Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chikuma Japanese Restaurant

竹马日本料理 (Chikuma Japanese Restaurant) @ Gembira Parade (Island Glades)

4x of us went to Chikuma for a try since it was highly recommended by my colleagues. I was told like this, "cheap + good!" wor.

YC, you must go! The price was surprisingly low and the food quality was not just so-so yoh! Do call to book especially for weekends as it got really limited seats. 04-6565521.

I have banned myself from eating salmon sashimi for kinda long ....until tonight! When I looked at the price, beh tong liao! Buka puasa!

Clockwise: Salmon Sashimi (RM18), Tempura Soba (RM8), Salmon Batayaki set (RM12), Salmon Teriyaki set (RM12), Salmon Maki (RM8), Salmon Temaki (RM10). The price shown excluding 10% service charge.

My salmon sashimi was very fresh. My tempura soba was also nice. Considering at the price, the rest of the dishes were equally good except the miso soup (which came with the set) was a bit chao cho (due to the clams). They prefered to scoop the soup from my bowl instead.:)