Monday, January 14, 2008

Obake-Ya Restaurant

Obake-Ya Restaurant @ Leith Street (Opposite Red Garden Food Court)

Disclaimer : This restaurant is grouped under ' NO COMMENT' category, got it?

Bar view inside the restaurant.

Have your meal inside the lock-up lah. :)

I didn't have the chance to take photo on myself, just managed to take CE's pic. *battery turned low power lah, so must save the power up for shooting the food pics loh*

Mind you, this is a restaurant under SUSHI QUEEN's umbrella. I had a very bad meal at Sushi Queen at Megamall many years ago I would like to forgo my past experience and thus we give it a try hoping for something like "pricey never mind, as long as the food is good" . It's very sad to find out that there was no exception for this visit. :(

Left to right (clockwise) : calpis : RM9.80, unajyu RM19.90, yaki soba RM18.00, shabu-shabu name RM27.00, nabeyaki udon RM26.60, the free sushi cake (for our BD member).

Go and judge yourself!