. Now is getting to the end of the season already. For the past one and half weeks, my family has been plucking them very diligently to give away to friends and than tsiang etc. I have brought some for my colleagues to taste too lah of coz. In fact a few times already lah. These jambus were really juicy and sweet one leh when they got really matured & par zhui loh!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tho Yuen

Tho Yuen Restaurant (桃园茶楼鸡饭) - 萝卜酥,炒河粉 ,白斩鸡,青菜,饺子鱼丸汤.(lor pak sou, char hor fun, pak zham kai, cheng choy, kao chee hu wan thng)

tho yuen

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Feng Wei Qing

seng cheong sg ara
Seng Cheong (Sungai Ara Jln Tengah) (top to bottom) : char kappa, char kan na chai, swui boey keh.

kampung jawa lam mee

Kampung Jawa kopitiam - lam mee (淋面)

feng wei qingAfter the enquiry session at several tour agents for our BKK trip, we ended up at Prangin and witnessed the launching of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. We sapu some itinerary sheets for Langkawi, Taman Negara, Malacca & etc. Ai...why not they arrange a pao-kar-liao service directly from Penang to taman negara / langkawi huh?! We settled down at Feng Wei Qing, Midlands. I personally think that the BKK trip is tung kor shui already. *shrugged*

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Support lagi

Remember the nyoya restaurant I mentioned here?! Today we 8x colleagues went to support his restaurant at Gotcent Cafe, Batu Maung.



Set menu - differ by days. All dishes are homecook style! It's actually the mama taste loh.
Clockwise : barli, nasi lemak,sambal hae bi, thu set lunch B (curry chicken/tau geh/too tor thng) ,orange slices for set lunch, thu set lunch A (fish/tau geh/ too tor thng), sambal, laksa.
gotcent06 (nasi lemak/laksa are from breakfast menu)

Gotcent Cafe ...your typical home food! (51,Ground Floor, Lintang Batu Maung, 11960 Bayan Lepas, Penang) - located near to the famous two rebut-customer-Nasi Kandar-shops and Batu Maung's OCBC bank. Next to the Little Castle Restaurant. Right at this moment it serves breakfast set menu, lunch set menu & noodles. Dinner is available for book-in advance functions occasions only.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shanghai's Ding Tai Feng @ Penang

Penang 上海鼎泰丰 Shanghai's Ding Tai Feng Restaurant @ Queensbay / Bayan Bay Penang.

慢慢移, 轻轻提,
先开窗, 后吮汤,
馅儿滑, 肉更香,

上海小笼包 (Shanghai Juicy Meat Dumpling) - at least not as disappointed & chiu chuak as the other restaurants which claim to have original xiao long bao or tang bao.

shanghai juicy meat dumpling

西杏香芒秋 (Deep-Fried Prawn & Mango Ball w/Almond) - 赞!
Deep-Fried Prawn & Mango Ball w/Almond

上海葱油饼 (Shanghai's Spring Onion) - to be eaten with peanut paste. So-so.
上海葱油饼 (Shanghai's Spring Onion)

生煎菜肉包 (Shanghai's Panfried Bun) -For me is so so.
生煎菜肉包 (Shanghai's Panfried Bun)

上海葱油拉面 (Shanghai Spring Onion Ramen) - this one tastes exactly like our instant noodle Indomie loh. :)
上海葱油拉面 (Shanghai Spring Onion Ramen)

自制鱼丸汤 (Fish Ball Soup) - So so.
自制鱼丸汤 (Fish Ball Soup)

奶皇刺猬包 (Pockey Mouse) - 赞!卖相佳也.
奶皇刺猬包 (Pockey Mouse)

奶皇刺猬包 (Pockey Mouse) Zoom

鱼皮卷 (Fish Roll) -赞!
鱼皮卷 (Fish Roll)

蒸萝卜糕 (Steamed Radish Cake) - If not mistaken, the menu written there as 煎 (fried) one, but it was a 蒸 (steamed) dish when served. Hmm.....
蒸萝卜糕 (Steamed Radish Cake)

Temporary Menu
Temporary Menu

Temporary Menu

How to eat juicy dumpling


One piece of advice: Be patient. If you are in a hurry and looking for normal 'yum zhou char' like any other dim sum garden, pls don't go for this restaurant. This is a restaurant that practises cooking -fresh -upon -ordering. You got to wait oh. OK?!

Business Hours : 8.00a.m to 6.00p.m.

Friday, September 01, 2006

"太太" 偷得半日闲

风味情 Feng Wei Qing (Taiwan Fast Food), Midlands.
feng wei qing 02 You will never be disappointed with yy's company - coz she knows where to bring you to for food and also - magazines provided. Ha!!

Udon set, barbecue chicken set & almond thick toast. - all recommended.
feng wei qing 01

The almond thick toast - don't know why leh right at this moment har I still seem to 'smell' that 'pang pang' good toast smell on my hands. Ha!

This restaurant has ended up being the 'cheapest' now among all the three taiwanese restaurants that we started to visit since many years ago. Kochabi's serving has become so much smaller. Taipei Food Avenue's one has become a lot more expensive also.

Tea time - Kim Gary, GP.
kim gary 02

See? magazine again.:)
kim gary 01 I swear I will never eat roti for the next one week liao. I have had enough of it today.

p/s:"太太" 偷得半日闲 - titled as such per yy's request. :)