Friday, June 30, 2006

June 2006 - US trip Food Summary

Happy Buffet (24S. Abbott Ave., Milpitas, CA 95035). - it serves in buffet style, china dishes of seafood, salad, BBQ, sushi & etc. Must not miss the Fu Zhou fishballs! The lunch buffet is less than USD10.00. For the dinner it is USD15.15 got raw salmon (sashimi) - take as much as you can, no limit hoho!

The Red Lobster, Milpitas. The garlic bread is very special (right upper pic), 'bun' shape and very soft!

Red Lobster

San Francisco, Fisherman Wharf's - Café 8 again. Combo seafood spaghetti with big scallops !Café 8

Darda Seafood Restaurant (清真一条龙)(296, Barber Court, MP, CA 95035). It is halal one. It has good reputation here. FULL house everyday at night. Got to take number. This dinner was really filling and worthwhile.

Darda Seafood Restaurant

Hollywood - Light House Buffet – The Original Seafood and Sushi Buffet. USD11.95 (without tax). Cheap leh! VERY GOOD!

Sushi buffet

Milpitas Tofu House (231 West Calaveras Blvd, MP, CA 95035). This is a Korean restaurant serving this lunch set at USD9.75.
Tofu House
Maru Ichi Noodle House (530 Barber Lane, MP, CA 95035). Jap food. The lunch combo set -recommended!  tempura soba
Dumpling, lunch at The Great Mall, Milpitas– super salty. No good. fast food dumpling

万峦猪脚 Café Taiwan – Taiwan beef noodle. (181 W.Calaveras Blvd, MP, CA 95035). The beef was very tender very soft one loh.

Beef Noodle
Second visit to Café Taiwan. San sian noodle. My camera was lousy, in actual it looked OK and tasted good also.San sian mian

Some light dinners served. HOT DOG was super salty!
Light dinner

Self-cook soup in my hotel room with limited ingredients

Self-cooked soup

Catering truck that came to the company
catering truck

Scoma's in Sausalito - scallop saute and risotto mare.

 Scoma in Sausalito

San Francisco, Fisherman's Wharf - Cafe 8

cafe eight 01
This restaurant is good yet cheap.
cafe eight 02
cafe eight 03

Spaghetti with prawns, clams and big juicy scallops! Very yummy!
cafe eight 04

Their Wan Than Mee comes with broccoli (!!) - Don't order this pls. ONLY the shrimp wan than are good (all shrimp) but super salty one!

wan tan mee with BROCOLLI!

Burger King
burger king

Las Vegas - Kaizen Fusion Sushi Roll Restaurant ( mou tak teng ah that Spicy Tataki Roll !

 Kaizen Yummy Food

Ambience yat lao ah! Take off your shirt if you wish, see?!

 Kaizen Bistro-like Atmosphere

Grand Canyon Food Court - one word to conclude, the food is kanasai(!) Grand Canyon Food

Kinsman - Bangkok Thai Cuisine, oily oily oily.

Bangkok Thai Cuisine at Kingsman
Denny's - oily oily.

Milpitas - Kabab & Curry's.
Kabab & Curry's

Hong Kong International Airport - Wei Qian Ramen.
Wei Qian Ramen