Monday, February 25, 2008

Shanghai House of Dumpling

上海鼎小龍包專賣店 (Shanghai House of Dumpling) @ Queensbay (outside)

This restaurant has changed its name from Shanghai D* to this name (as stated above). WHY? Hehe...if you don't know then you can ask me.

Xiao long bao, porcupine egg yolk bun, bo lor yao.

hong shao la mian, yun tun la mian, rou zhao zha cai la mian (the dry one was very salty, not recommended lah).

zhu chang fen, yam bun, lo bo gao.

As usual, the food was not bad lah but I wonder why the business seemed to have gone down. Is this the result of betraying all the loyal customers of so-called Shanghai D* ?! *shrugged*