Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wan Than Mee

Jalan Tengah flat kopitiam (morning stall run by two aunties)

At this Bayan Baru area (I stress again, not town area ah), it can be considered one of the good Wan Than Mee stalls. From the serving itself, you may not know it's good but once you taste it, I believe you'll hardly say 'not nice'. (Remark: You can try ordering from another stall which is located just 45 deg apart then straightaway you'll know)

Firstly I dislike wan than mee that is mixed with 'lor'. This one is not.
Secondly, the wan than mee (dry) must come with soup wan than, not fried wan than, preferably with a separate bowl. Nowadays it's getting less and less stalls willing to serve wan than in this traditional way.
Thirdly, the mee itself plays a very important role.

Go and taste it then let me know. RM2.20 serving is small though :)