Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Salsa @ Upper Penang Rd

It's been kinda long since we last suggested to go Salsa for a try. Wait no more! I finally managed to organize it with 8x of us! Yesterday night we went down after work.

I was still not familiar with the new camera sestting thus the pics came out argh! still not nice heh... :(

Menu for RM30++ set dinner.

Here's the pic combo.

Row 1 : bread, appetizer (with salmon,chicken & salad), celery soup.

Row 2 : main course (fish or lamb, or chicken) - see below for our feedbacks..

Row 3 : coffee or ice lemon tea, dessert.

Majority of us chose fish. The fish was really so-so leh, some parts very salty, not even one. Too bad lah.

The appetizer was good! How we wish that it's NOT only an appetizer :)

Our individual ratings ranged from C- to A-. Average is B.