Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mommy Wang

There was one day morning that I woke up rather early. I went and ta pao breakfast from this Mommy Wang near SS. I know at town near sia bui there also got one such shop, named exactly the same.

For breakfast they got sandwidtches, kao3 bao1, jian1 chang2 fen3 etc. Starting from 11.a.m onwards they served lunch, got fu4 gui4 ji1 etc RM5.

This set like this, ham+ egg sandwitch (RM3) , soybean milk (RM1.50).

Looking at their menu, how come I couldn't find all those really-taiwanese delicacies leh?!

My spaghetti cooked with very-limited-ingredient using the messtin. Garlic + olive oil nia nia. Then I grabbed one piece of cheese to melt onto it. It ended up dry dry dry...haa!