Saturday, October 01, 2005


I have received this attachment for zillion of times and yet everytime when looking at it I still can't help saying "卖相尤佳!" (look very good!). If I were to receive such kind of food, I guess I will definitely struggle on whether if I wanna eat them.

I decided to post it here since I got story to tell.

Everytime looking at this picture, it brought back my memory on my trip to Jiu Zai Gou (九寨沟), China tour trip with parents last year.

The restaurant is Qin Shan Zhai Restaurant (钦善斋食府) located at Cheng Du (成都市武侯祠大街). It was our last day of the trip.

There were these tiny little dishes serving in between the whole luncheon- comprising different kinds of delicate dian xin (点心) or kuih-muih (糕点). There were mua chee and other local delights. The taste was as good as how it looked. Cutie look and delicious!

I guess almost all of us regretted for not knowing that such little dishes were to be served towards the mid of the luncheon. Little did we know that the 'last' lunch of the trip was so specially arranged as well. Hmm......very unforgettable leh!