Saturday, July 29, 2006

Makan lagi IV

Hock Chuan Heong (福泉香) - (clockwise) 炒豆干,炒面,肉羹,肉羹 (close up),炒冬粉.

hock chuan heong
Puff Teddy's Cream Puff - (left) House special almond caramel , (right) green tea. Recommend only the Almond Caramel. Take half enough, if not very ji lak loh. puff teddy

Lately I have a lot of makan kang tao. Don't ask me why har :). That's the season kua I guess. Yesterday (friday) vendor chea chiak at EQ buffet (again!phew~!). I think it will not stop until next Thursday (3rd Aug) -unless got ppl fly aeroplane. That will be another makan festival at Evergreen Laurel Hotel - chinese intl buffet dinner (~RM35 nett) since some of them saying that we have already been long never go for makan after work (not me though! :)). This will be a co-celebration for our profit sharing (to be announced on 2nd Aug later) and also the August birthdays for all the cha bor gang in the office. Please give me a good profit sharing number (%) har!